asn’t just a problem for the baron’s lady.
Louis’s mouth dropped open and his eyes widened as he watched his cousin enter the room.

He could hear the word spreading around him.
He tried to follow her, angry to the point of madness that he was being talked about.

Just then, Charlotte entered the noisy room.
The hall became even more tumultuous as she and Lila exchanged words.

“Oh my god… Isn’t that the dress that was on display in the Raphael costume room?”

“I thought they said that was a dress that wasn’t for sale…”

“It’s so beautiful.”

Unable to take their eyes off Charlotte’s dress, the young ladies quickly covered their mouths with their fans.

Charlotte, with her crimson hair, pulled back into a bun, wore a figure-flattering evening gown.

It was the same shade of green as Lila’s, but the mood was completely different.
The subtle gradient green dress had a hint of crimson at the hem.

The birdcage-like skirt swirled and swayed with her every step.

The silhouettes of her slender arms were bare, and her round, exposed white shoulders were dusted with fine pearls that glistened in the chandelier light.

Her round, golden eyes were mesmerizing, albeit fake, they curved upward as people greeted her.

Charlotte entered, followed by the three original male leads.
Theobald entered, and finally the Emperor and Empress.

“Their Majesties, the great Emperor and Empress of the Empire of Vassium, will dine with you all! Everyone, show your respect!”

The noisy hall fell silent in an instant.
The nobles bowed to the moving emperor and empress.

Seated in the golden chair at the head of the table, the Emperor spoke in a stern voice.

“Everyone, raise your heads.”

At the Emperor’s permission, everyone slowly raised their heads in unison.

“Today we are celebrating a coming-of-age ceremony for those who are coming of age this year.
I hope you will make this once-in-a-lifetime occasion a memorable one.”

The Emperor smiled kindly as he spoke, and the young lords and ladies who would be coming of age today were once again lined up in order.

It was a customary event in May when all sorts of flowers bloom.
The coming-of-age ceremony for the children of noble families who had reached the age of nineteen was like a formal greeting to society.

Before that, they could attend social events, but it was not the same as being accepted into society, and it was a sign that they were now adults and should be considered for marriage.

‘It’s a coming-of-age ceremony, to put it nicely, but it’s no different than a place to stand.’

Lila stood in a corner, out of sight from the crowd, and watched the three original male leads.
Young noblemen and women, who were participating in today’s ceremony, looked excitedly at each other, and Lila felt a pang of envy as she watched.

How much better it would have been if the place she started her new life in hadn’t been in this trashy novel she knew.

Then she could have worked harder, met the one she was meant to be with, and have the wedding of her dreams, just like the others…

The emperor’s grave voice reached Lila’s ears, who was experiencing a wild imagination.

“Let us begin.”

At the Emperor’s words, a servant began to call out from the side.

“Charlotte F.
Pinatelli, daughter of Count Pinatelli, please step forward.”

Charlotte stepped from the crowd and approached the Emperor’s seat with graceful strides.

She rose like a single rose and bowed with a graceful gesture.
The eyes of the Emperor and Empress, who were seated at the head of the table, were dazzled.

“Greetings to Your Majesty the Emperor, the Sun of the Empire of Vassium, and Your Majesty the Empress, the Moon of the Empire.”

Charlotte greeted them in a voice as pure as a bird chirping in the morning.
People looked at her in wonder as she remained unnerved in the presence of the Emperor and Empress.

The eyes of the crown prince, Theobald, who sat at the head of the table with the emperor, were no different.

His fiery red eyes sparkled as if he were coveting something shiny.

“Charlotte Pinatelli, congratulations on your coming of age.
I hope you will serve the Empire well in the future.”

At the Emperor’s words, Charlotte replied calmly.

“I’m grateful, Your Majesty.
I will do my best to serve the Empire of Vassium.”

With that, Charlotte bowed again and stepped back.
The others were then called in order of rank.

Lila was last in line, and as she waited for her turn, she said to herself over and over again.

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