Chapter 1: Stop Calling People Ugly.
Everyone Has a Reason

Part 6

But the main character’s buff in the novel was terrifying.
Especially in this world, which is what you might call a superficial world.

It’s not just about being pretty or handsome.
Harmony and cleanliness were the standards of beauty in this novel.

Lila, the heroine of the novel with such a worldview, only looked cute no matter how much makeup she tried to make her face look ugly.

Her cute defiance only brought laughter to the people in the mansion.
But as Lila, Yoon Seol couldn’t give up

Her appearance, which grew more tender with age, even affected her cousin.

She thought he was being nice to her, she thought of him as her cousin, her family, and she didn’t know that he saw her as someone of the opposite sex just like the other male leads.

Every time she checked her cousin’s eyes, which gradually changed, Lila couldn’t give up even more.

She kept disfiguring her face.
And to be left alone, she bullied her maids into submission.
She worked tirelessly to establish a reputation in the family for being an eccentric young lady.

Originally, Yoon Seol was quite popular among her peers because of her warm personality.

Becoming Lila didn’t change that, but it didn’t matter when it came to her survival.

Not wanting to be an idiot, Lila tried to be meaner and meaner, and then she remembered Jin Yura.

She remembered the way she used to torment her and mimicked it, and the reaction was instantaneous.
Unlike her clumsy attempts at being mean, Jin Yura’s method worked.

As she grew older and older, her face grew uglier and because of this her cousin’s gaze gradually changed.

From lustful to scornful.

Of course, the same was true of the three main characters she meet at the banquet every month.

Rather than being saddened or offended by their changed attitudes, Lila felt a strange sense of amusement and screwed up her face with joy, wondering if she should try this or that today.


Thinking of all her hard work, Lila lets out a long sigh.
Soon she would turn 19, the age at which she is tossed around by the men in the original story.

Her coming-of-age ceremony, where the male leads keep each other in check and gradually reveal their possessiveness and obsession with her, is an opportunity for her to recognize the achievements she has made so far.

Two months from now, she’ll find out if she’s really gone off the beaten path.
Lila closes her eyes, forcing down the worries at the back of her head.


* * *


Lila’s day starts earlier than most of the maids.
Her habits, which she developed during her childhood, made her wake up whether she was tired or not.

When she wakes up, she grabs her purse and heads into the bathroom to get ready.

What made her different from the others was that she didn’t dress up, but rather messed things up to make herself look ugly.

Apply a low-toned foundation to all exposed skin, then add a generous amount of brightly colored eyeshadow around the eye area.

Curl lashes with a curler and make the lips pouty with foundation.

Use a pencil to fill in small freckles all over the face, starting with the cheeks, and add a dense fluff to the waist.

It’s also important to wear the worst dress possible, showing as little skin as possible, and to tangle the hair by combing it backwards.

Again, the trick is to look so ordinary that the protagonist’s buffs take over.

Lila checked herself in the mirror and continued to apply makeup and twist her hair into a mess.

Using paint, she drew a large dot on the side of her nose, then plucked a strand of her makeup beard and glued it on.

The glue is also coated with black makeup paint, and the philtrum is filled with a bluish tint as if it had a beard.

The most important thing here is the expression.
It shouldn’t be a pretty expression, but an expression that is going to make the face look even worse.

“Ah, ah.”

I practiced changing my voice while looking at a familiar face in the mirror.
In addition, I finished my preparations by practicing changing my facial expressions.

Knock knock.

Just then, there was a knock on the door outside the bathroom.

“Miss, it’s Becky.”

It was Becky, who came to wake her up every morning.

“Come in.”

She unlocked the door, then sat down on the couch in a sprawled position with a sullen look on her face as she watched Becky enter.

She was wearing a different dress today than yesterday.
She couldn’t tell if she was her maid or this house’s mistress.

The comparison to Lila’s dress was too much.

Becky smiled innocently at her as if she didn’t realize it.

“Well, my lady, I see you’re already ready to go, but are you sure you’ve washed your… properly?”

Lila, who looked at Becky with a very satisfied look on her face, frowned and asked.

“What brings you here first thing in the morning?”

Her voice was raspy because she hadn’t said anything since waking up.

Looking at Becky, who was not managing her expression at all, Lila urged.

“What the hell, if you don’t have anything to say, get out, I don’t want anyone in my room.”

Becky’s expression cracked as she made a sweeping motion with her hand like she was shooing away livestock.

“Miss, please behave like a lady of the house, you’re embarrassing the Baron.”


Who’s more embarrassing!

She wondered who it was that had been eating dessert more greedily than her yesterday.

She couldn’t figure out why the Baron was sitting there scarfing down dessert instead of going out into the world.

“It’s because the Baron can’t speak to you, do you know how much he gives to you?”


Before, I might have believed Becky.
But now I know.
That her cousin had been nice to her in the end because of her looks.

He clicks his tongue and made sarcastic remarks about Lila’s appearance, on how she had been so pretty as a child, and then changed as she grew older.

What had he said?

Did he say that he failed when he tried to live with me as his wife?

It’s not funny, haven’t you seen my face?

Lila snorted, assuming an even more haughty posture.

“All right.
Okay, why don’t you go away now?”

Becky averted her gaze, cringing at the narrow-eyed look on the young lady’s face.

“Uh, anyway, I’m here on an errand from the Baron to make sure you come down to breakfast today.

Now we’re getting to the real point.
Telling me to come to breakfast was tantamount to telling me he was going to berate me at the table.

She genuinely didn’t want to attend, but as long as he was the head of the Barony of Este, she has to do as he says.

“Haa, all right, now get out of here.
I don’t want anyone in my room.”

“Yeah, yeah.
I don’t like it either, this messy room.”

I glared at her for being so uncharacteristically direct.
She shuddered, but when she’d said her piece, I laughed.

Startled by the eerie sound of laughter, Becky scrambled out of the room.

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