◎ Breakthrough, merging with the same steps ◎

Zhao Keran’s fingertips went numb.

Looking down, she saw her senior sister bend over and gently pat her face in the water basin.

It seemed that she felt nothing from the impact of the qi just now.

When she raised her head, her skin was as smooth as an egg, with a jade-like luster.
Her phoenix eyes sparkled like stars, radiating a hidden brilliance.

Her demeanor was extraordinary as if the water in the basin overflowed and poured out.

“Senior Sister, did you break through?” Zhao Keran blinked.


After Lin Shuang finished washing her face and was about to hang the towel on the basin rack, she was startled by Zhao Keran’s question, almost dropping the white towel into the water.

She quickly checked her dantian.

Dantian 1: Qi Condensation at the peak of the third layer.

Dantian 2: Qi Condensation at the peak of the third layer.


Dantian 3: Qi Condensation at the peak of the third layer.

Dantian 84: Qi Condensation at the peak of the third layer.

Phew, the little junior sister scared her.

“No, it’s just about eighty Qi Condensation at the third layer,” Lin Shuang felt a cold sweat on her back for the first time.

Zhao Keran: “Huh?”

What, eighty?

However, upon closer inspection, she realized that her senior sister hadn’t even reached the leisurely qi of the fourth layer of the Water Spirit Technique.
She must have seen it wrong.


Could it be that she was about to break through, and the turbulence of her spiritual energy in her body gave her the illusion of being bounced away by Senior Sister?

“Senior Sister, I’m ready to start.
You be careful and stay away from me.
I’m afraid I might lose control later, and my spiritual energy might overflow and hurt you.”

Lin Shuang finished the last bite of the noodle soup and was about to modify her schedule for the day.

She glanced down slightly and said, “Okay.”

Half an hour later.

Lin Shuang had finished listening to the Top 20 popular songs of Sound Cultivation from her left ear, and she had also practiced a set of Thousand-Mile Golden Eyes technique.

Looking at her junior sister sitting in meditation with her eyebrows slightly furrowed, Lin Shuang sighed helplessly.

“It’s been over an hour.”

Her junior sister always took so long during breakthroughs, was it really, okay?

Lin Shuang pressed her forehead with her fingers.
Upon closer inspection, she found that her junior sister still had three acupoints left to break through.
It would take at least one incense stick’s worth of time.


She looked at her own body, where the eighty-four dantians were almost saturated, feeling regretful.

Zhao Keran guided Qi into her body, and the spiritual energy in the wooden room became abundant, almost forming a mist.

However, sixty percent of it deliberately avoided Zhao Keran and rushed into Lin Shuang’s body, vying to enter her eighty-four dantians.

They seemed to be teasing her dantians, wanting to break through instantly.

No way!

Lin Shuang’s face became serious, and all eighty-four dantians in her body immediately awakened, surrounding these incoming clusters of spiritual energy.

They cornered the intruders… and then fiercely beat and merged them, and then split them apart again.

Soon, a smaller and newer whirlpool was formed.

“Hmm, let’s call you number eighty-five,” Lin Shuang named it.

After wiping away her sweat with a sense of lingering fear, fortunately, she just almost had a breakthrough.

But breakthroughs took too much time!

When her 85th dantian gradually reached the early stage of the third layer of Qi Condensation, Lin Shuang looked through three painting albums and even practiced swordsmanship midway.


Zhao Keran finally opened her eyes, covered in sweat, and her spiritual energy surged.

A surge of spiritual light overflowed, indicating a successful breakthrough.


“Thank you, Senior Sister, for protecting me during my breakthrough,” she said spiritedly, standing up and shaking her clothes.
She was about to use a spell to clean herself when she saw Lin Shuang’s lonely and wronged expression, making her smile and laugh in embarrassment.

“Senior Sister, I was quite fast this time.”

“In order to maintain the best spiritual energy during the breakthrough, I meditated continuously for three days.
I also drank Lingcha and spiritual water for three days and prepared Ling stones and a concentration artifact.
I even consulted the transmission hall master to choose the best day for the breakthrough.
It went smoothly this time.”

Lin Shuang’s expression gradually became unsightly as she listened.

This process was troublesome and time-consuming.

The Qi Condensation stage had a total of ten layers.

After that, it’s the Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, and so on.

In other words, before reaching the Foundation Establishment, she had to repeat this tedious process nine times, wasting nine times the time.
Just thinking about it made Lin Shuang feel suffocated.

From the perspective of the best efficiency, it would be most cost-effective to combine nine breakthroughs into one.

Lin Shuang thought and then examined her own 85 dantians.

Hmm, if she worked hard enough, she could still endure it.

“Senior Sister, do you feel anything?” Zhao Keran looked at her hopefully and asked cautiously.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you feel inspired, as if you have touched the threshold of advancement, and your qi is surging?”

Lin Shuang’s face turned red for a second, “No, I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense.”

Zhao Keran: “…”

She was about to ask again, but suddenly, outside the wooden house, six urgent chimes of a copper bell rang out under the blue sky.

The Outer Sect disciples were gathering at the Clear Water Hall!

“Did they rob the Spiritual Springs again?”

“Last time, the Mountain and Sea Sect took away three of our spiritual springs.
We must take revenge this time!”

“We must win; otherwise, our cultivation will be delayed by twenty percent!”

Lin Shuang and Zhao Keran flew on their swords, listening to the discussions of many fellow Outer Sect disciples as they traveled together.

The Clear Water Sect and the Mountain and Sea Sect’s outer sects were adjacent to each other, and they often disputed the ownership of the spiritual springs on the boundary line.

Over time, this led to a tradition of fighting over the spiritual springs – whoever won the fight would claim the springs.

Zhao Keran had been in the Outer Sect for three years and had experienced this several times, but she was more worried this year.

She looked at Lin Shuang, who was leisurely sitting on her sword and reading the picture scrolls, feeling even more anxious.

Senior Sister’s cultivation was originally slow, but if the Spiritual Springs were taken by Mount Sea Sect again this year, wouldn’t her cultivation become slower than a turtle’s?

They must win.


As she was thinking, they arrived at the assembly point of the mountain gate, and a wooden sign with crooked words landed at Zhao Keran’s feet.

“Stay away from Lin Shuang and move out of the No.
99 wooden house!”

“Kind people, stay.”

Zhao Keran’s scalp went numb.

She hurried forward but was a step too late.

Lin Shuang lowered her head and had already seen it.
She squatted down, pinched the wooden sign with two fingers, and handed it to her, “Hmm, it should be for you.”

[Ding, Little Love’s counting service: Today’s practice of Squat-Fly Leg technique completed, 99 sets remaining.]

[Ding, Little Love’s counting service: Today’s practice of the Pinch Flower Finger technique completed, 99 times remaining.]

[Ding, … Today’s practice of the Fiery Eye Technique completed, 99 times remaining.]

Zhao Keran: …

She saw it.

Senior Sister definitely saw it.

While practicing the leg-body technique, she was doing the so-called “squats,” and at the same time, she used the Fiery Eyes Technique to read the words on the wooden sign from three steps away.

If it weren’t for Senior Sister being stuck at the third layer of Qi Condensation due to her slow cultivation progress, she would have already become the hexagonal cultivator mentioned in Zhao Keran’s book “Fastest Cultivation”!

She would be good at everything and very strong, all while using very little time for cultivation!

Look! Within a single breath, Senior Sister completed three types of cultivation… who could do that!

“Senior Sister,” Zhao Keran felt embarrassed like she had been caught red-handed passing notes by the master during class, “this person is very strange, but I never believe him!”

Before she finished speaking, another wooden sign was thrown at her.

“It has been three years, Zhao Keran and you still haven’t realized it.
You mustn’t live with Lin Shuang.

“She will only hinder your cultivation.”

Zhao Keran’s scalp went numb again.

Lin Shuang picked it up again and handed it to her, “Will he throw it 98 more times?”

Only 98 times to go, and she would complete all three types of cultivation today.

Zhao Keran: …

She looked around and saw fellow outer sect disciples standing or talking in groups.
She had no idea who was sending these messages with the wooden signs.

She sympathized with this person.

It seems like a world where only wooden signs get hurt, a new achievement unlocked.

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