Lin Shuang shook her head and paused her pen before continuing to write elegantly.

[Methods to Deal with Enemies]

Become the strongest in the world, fear nothing (Current No1: Elder of Jade Balance Sect in seclusion, about to ascend, has been cultivating for 1452 years)]

Create a fifth-order time regression talisman to find the true culprit (Requires cultivation to the God Refining realm)]

Continue searching for other clues (Clues are currently missing)]

After finishing writing, Lin Shuang burned the paper into ashes.

Her eyes flickered.

At the normal pace… it would take a thousand years to become the strongest in the world.

As for the second method of the time regression talisman, it was difficult to obtain and buy.

If she made it herself, the youngest time regression talisman master in the Eastern Region was two hundred and one years old, while she had only been cultivating for seven years.

Lin Shuang shook her head.

Unless she encountered a dozen great opportunities combined, it would be impossible for now.

Forget it.

Putting aside the unattainable goal would be the most efficient approach for now.

Otherwise, she would be dominated by unknown fear and lose sight of her priorities.

After half an incense stick’s worth of time, Lin Shuang put down her pen and sank into the soft cushion of her bed, her eyes lost in thought.

If she had a divine sense in her previous life, coupled with the tomato timer, she wouldn’t have to work overtime every night.

It was still dark, and the immortal cranes had not yet cried.

Zhao Keran opened her eyes and quietly got out of bed, stealing a glance at Lin Shuang, her senior sister, who was still sleeping peacefully with a sweet smile.

After more than ten days of menial labor, she had been trying to follow her senior sister’s fourth article on labor efficiency, working on two tasks simultaneously.
For example, while cleaning the table and sweeping the floor, she would also stew breakfast, and she finally found herself getting faster.

However, she still couldn’t manage to do the menial tasks, cultivate, cook for her senior sister, and clean the room all at the same time.

So, seven days ago, she had gritted her teeth and started waking up an hour earlier.

While working, she recited her senior sister’s collection of the fastest cultivation techniques.

“Good morning, Xiao Ai.” Zhao Keran greeted the paper lion-dog symbol on the ground, even though it was not activated and completely unresponsive to her.

She also applied a soundproofing charm to her senior sister’s wooden bed before starting to clean the wooden house.

After finishing all the tasks, Zhao Keran set off ahead of schedule to the outside spiritual field to tend to the Lingzhi grass assigned to her.

Gently closing the wooden door, as she turned around, she didn’t notice that Lin Shuang on the bed inside had already opened her eyes at some point.

With a satisfied look, she watched her leave.

“Zhao junior sister, I heard that you chose the ‘Haohui Jue’ in the Transmission Hall.” Senior Brother Xu Rui, wearing a Daoist crown and carrying two symmetrically balanced Bagua swords, called out to Zhao Keran after her chores were done.

“Haohui Jue” was a lesser-known technique in Clearwater Sect.

It was extremely difficult to cultivate in the early stages, and over the years, fewer and fewer disciples chose it.

“Yes,” Zhao Keran nodded.

Her father had said that she needed to build a solid foundation in cultivation.

Although Haohui Jue was difficult in the early stages, once she broke through to the third level, it would become much faster.

She had taken a liking to it at first glance in the transmission hall, and as long as she persevered through the initial stage, she could use it all the way to the inner sect.

Senior Brother Xu Rui’s expression was complicated, as Zhao Keran had no idea what path she had chosen for herself.

“Junior Sister, every thirty days, the transmission master will assess the disciples.
If there’s no progress, it will be recorded as a minor failure.
After three times, you’ll be advised to leave.”

Zhao Keran: “!”


“Oh no, Dad, Mom, and Big Brother I’m done for…”

“Resonate the primordial soul and embrace unity… I did it exactly as instructed, converging spiritual energy, entering the dantian, but why is there no response at all?”

Back in her wooden house, the exhausted Zhao Keran dared not sleep anymore.

Normally, she would practice cultivation for two hours but now she was performing intense exercises for four hours!

However, after sitting for a while, not only did Zhao Keran not feel any illumination before her eyes, but instead felt more stuck than ever.

Sure enough, should she have followed other disciples and chosen a different technique?

She had been too eager for faster progress in her cultivation and greatly overestimated herself.

Even the steward, Senior Brother Xu Rui, had chosen the simpler “Water Spirit Technique,” and her considerate Senior Sister Lin Shuang had also mentioned it in her guide to the fastest cultivation techniques.


Not listening to her senior sister’s advice, she truly regretted it.

Zhao Keran gazed at Lin Shuang, her senior sister, who had already finished dinner and was sitting on the bench, looking at picture albums, wearing earplugs, and smiling.


She also wanted to be like her senior sister, elegantly cultivating for half an hour every day, and then lying down~

Why was she so stubborn?

“No, I can’t give up like this, I have to continue!”

Zhao Keran continued to wake up early and return late for more than ten days, meditating every night.

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