Zhao Keran was stupefied.

W-What is this?

In her confusion, Zhao Keran immediately thought of what Senior Brother Xu had said from ten steps away.

“Junior Sister, remember to tell Lin Shuang as soon as possible that you are the new disciple assigned to live with her…”


So Senior Brother already anticipated this?

“Senior, Senior Sister… I’m the new disciple sharing the room with you… Zhao Keran…”

Zhao Keran stammered, bowing nervously to the lion-dog talisman in front of her.

“Ah, so you’re my roommate.”

“Is communicating with a roommate considered interrupting the entertainment tomato timer?”

Zhao Keran spoke to the white paper dog, and suddenly, she heard a gentle voice, like a trickle flowing from a mountain stream, soft and low, as if it was carried to her ears by the wind outside the house.

If she stepped back half a step, she wouldn’t be able to hear clearly.


“Junior Sister Zhao.”

Zhao Keran raised her head and was captivated by the beautiful face that had somehow removed the black algae.

Her snow-white skin was as translucent as silk from a silkworm, flawless.

A pair of phoenix eyes were bright and gentle, captivating her mind, making her forget everything else.

Could this really be a miscellaneous disciple?

In a daze, Zhao Keran saw Senior Sister Lin rise from the deeply embedded soft cushion and walk to her.

With a flip of her slender hand, a small wooden plaque appears.

—”Research Discussion on the Fastest Cultivation Methods.”


“Junior Sister, no need to thank me.
Alright, it’s almost time for my rejuvenating nap.


In the early morning of the first Chen, the bells and drums of the Outer Sect of the Clearwater Sect solemnly sounded, and the cranes cried.

It was time for the miscellaneous disciples to begin their duties.

After organizing her package, Zhao Keran looked at Senior Sister Lin, who was still sweetly dozing off with earplugs.

Isn’t Senior Sister going?

Or do they have different shift times?

She had wanted to stay up late and read the “Research Discussion on the Fastest Cultivation Methods” that Senior Sister had given her, but she was too tired after a day of travel and hadn’t finished reading all the 1,236 pages.

In the section about the preferences of outer sect disciples, it mentioned that Senior Brother Xu Rui had hell-level OCD.
Although the phrasing was strange, she quickly caught the main point—Senior Brother Xu hated it when disciples were late or slacking during duty times.

Zhao Keran looked at Senior Sister Lin’s peaceful sleeping face and hesitated, walking to her bed.
She wanted to wake her up but was blocked by the soundproofing formation set up by the lion-dog talisman.


Helplessly, she could only walk lightly, following the hurried crowd to the Bell Tower.

She was considering whether she should ask for leave on behalf of her senior sister—

“Oh, you’re talking about Lin Shuang… Well, you don’t need to worry about her.” Senior Brother Xu Rui, with his peach wood sword on his back, was dressed neatly.
His ink-black hair was tied neatly in his crown, just as described in the “Summary of Senior Brother Xu Rui.”

However, when Lin Shuang was mentioned, his expression became slightly complicated.

“By the way, Zhao Junior Sister, since it’s your first day, take it easy.
Today, you’ll only do 70% of the tasks.
You’ll be responsible for taking care of the ten acres of Lingzhi grass in the east, watering, and pest control.”

Zhao Keran quickly agreed.

“And then, fill up the hundred water tanks in the kitchen, clean the two rooms of the Bell Tower, feed the time-telling immortal crane, and clean its cage…”


So many tasks!

She almost couldn’t remember them all!

Zhao Keran’s eyes were filled with shock.

Do miscellaneous disciples of the Clearwater Sect usually have to do so much work?

Will there be any time left for cultivation?

At night, after finishing all the tasks, Zhao Keran felt exhausted.
Her body was shrouded in darkness, and above her head were countless stars.
When she returned to her wooden house, she was like the automatic response lion-dog talisman at the door, wanting to lie on the ground and catch her breath.

Even though she only did seventy percent of the miscellaneous tasks, she was busy the entire day.


Lin Shuang, Senior Sister, probably hadn’t returned yet since she left later in the day, right?

Feeling hungry, Zhao Keran couldn’t even summon the strength to walk to the Outer Sect dining hall.
However, she noticed a bright light coming from inside the small hut.

Puzzled, she pushed open the wooden door and was stunned.

The room was not only lit up, but the two beds were tidier than in the morning, The floor was spotless, and the windows were clean.

The food on the small wooden table was fragrant and warm, and the spiritual tea had been brewed and was ready to drink.

Moreover, on the basin rack beside her small bed, there was a basin of clear face-washing water.

As she turned her head in surprise, she saw Lin’s Senior Sister in the room, sitting cross-legged on the bed with her eyes closed, forming hand seals.

“Ding, Xiao Ai reminder, one incense stick’s worth of cultivation has been completed.”

The lion-dog talisman spoke up.

Lin Shuang immediately opened her phoenix eyes.

The lion-dog talisman said, “Congratulations, Master, you have completed thirty-six small cycles of cultivation today, finishing your cultivation tomato timer.”


Zhao Keran almost choked on her spirit tea.

Thirty-six small cycles of cultivation would take at least four hours.

“You’ve finished everything for today.”

With a joyful sigh, Lin Shuang suddenly stepped on her embroidered shoes and pounced into her strange and soft long seat, sinking into it deeply.

With a flick of her slender hand, she took out the booklet “The Golden Carp Sect Leader Becomes the Darling of the Group.”

“Oh, Zhao Junior Sister is back? Let’s eat first.
The foot bathwater is under the bed.”

Senior Sister is such a kind person, sob.

Wait a minute.

Zhao Keran suddenly realized something and couldn’t believe it, “S-Senior Sister, did you finish all the miscellaneous tasks and cultivation?”


“And did you do all these things in the room?”


Zhao Keran breathed a sigh of relief.

That’s what I thought.
After doing all the miscellaneous tasks and cultivation, how could she still have the energy to do so much?

Then, Lin Shuang raised her eyes and added, “Little Ai poured the foot bathwater.”

Only the foot-washing water was done by Xiao Ai…


So much work in one day—

How did you do it, Senior Sister?

Wait, Zhao Keran hurriedly walked to her bed and flipped out the “Research Discussion on the Fastest Cultivation Methods” from under the pillow!

Author’s Note:

Lin Shuang: On the first day, Junior Sister, I taught you the ultimate skill.

“Record of Zhao Keran, 134th Generation Sect Master of the Clearwater Sect, Part 1”: Unfortunately, I didn’t know back then.
If given another chance, I would tell myself to open it faster.

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