“…Is this all you’ve got? Heh, man, it’s only a quarter of an incense stick’s time.”

The male martial cultivators and Old Man Sun within the convoy were stunned, their eyes wide open.

Several female martial cultivators clicked their tongues and cast admiring glances at the swaying small forest.

“Indeed, a female immortal!”

“Lin Fairy is truly exceptional!”

Throughout the three days of the journey, everyone had developed a strong liking for Lin Shuang, the fairy-like figure.

But no one expected her to be this formidable.

To force a handsome male cultivator who appeared to have high cultivation to such a state…

The male martial cultivators were beginning to feel fearful.
“It seems male cultivators mustn’t slack off either.
Lin Fairy is as fierce as a tiger.”

Female martial cultivators nodded admiringly.
“Cultivation should be like Lin Fairy.”


Zhou Xuanwu: “…”

His temple twitched, and the Water Spirit Art circulating within him nearly went haywire, almost diverting from the Conception Vessel.

Xiao Qi, how can you, not even last half an incense stick’s time? No, how have you fallen so low?

At the outer sect’s Clear Water Hall,

Steward Senior Brother Xu Rui, carrying the Trigram Sword on his back, walked into a quiet room and furrowed his brow, stopping his steps.

Three breaths later, he stepped back out of the door.

Quickly performing a hand seal, he moved the two bamboo mats placed on the left and right sides of the quiet room by half an inch, aligning them perfectly in a straight line, and positioning them to face the north and south transparent windows respectively.
Only then did he nod, exhaled a breath, and reentered the quiet room.

“Senior Brother Xu, I’d like to take on a Grade B mission,” a disciple rushed in.

Xu Rui noticed that the disciple entered through the side door, stepping on the line of green bricks on the left.
This led to a slight crease forming on his forehead.

Swiftly turning away, he absentmindedly retrieved the outer sect mission manual from his mustard seed bag, “Hmm.”

He quickly flipped through the first ten pages, bypassing Grade A missions and reaching Grade B missions—available for disciples at the 5th to 8th Qi Refinement levels.

Just as he was about to show it to the person,

He couldn’t help but pause.

【Wilderness Escort Mission Grade A (Issued by Sun Clan Trading Company) 】

【Accepted by Zhou Xuanwu and Lin Shuang.

A moment of confusion crossed Xu Rui’s otherwise composed face.

Did the mission manual have a mistake?

This was driving him crazy!

But as he continued to read line by line, his expression changed drastically.

【Wilderness Escort Mission: Originally rated Grade E.】

[But after receiving shared information from the Mountain and Sea Sect and the Annihilation Pavilion, it’s known that Liu Ba, a Golden Hammer at the 7th Qi Condensation layer, has lost an arm and fled into the Great Wilderness Mountain.

Thus, the mission’s difficulty has increased.
It’s suggested that disciples below the Great Completion of Qi Condensation don’t enter the Great Wilderness Mountain.]

[Golden Hammer Liu Ba: Violent and ruthless, he has brutally killed over twenty Condensation realm cultivators.
Ranked 534th on the Annihilation Pavilion’s Convergence Ranking.
Reward: 5000 Spirit Stones.]

[Mission updated to Grade A.]

[Available for disciples from Great Completion of Qi Condensation to the 2nd stage of Yuan Condensation.]

Xu Rui’s complexion changed drastically.

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