the true path.”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a sigh of resignation escaped Lin Shuang’s lips.

“Ah, I spoke too much, Senior Brother.”

“Some people haven’t reached the point of enlightenment.
I said it, but he doesn’t understand.
Ah, he wasted my five breaths of tomato timer for reading the novel…”

Zhou Xuanwu: “???”

What’s a tomato timer?

His disciple’s ranking was 17,000 places higher than hers!

Xiao Qi smiled wryly, trying to lighten the atmosphere.
“Ah, I remember a cultivation story.
Let me share it with everyone—”

However, Lin Shuang’s eyes slightly narrowed, and she raised her hand to stop him.


Her gaze penetrated through them, gazing into the deep valley southwest of the caravan, looking into the distance.

After observing for a while, she pressed her lips together, “Shh.
We’ll talk later.
There are visitors.”*


Sun Lao from the caravan suddenly tensed up, and the warriors by the carriage gripped their swords and blades.

“Is it an ambush?”

“Are there bandits up ahead?”

Zhou Xuanwu and Xiao Qi were taken aback.

Where were the incoming people?

Especially Zhou Xuanwu; his consciousness had been probing outward all along.
Apart from a few sparrows, there were no living creatures within ten li (Chinese unit of length, about 0.5 km).

“Junior Sister—”

But before he could finish, his expression changed dramatically.

Xiao Qi also stood up abruptly from his floating position on the sword, his gaze intense, piercing through the distant trees.

“Ambush ahead!”

“Twelve people, no, fourteen people.
They haven’t cultivated, and their vitality is vigorous.
Most likely bandits.”

Zhou Xuanwu’s expression turned grim.

He managed to hold back his urge to turn around!

She was right.

How was that possible?

She had been chatting all along, how could she detect the ambush faster than him and Xiao Qi?

Lin Shuang comfortably turned over on the wide sword, closing her left earphone again.

During the pause in her music cultivation, the mental energy in her forehead shifted from its heightened frequency of scanning the surroundings back to its ordinary low point.

Just like how top athletes would briefly lower their heart rate after scoring, to rest and recover.

“All right, my shift is over.
I’ll rest for a bit.
After an incense stick’s worth of time, Senior Brother can call me again.”

Zhou Xuanwu: “…???”

When an incense stick’s worth of time passed, the ambushing bandits came into view as expected.

The caravan and Xiao Qi couldn’t help but exclaim, “Lin Fairy’s calculations were right.
It really took just an incense stick’s worth of time!”

“Junior Sister Lin’s mental perception is too accurate.”

The flying sword under Zhou Xuanwu’s feet trembled.

Ranked 17,000 in the Outer Sect, yet here she was, a Foundation Establishment junior stage cultivator, chatting with a caravan and reading novels!

Her keenness and precision in her mental realm exceeded his?

How was that possible?

‘Using energy excessively or inadequately will lead to a decrease in efficiency in one’s tasks.’

Zhou Xuanwu looked at the bandits before him, who were panicking and attempting to flee, his gaze flickering.

‘Some people haven’t reached the point of enlightenment yet.’

‘I talked too much… I said it, but they didn’t understand…’

Junior Sister, you might as well just call his name directly!

Author’s Note:

《Notes of the 134th Generation Master of the Qingshui Sect, Zhao》: The quickest way to learn, no matter how many times you read it, you’ll gain something new.

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