Senior Sister, are you treating sect missions as team outings? Does Senior Brother Xu Rui know about this?

“Junior Sister, if you don’t accompany me, let’s fill up our next three days’ worth of chat today.
How about that?”


Zhao Ke Ran touched her forehead.

[Dear Cousin, seeing your words as if in person.

The Senior Sister I live with is truly persistent.
She adheres to her daily schedule without fail, day after day, practicing, resting, and nurturing relationships.

If it weren’t for her being stuck at the Third Layer of Qi Refinement all the time, I always feel she could have become the strongest female cultivator.
No, it should be the fastest strongest female cultivator.

She can practice many things simultaneously.
Even today, it’s truly admirable.

Unfortunately, for some reason, Senior Sister has always been stuck at the Third Layer of Qi Refinement.
Do you have any methods to help her breakthrough? Although Mount Sea Sect and Pure Water Sect have been in conflict for many years, there are legends that a hundred years ago, we were one sect, and our cultivation methods should be quite complementary.

—Zhao Keran’s letter.]

Zhao Ming, the senior brother responsible for external affairs at Mount Sea Sect, shook his head after reading the handwritten letter folded into a paper crane.

What does “practicing many things simultaneously” mean?

Always not breaking through is precisely because it’s not feasible.
The Dao’s heart isn’t focused enough!

He sighed, about to take out a communication stone to caution his cousin Zhao Keran when the door to his quiet room was pushed open from outside.

“Senior Brother, one person can simultaneously draw twelve First-Level talismans and one Third-Level talisman Scroll.
I saw it with my own eyes!”

Zhao Ming: “…”

A figure flying on a sword, wrapped in a thick cloth so that it didn’t even resemble a flying sword, pierced in.

The smooth shoes were kept spotless, imbued with the Dust Dispelling Technique, as they landed.

“Senior Brother, why is this possible?” Xiao Qi was still in amazement.

Zhao Ming looked at the letter in his hand, raised his head, and couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Cultivation requires focus.”

“Even though Talisman Masters have strong Nascent Souls, they still need to concentrate when inscribing each talisman.”

“It’s the same principle as us sword cultivators.
We can’t execute two sword techniques simultaneously either.”

Xiao Qi chuckled, holding his precious flying sword in his arms and checking the cloth wrapping.

“But I saw it with my own eyes, her brushwork penetrated the paper, and the cinnabar soaked into the table.”

“Thus, she formed a second layer of Third-Level talisman Scroll!”

Zhao Ming: “???”

Is that Third-Level Talisman Scroll on the table?!

How is that possible?

That night, the wind was high and the night was dark.
Zhao Ming rose quietly from his bed, seeing his junior brother sleeping soundly.
He walked out of the disciple’s quiet room in Mount Sea Sect, changed into night clothes, and blended into the darkness.

“Excuse me…”

The person he was meeting for another bounty task assassination, was dressed in an overlapping black robe with complex buckles, a double-layer mask on their face.

They took out a plain square wooden table.

Zhao Ming: “…?”


At the same time, in Room 99 of Clearwater Hall, Lin Shuang looked at her communication stone.

That generous fellow, the final payment of 600 hasn’t arrived yet.

Has the inspection not been completed?

Author’s Note:

“Memoirs of the 134th Generation Leader of the Clearwater Sect, Zhao, Part 6”: It was much later that I found out that the previous roommate of Senior Sister, Little White Senior Sister, turned into Senior Brother.
It was only then that I finally understood why, on the first day I arrived at the Clearwater Sect, Senior Brother Xu Rui’s gaze when assigning rooms to me was so “subtle” and apologetic.

“Cultivation Encyclopedia”: Clam Demon, one of the 108 branches of the Demon race, ranked 53rd in the strength of the Demon race, and 6th on the Forbes Demon Wealth List (mass-producing pearls).
Adult Clam demons can change gender once a year, but most Clam demons don’t do this; they have fixed partners.


The author’s note doesn’t involve any significant plot spoilers and is more like a supplementary setting or character extras.
Everyone can read it without worry.

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