◎ Tomato Timer Report ◎

【The Most Generous One】: Night, Inner Sect South — Dog’s Den — Treasure, got it?

Lin Shuang glanced at the latest message and accelerated the speed of her “ski board” wide sword.

She was running low on the paper used for third-tier talismans in her inventory.

However, to purchase third-tier or higher spiritual treasure materials within the sect, she needed to complete at least six tasks annually.

She was two tasks short this year.

Tasks like this trading mission were the most efficient way to accomplish this.

Lin Shuang headed north and quickly passed the Transmission Hall and the Administrators Hall, arriving at the hundred-foot mountain wall where the Inner and Outer Sects intersected.

This towering mountain wall surrounded them.

It was said that special restrictions were placed here, preventing disciples from using their flying swords to peek into the inner sect even if they ascended from the outside.

Within this thousand-foot cliff, several stone bridges were set up, leading to the path of the inner sect.

But disciples were stationed at the entrances, on guard.


Ordinary Outer Sect disciples were not allowed to enter the Inner Sect, but there were exceptions.

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister, I’ve come to deliver something.” Lin Shuang calmly took out her disciple’s waist token and showed the task commission to the two disciples guarding the South Gate today.

The guarding disciples on both sides nodded and immediately allowed her to pass.

“Come out immediately after you’re done delivering.”


Lin Shuang continued inward.

By the side of South Mountain Gate, thirty miles to the east, was the dog hole mentioned by the buyer.

Beside the dog hole stood a conspicuous three-story small attic with red bricks and green tiles.


In front of the attic, a red flag with white characters fluttered in the wind — Rong Bao Zhai (Prosperous Treasure Attic).

Approaching, Lin Shuang saw a hundred-treasure rack placed against the outer wall of the small attic.

She walked up and deposited five Spirit Stones in the treasure-collecting basin on the rack.

The treasure rack instantly rumbled open, and an empty mustard seed pouch at the center opened in response.

Lin Shuang immediately took out her square wooden table and placed it inside.

She closed the mustard seed pouch.

Clapping her hands, she left.

She even remembered to send the upper part of the password for retrieving the goods to the trading partner.

【The Fastest Immortal Woman】: Yi Wu Er.

After completing the operation, she retraced her steps.


The shopkeeper on the first floor of Rong Bao Zhai Attic was lazily reclining in a bamboo rocking chair, a white finger that seemed to have never seen sunlight propping up a book and covering his forehead.

He glanced drowsily at her as she passed by, and quickly shifted his gaze to the other disciples delivering ‘packages’ before he sleepily closed his eyes.

During this time, he cleared his throat a few times, as if he might cough up his lungs.

Passing by the door, Lin Shuang couldn’t help but show a sympathetic look.

Having poor health made everything more challenging; it’s truly unfortunate.

Leaving South Mountain Gate and returning to the outer sect, she arrived half an incense stick’s time ahead of the agreed-upon trading time with the two disciples.

The transaction was completed on time.

Lin Shuang was quite satisfied with her performance today.

Not long after she left, a figure swiftly landed in front of Rong Bao Zhai.

Two black boots of different lengths, with one even revealing a gray sock.

Wearing mismatched black armor and a red belt, they were extremely unkempt and twisted.

“Senior Brother Huangfu, I’ve come to pick up the third-grade talismans.”

Meng Zi formed a hand seal and descended directly from mid-air with a knife on his back.

“On the multiple treasure rack!” The person on the first floor of Rong Bao Zhai, who was reclining on a chair, didn’t even move his eyelids.
He lazily wiped away the blood that had been coughed up from his lips, pointing towards the right wall.

Meng Zi rubbed his hands and immediately transferred the first payment of six hundred Spirit Stones to the Fastest Immortal Woman.


He quickly obtained the second half of the retrieval password — Shen Liu Yi.

Meng Zi faced the multiple treasure rack, closing his eyes nervously.

This substantial trade, worth twelve hundred Spirit Stones, made his heart race.

With his hands clasped together, he recited the ancestral chant before he finally faced the multiple treasure rack.
He formed hand seals, manipulating the wooden blocks on them to assemble the retrieval key.


Meng Zi shouted, and with it, the Multi-Treasure Shelf rumbled and shifted.

The crimson mustard seed bag at the center swiftly unfastened in front of him.

A hint of caution flashed in Meng Zi’s peach blossom eyes.
Suppressing his impatience, he carefully reached his right hand into the mustard seed bag.

He was afraid of damaging the third-level talisman.

Although the third-level talisman was approaching the flexibility of high-grade yellow paper and wouldn’t easily tear, they were still something he had saved up spirit stones for over a dozen days to afford.

Meng Zi believed that being overly cautious was not excessive at all.

But as his slender middle finger and index finger groped around in the bag for a while, he finally touched something cold.
Attempting to grasp the thin piece of talisman—

He ended up holding an ordinary-looking, somewhat dull table leg.


He tried pulling it out with more force, and it was yet another… table leg?

Then came a square tabletop, followed by… two more table legs.


【Xiao Bai】: Senior Meng, did you get the third-grade Gathering Talisman? I’m heading to the Transmission Hall.
I’ll come to take a look later.

Meng Zi looked at the wooden table in his hand: “!”

The man on the reclining chair on the first floor of Rong Bao Zhai, amidst his continuous coughing, also glanced at the four-legged wooden table Meng Zi was holding up.

The eyes that had been half-closed suddenly widened a bit.


On the second day, Lin Shuang woke up from the temperature-maintained array in her wooden house, stretching comfortably.

After consuming the soft, steamed white bread made by the automatic kneading device, she sat at Zhao Junior Sister’s wooden table, writing her weekly journal while listening to the sound of zither practice.

【This Week’s Tomato Timer Statistics:

Cultivation: 20.5 hours, a 19% increase from last week;

-Proficiency in the Haoran Scripture at the seventh level increased by 21%

-Proficiency in the third-grade talisman, a 12% reduction.

-Analysis of reasons: Shortage of third-grade talisman paper—need to complete sect tasks promptly next week to acquire purchasing qualification.

-Social Interaction: 2.6 hours, a 1% increase from last week

-Time spent with Zhao Ke Ran Junior Sister (roommate) accounts for 90%

-Time spent with Xu Rui Junior Brother (senior and junior relationship) accounts for 10%

-Beauty and Skincare: 2 hours, a 2% increase from last week

-Entertainment for Improved Mood: 6.9 hours, a 13% increase from last week

-Note: Dreamt about grandmother 7 times, causing mood fluctuations.
Therefore, increased entertainment time to avoid negative influences.
Fat Burning and Body Sculpting: 2.1 hours, a 10% decrease from last week

-Note: Requires attention, this area’s performance was subpar.
However, a consistent fat-burning partner has been found, and improvements are expected.
Earned 1800 Spirit Stones (still awaiting 600 remaining balance), an increase from last week…]

As Lin Shuang wrote her weekly journal, she used a fine wolf hair brush to tap her forehead.

Reviewing the summary of her efficiency from last week to pinpoint deficiencies and make corrections for next week and next month was something she frequently did.

Ever since her grandmother, the dean, passed away, she had developed a habit of evaluating her efficiency in tasks.

Without planning for a week, she felt uncomfortable and sensed something was off.

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