ai, Tang Beibei doesn’t know much about basketball.
It will be boring for her to watch the game.
Why don’t you ask her to take your shift?”

Song Kai and Lu Fan were both Professor Chen’s mentees, so they could be considered his disciples.
However, they both still had to work in Professor Chen’s office.

Tang Beibei did not want to watch him play basketball because she’d be bored.
So, she quickly smiled and said, “Senior Song Kai, let me take your shift at Professor Chen’s office.”

Song Kai noticed that Lu Fan seemed to be separating him from Tang Beibei on purpose.
He looked at Lu Fan with a cocked eyebrow.

“Okay then.
Beibei will help me with my shift.
I have a basketball date, so I’d better go.”

Bye, senior Song Kai.”

When Song Kai was far away, Tang Beibei suddenly heard Lu Fan ask, “Beibei, what do you think of senior Song Kai?”

Tang Beibei retracted her gaze and looked at Lu Fan in confusion.

“He’s nice.”

Song Kai was a Northerner.
He was tall, big-boned and forthright.
Although he would sometimes tease her or play pranks on her, he was not a bad person.
When she was in trouble, he would help her.

“Better than me?”

Lu Fan couldn’t help but test her when he saw her staring at Song Kai when he walked away.

Tang Beibei looked at him in confusion.
So, her senior, Lu Fan, had a childish side where he competed with Song Kai for her attention, Tang Beibei thought to herself.

“Senior Lu Fan is, of course, much nicer.
You have a good temper and take good care of me.
You also taught me a lot of things.”

Lu Fan’s mood improved after hearing her praise.

At that moment, Tang Beibei’s phone rang.
She looked at it and smiled.

Lu Fan was curious.
Who was it that made her so happy that she smiled like a kid?

He saw her answer the call, say a few words to the person on the phone, and then hang up.

“Senior Lu Fan, I need to go now.
Thank you again.
I’ll treat you and senior Song Kai to bubble tea next time.”

A meal would be too expensive.
She had to save money for Jiang Jingchen’s treatment.

But Lu Fan and Song Kai had helped her.
She should treat them to bubble tea.

“I’m going home too.
Let’s go together.”

He also wanted to see who she was so happy to see.

• •

In the study of Jiang Jingchen’s villa…

His elegant fingers were wrapped around a pen as he handled a stack of documents.
His eyebrows were cold, and his handsome face looked a little tired.
He massaged his brows and picked up another document when Song Zhou knocked on the door.

“Young master, I’m going to fetch young madam.
Do you want to come along?”

Jiang Jingchen threw the document aside and asked coldly, “What do you think?”

Song Zhou watched as he stood up.
His tall figure was accentuated by his youthful casual clothes.
He looked more approachable.

If I didn’t let him come along, he would most likely beat me to death, Song Zhou thought to himself.

They drove to Tang Beibei’s school.
Song Zhou stopped the car at the school gate and Jiang Jingchen called Tang Beibei.

“Beibei, are you done with school today? I’m already at the school gate.”

“Yes.” The girl’s soft voice entered his ears, and his heart softened.

“Take your time.
I’ll wait for you.”

Tang Beibei smiled and replied, “I’m walking over now.”

Jiang Jingchen ended the call, straightened his collar, and looked toward the school gate, waiting for his wife to come out.

After a few minutes, he saw the woman he had been thinking about walk out.
However, there was a man beside her.

He had no idea what they were talking about, but the woman was smiling happily, and the man reached out to hug her.
Jiang Jingchen’s face darkened and his black eyes were cold.
Song Zhou, who was in the driver’s seat, suddenly felt the temperature in the car drop by a few degrees.

Song Zhou looked out the window and saw a man hugging Tang Beibei.
He peeked at the back seat and felt his scalp go numb.

“Young master, I’ll go down and find out what’s going on.”

“Yes, and remove the man’s arms while you are at it!”

Jiang Jingchen was in disguise as a cripple and couldn’t get out of the car..
Otherwise, he wouldn’t just remove the man’s arms but beat him up until he was disabled!

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