watching the man leave.
He thought that if she didn’t look away soon, the young master would be angry.

If the young master was angry, neither of them could handle it.

Tang Beibei retracted her gaze.
“Then let’s go.”

When they got into the car, Tang Beibei saw Jiang Jingchen.
She beamed at him but noticed that he didn’t look happy.

“Hubby, how are you feeling today?”

Jiang Jingchen was still thinking about the man’s arms around his woman.
He narrowed his cold eyes and gave Song Zhou a look.

He had asked him to break the man’s arms, but Song Zhou did not do so.

Song Zhou felt a chill down his spine.
He did not need to look back to know how scary his young master’s gaze was.

When he went over just now, he did want to break the man’s arms but he hesitated when he heard Tang Beibei call him senior in a familiar tone.
Besides, the man was helping Tang Beibei, not taking advantage of her.

After that, when the man heard that Tang Beibei was married, he didn’t make a scene and left tactfully.
He had no reason to hurt him.

It was normal for Tang Beibei to have friends in school.
He didn’t want to cause her any trouble.

However, he felt that his young master wouldn’t listen to his explanation.
All he could do was drive quietly and wait for his punishment when they got home.


The man didn’t answer her, his face still pale.
Tang Beibei was worried and put her hand on his forehead.
His temperature was normal.

“Are you feeling unwell? Where?”

“Yeah, I don’t feel well.
Cough, cough…”

Jiang Jingchen had a coughing fit and seemed to be in pain.
He held her hand and hugged her.

“Oh dear.
You have to go to the hospital to check it out if you’re not feeling well.
You’re weak now and you need medicine.” Tang Beibei was anxious.

“You are my medicine.” Jiang Jingchen tightened his grip.
She was his woman, and no one could take her away from him!

Tang Beibei was angry.
She scolded him with a long face, “Hubby, how can I be your medicine? If you are sick, you need to see a doctor.
This is not a joke.”

“If you don’t believe that you’re my medicine, then give me a kiss.
Maybe I’ll feel better,” Jiang Jingchen said with a straight face.

Tang Beibei doubted that.
She was really worried about him.
“Hubby, I’m serious.
Let’s go to the hospital.”

“You don’t want to kiss me.
Does it mean that you would kiss that man?”

Suddenly, the man questioned her coldly.
Before she could answer, the man grabbed the back of her neck, pressed his lips against hers, and took her breath…

Tang Beibei was stunned.
She was out of breath from his kiss and couldn’t think straight.
She patted his shoulders and begged for mercy.

The man only let go of her when she felt like she was suffocating.

His out breath was hot, but his tone was very cold.

“Beibei, remember that I’m your man, okay? You can only kiss me!”

Tang Beibei gasped for air and only regained her senses after a while.
She was a little confused when she heard the man’s warning.

“Hubby, what happened?”

She couldn’t understand why her gentle and considerate husband suddenly became a different person.

Song Zhou saw that his young master was about to tear off his disguise and reveal his true self.
It would be disastrous if Tang Beibei couldn’t take it and the two of them have a falling-out.

So, he said quickly, “Young madam, young master just missed you.
And he’s happy to see you.”

Jiang Jingchen’s cold sharp gaze swept over him.
Song Zhou suddenly felt like he was in danger of being mauled by a beast.
He quickly covered his mouth and stopped talking.

Tang Beibei smiled and held Jiang Jingchen’s face.
“Hubby, I missed you too.”

“I missed you too.”

The woman’s soft voice had a magical effect.
It instantly calmed the fierce beast.
The sharp cold air on him dissipated and the inside of the car turned warm.

But Jiang Jingchen still asked coldly, “Then why won’t you kiss me?”

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