Perdi was not a natural genius like Ludian.

While Ludian excelled in strong abilities and their application, Perdi showcased his talent more in academic and ability research.

Part of the reason for this was Perdi’s “obsession” which was more severe than others.

He could only use about half of the abilities that Ludian could use.

Therefore, Perdi’s current ability to use abilities to this extent meant that he had put in a tremendous effort.

Consequently, it also meant that he could best teach Thiel how to properly use and utilize the abilities.

“Can you imagine it?”

“Yes, I’m imagining you using abilities ‘properly.’”

Perdi gazed at the flickering flames still lingering in Ludian’s hands, and he lightly clenched and unclenched his own hands.

And soon…


A massive flame erupted from Perdi’s hands.

It was a towering pillar of fire, comparable to Ludian’s, if not greater.
Thiel widened her eyes in astonishment.

“Imagine it continuously.”

Perdi’s gentle voice settled in her ears.

The pillar of fire undulated as if it would devour the boy.
Strands of his bangs fluttered helplessly in the flames and wind.

Gradually, the pillar of fire that had emerged from his hands took on a distinct shape.

It soared upward with such force that it pierced through the wide-open ceiling of the training ground, surpassing Ludian’s and undulating even larger.

“I’m imagining what I want to do.”

As Perdi murmured, the flames changed in response.

They rapidly enveloped Perdi’s surroundings, preventing anything from approaching the vicinity of the swirling pillar of fire.

‘Crazy bastard! Won’t you stop it right now? The kid is surprised! Besides, is it because you don’t know your condition right now?’


Startled by the sudden motion, Ludian quickly approached and embraced Thiel, taking a step back.

Thiel stared, captivated, at the boy engulfed in flames.

For a moment, a gap opened amidst the flames, and within that gap, Perdi revealed his face.
His abilities were astonishing.

“Stop it!”

‘Something is off.’

Perdi’s complexion grew pale.
As if… he would be consumed by the flames soon.

No, it was as if he had already been consumed.

Before long, the flames grew even fiercer.

Ludian berated Perdi with a flurry of curses, still holding Thiel in his arms.

“I said stop!”

“…Ah, right.”

He had intended to teach abilities to Thiel… Perdi muttered slowly, nodding his head.

Ludian sighed deeply, feeling exasperated.

Something was wrong with Perdi.

And it seemed Ludian was aware of it as well.

However, Perdi continued to escalate, behaving as if he couldn’t even perceive his own surroundings.

The flames flickering throughout the entire training ground posed a threatening presence to Thiel, unlike Ludian’s flames.

Now, it seemed as if Perdi, unable to use abilities properly, was engulfing himself! Thiel firmly grasped Ludian’s clothes.

“Big, brother!”

“Yeah, damn it! I should have known it would turn out like this.”

Ludian gently set Thiel down in a safe corner and clicked his tongue.

That bastard, he had completely lost it.

“Stay here quietly.
Don’t move, or you’ll get hurt.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Do not move, under any circumstances.”

After repeatedly cautioning Thiel, the boy stepped back and conjured flames in his hands.

A fire of similar size to Perdi’s ignited within his hands.
Ludian created a sword out of flames.

“This is strange.
It’s not supposed to go out of control like this…”

All members of the Asterian family suffer from madness caused by a curse.

Among them, Perdi was the most severe.
Although he possessed innate abilities, he couldn’t use them beyond a certain limit due to the madness.

But this was beyond that limit! The ability Ferdie just used was only a fraction of his true potential.

Ludian and Perdi had been using their abilities together for a long time.

Ludian knew Perdi’s condition well.

He wasn’t weak enough to go out of control like this.

“But why is this happening all of a sudden… Damn it, Perdi!”

Ludian cursed and threw himself into the fierce flames.

Thiel, who had been watching, gasped in astonishment.

Ludian, who threw himself into the flames, plunged his sword into the center of Perdi’s flames.
The collision of the two boys’ flames created a loud explosion.


A dense smoke rose and covered the entire training ground.

Thiel coughed and barely opened her eyes, looking into the smoke.

‘Is it over?’

However, Perdi’s pillar of fire showed no sign of subsiding.

Instead, Ludian was the only one injured, writhing in pain.
A startled Thiel widened her eyes.

“No, no! Wake up, Perdi!”

Ludian shouted, coughing.
He couldn’t let Perdi be consumed.
Wake up! Ludian’s voice mixed with the smoke and scattered in the air.

Thiel instinctively sensed that Perdi was in a very dangerous situation.

Perdi was in danger.

‘He’s going to be consumed.’

It was clearly the fire that originated from Perdi’s hand, but it had spread uncontrollably.

What on earth happened?

I just… wanted to learn the ability.

It seemed like all of this happened because I wanted to learn the ability.

A heavy sense of guilt pressed on Thiel’s fragile heart like a rock.

If possible, Thiel wanted to turn back time.

Back to before Perdi was consumed by his own flames.

No, back to before Thiel asked to be taught the ability…

At that moment,

‘Jump in, child.
Jump in.”

“You can save him…”

Unidentifiable voices whispered to Thiel.

Thiel trembled and alternated between looking at Perdi and Ludian before firmly biting her lip.

Someone was telling Thiel.
You can save him.

Only you can calm him down.

Thiel didn’t know about the “madness” that afflicted members of the Asterian and Nestian families…

“Perdi, older brother!”

Thiel could at least sense that Perdi was in danger.

That’s why, without hesitation, Thiel leaped into the flames, piercing through the smoke.

The trembling eyes now gazed at Perdi with unwavering focus.

“Thiel, don’t!”

Ludian quickly rushed over, trying to stop Thiel, but he was too late.

Thiel stood in front of Perdi, who was on the verge of going out of control.


Perdi’s lips trembled as he called Thiel’s name.

Thiel nodded and approached him.

“Don’t come close.
You’ll get hurt…”

“I won’t get hurt.”

She knew it from the start.

Perdi and Ludian will never hurt Thiel, that’s for sure.

Even in a state of hostility, the boy in front of me is so kind that he warms Thiel’s cold palms.

At that moment, the endlessly burning flames opened a path for Thiel.

Without hesitation, Thiel approached and embraced Perdi.

And she remembered.
The sensation from the basement.

Herself crying, and Cassius calling out to soothe her.

The warm light that enveloped her entire body.

I can do it.

If this isn’t a dream, then surely.

As Thiel murmured, her two hands shimmered with a golden light.

Within her small hands, golden rays overflowed like waves.

Soon, two small golden fish leaped out and circled around Perdi and Thiel, swimming gracefully.

These fish, as if filled with light, swam as if the column of fire was a river, growing in size as they swam.

“Thiel, you!”

The small goldfish that were once tiny now swam through the training ground larger than the flames created by Ludian and Perdi.

And in that very moment.

The beam of light extending from Thiel’s hand and the enormous fish composed of that light gently wrapped around Perdi, swimming outward like a wave, reaching beyond the training ground.

The entire Asterian mansion shimmered with warm light.

The flames that were once burning gradually subsided, then diminished, and finally vanished.

Perdi’s hazy eyes regained focus.

He looked surprised at Thiel, who was embraced in his arms.

And soon, he realized why Thiel was in his arms and widened his eyes.


Both Ludian and Perdi exclaimed at the same time.

Perdi tightly held Thiel, as if afraid her small body would break or fly away, while Ludian hurriedly approached to check on Thiel’s condition.


Before long, Cassius and Alpheus, who had received the news, opened the door to the training ground and entered.

When they arrived, Thiel’s light had already enveloped the entire Asterian estate.

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