s small and adorable in appearance, and on top of that, he was a prodigy who manifested the “Ability of Light”…

Ever since Cassius told Ludian that Thiel had manifested the Light Ability, he had wanted to become close to Thiel as soon as possible.

All that occupied his mind was the thought of touching Thiel’s soft, fluffy cheeks.

 Your sister is quite shy, so refrain from unnecessary comments and avoid approaching her for the time being.”

Due to Cassius’ command, Ludian was prohibited from contacting Thiel.

Not only contact but even meeting was forbidden.
Ludian resisted, but he couldn’t defeat Cassius.

So Ludian secretly lurked around Thiel, avoiding Cassius.

If we met, I thought I would tell her once again that I’m her older brother.

I stood in front of her door, and I used my abilities to peek into her room through the second-floor window.

Of course, I got scolded whenever I got caught, but I didn’t really care about such things.

Thiel was really, really small and cute.
So it was a worthy action to risk getting scolded!

But there was an unexpected thing.

“Hey, why do you keep following me?”

Perdi looked at Thiel with clear disappointment, but he kept following behind Ludian.

We stood in front of her room together, and I spied on Thiel from behind a thicket of roses.

Ludian was familiar with Perdi.
Perdi didn’t like Thiel.

But why did he keep following her?

“Are you worried that I might steal your inheritance?”””

After all, the Astarian inheritance had nothing to do with Ludian.

The successor of Astaria was the eldest son, Perdi Astarian.

The inheritance was also Perdi’s.
Everyone agreed on that fact.

But if it became known that the new younger sister manifested the “Ability of Light”…

There was a high probability that Perdi’s inheritance would be threatened.

The ability of light was that remarkable.
Maybe even Grandfather would consider giving the inheritance to Thiel.

Is that why you hate Thiel?

“You seem to dislike Thiel.
Why do you keep following her? I, as your older brother, am enough.
If the youngest doesn’t like it, I’ll just leave.”

Ludian whispered with a sarcastic expression and waved his hand as if telling him to leave quickly.

In response to that sight, Perdi, who had only blinked, muttered quietly.

“Well, it’s just… bothersome.”

Ludian’s eyes narrowed at the unexpected answer.

I thought he would give an answer like being afraid of losing the inheritance or worrying that everything he had achieved would go up in smoke.

But Perdi, regardless of whether Ludian said those things or not, continued speaking unfazed.

“It’s too small and bothersome.
It looks like it will break soon.
It feels like it could disappear at any moment.
There was never such a small child in Astarian.
Her eyes are round, unlike ours… Does she resemble our mother?”

Damn, it… Ludian’s expression froze.
At that moment, a fragment of memory brushed through Ludian’s mind.

‘It’s bothersome because it might break.
It’s a decoration I like.’

On the day Perdi received the long sword as a birthday gift, he kept it in his room because he was bothered by the gem decoration on the long sword, thinking it might break.

And yet, he didn’t show any signs of disliking the long sword.
I wondered why.

‘This brat is just like back then.’

Perhaps because Perdi was born as the eldest son of the Astariam family, he had a tendency towards perfectionism and a habit of not revealing his true emotions.

Being unable to express liking something even when he liked it was also part of that habit.

So, it wasn’t that Perdi disliked Thiel, but Thiel… She was just too small and cute, so he found her adorable.

And that assumption about Ludian’s household became a fact today due to Perdi’s actions in front of Ian.

‘I agree with Ians’ opinion about that rascal.
Moreover, Thiel is still too young to meet the guests of the palace.
Even if Ian was the one who brought Thiel here… It would be better to send her back today.
Family comes first before guests.’

‘Astarian doesn’t treat guests like this… But when it comes to matters involving his younger sister, the words may change.’

‘Now, let’s go, Thiel.
Be careful and get up.’

You foolish child.

Just say she’s cute if she’s cute.
I don’t know how to handle someone so small and adorable.
It would have been enough to say that,

But because I don’t know how to express it, I’m eating away at myself with these bothersome words.

Ludian sighed and dipped the pen tip into the ink, making a soft snorting sound.

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