d with a cold, hardened expression.

“So, do you want to spout nonsense about being obsessed with an empty legend?”

He replied with a firm tone.

While others may be deceived, I cannot be deceived, Thiel.

Father seems to have already fallen for that cute little thing, so I had to regain my senses, even if it meant to myself.

“Iandros has come?”

So, this is merely a task to keep an eye on that little kid.

Perdi emerged suddenly from behind the rose bushes.

Thiel, Lia and the maid who came to deliver the news looked at Perdi with slightly surprised eyes.

“Nonsense! With the excuse of being shy, we are not allowed to meet, but Iandros is allowed to meet?”

Then, Ludian burst out and shouted loudly.

The two boys approached Thiel quietly, casting long shadows over the tea table.

“Definitely the same thought.
Doesn’t it seem like the order is wrong? Lia?”

“… Mr.

“Ian, that brat, what does he think he’s doing to this little kid!”

Ludian pointed at Thiel with an assertive tone, stating that he would never allow it.

Perdi nodded.

“I agree with the opinion that Ian is a brat.
Besides, Thiel is still too young to meet the guests of the palace.
Even though Ian brought Thiel here… It’s better to send him back today.
Meeting with family is more important than guests.”

Perdi smiled brightly as if seeking agreement from Thiel, locking eyes with her.

Thiel nodded her head abruptly.

“Yes? Yes…”

“As expected, right? Since Thiel also agrees, it’s better to send the guest away, Lia.”

Perdi playfully tapped Thiel’s small bonnet.

Thiel flinched slightly at Perdi’s touch but relaxed again when she received the hand offering the madeleine.

It was a fleeting moment when Lia was about to inform Ian, “It’s better to go back now,” due to the stern attitude of the two young lords.

“Brat, it’s not something I want to hear from you.”


“Perdi, Ludian.”

Ian walked through the garden and spoke.

The expressions of Perdi and Ludian both tensed, while Thiel’s round eyes widened.

The peaceful afternoon tea time was now filled with uninvited guests.


Amidst it, Thiel’s face brightened as she met the face of a welcome acquaintance.

If she were in her animal form, her tail would have wagged with joy.

Perdi, who observed Thiel’s reaction with a sidelong glance, asked with the same smiling face.

How is His Highness the Crown Prince doing here?”

However, his eyes didn’t smile.

“I came as a guest.
But the maid you sent didn’t bring any news.”

Ian looked at the maid standing next to Lia as if reproaching her and spoke.
The maid quickly lowered her head.

“Hey, Ian.
My sister is very shy.
That’s why we haven’t had a proper meeting yet.”

It was Ludian.
Ferdie nodded and handed another madeleine to Thiel.

“Yeah, Ian.
I appreciate you bringing my younger sister, but your visit was too hasty.
Thiel needs time to adjust to the mansion.”

Thiel caught between her two older brothers and the Crown Prince’s struggle, accepted the madeleine offered by Perdi while her eyes rolled in their sockets.

… It was soft and sweet.

“Who do you think brought back the youngest daughter, whom we thought had died in Astarian? Does Astarian treat guests like this?”

“Astarian doesn’t treat guests like this… But if it’s related to my younger sister, the situation is different.”

Perdi didn’t particularly like Thiel.

But without knowing Thiel’s true identity, they couldn’t leave her alone with Iandros.

Moreover, Thiel was so small that it was bothersome.
How could they leave such a little kid alone with that guy, who knows what he might do?

A mental battle ensued among the three boys.
And surprisingly, Thiel was the one who put an end to that battle.

“Um, I’m sorry, but…”

“Yeah, Thiel.
Go ahead and speak.”

“Ian, you’re my guest.
I want to express my gratitude.
I’ll just have a brief conversation and come back. 


“Is that not possible?”

Thiel cautiously asked, looking up at Ferdie and Ludian.

Ludian’s mouth twitched slightly as he met Thiel’s round and large pupils.
He let out a fake cough.

“Well, if it’s just for a short while…”

“But Thiel, it’s dangerous to go alone.
You’re still a little child, and Ian is a boy much bigger than you. 

At Perdi’s firm words, Thiel nodded with a pout and glanced at Ian.

“Are you afraid I might cause harm? I just came to bring a gift.
So, don’t treat me like an uninvited guest, Perdi.”

“But still…”

“Well, then! Oh, can’t brother come with us?”

Thiel urgently grabbed Perdi’s hand.

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