her palm.
A faint light appeared on her tiny palm.


Soon, the light grew a bit larger and transformed into the shape of a small fish, swirling around on her palm.

Thiel smiled at the fish.

Although she couldn’t create a large and powerful light like that day, through practice, she was able to create a small fish little by little.

The fish still had short fins and an incomplete form, making it a bit ambiguous to call it a fish.
But still, it was a fish!

“Let’s not be too hasty.
One day, I’ll be able to use my abilities as I please.”

Lord Cassius said I am a special child with special abilities.
So, eventually…

I will definitely be able to be of help to the Asterian family.

At that moment, the fish floated in the air as if trying to comfort Thiel and gently settled on her nose.

“Are you comforting me? Thank you.”

Thiel’s eyes softened and a rosy blush spread across her tender cheeks.

The fish swayed its fins.

Soon, a warm glow enveloped Thiel’s vision gently.

Knock, knock.

At that moment, a knocking sound was heard.

Thiel turned her head and looked toward the direction of the door.

The fish that was swimming above her nose had suddenly disappeared.

Soon, the door opened and Lia appeared.

“Miss, it’s time to have a meal.
Lord Alpheus and Lord Cassius are waiting.”

“Do we go down to eat today?”

Thiel tilted her head in curiosity.

During this time, Thiel had been having meals in her bedroom, thanks to Cassius’s consideration, so she had never been to the dining room before.

“Yes, today you will go down to have a meal.
Is that inconvenient for you?”

“No! It’s fine.”

Thiel quickly nodded and then got up from her seat, holding Lia’s hand.

The path to the dining room was quite long.
However, thanks to Lia matching her steps with Thiel’s pace, the journey didn’t feel difficult.

The servants who were standing in front of the dining room opened the door when they saw Thiel.

Lia lightly let go of the child’s hand.

“Well then, please go inside, Miss.”


Thiel nodded and took a step into the dining room.

The first thing that caught Thiel’s eye was a magnificent chandelier and a large dining table with a white tablecloth spread wide.

It was similar to what she had seen in Nestian, but much larger and more splendid.

At the end of the spacious table, Lord Alpheus Ewald Asterian, the host, was seated, with Cassius sitting right beside him.


Two boys, with similar faces, sat across from Cassius, holding their utensils.

Thiel instinctively recognized that the two boys were her older brothers, the sons of Cassius and Lena.

She couldn’t help but notice.
They resembled Cassius astonishingly.

“Thiel, come here.”

Cassius called Thiel with an affectionate voice at the right moment.

Thiel rolled her large eyes for a moment and then ran towards Cassius.

Cassius lifted the child lightly and sat her on the seat next to him.

To ensure that Thiel, who was small in stature, could comfortably have her meal on the dining table, several soft cushions were placed under the chair.

While Cassius spooned food in front of her, Thiel glanced at the boys sitting across from her with a curious expression.

With their strikingly similar faces, the boys looked like they could be brothers.

Black hair represents darkness and golden eyes.
Large, beautiful eyes and a sharp nose.
Even their well-defined lips were smooth.

Both of them were extraordinary beauties.
If there was any difference between the two strikingly similar brothers…

‘Their hairstyles are different….’

The boy sitting closer to Alpheus had his hair tied up, while the boy next to him had short hair.

But if it weren’t for their hairstyles, it would be difficult to tell them apart.


At that moment, the boy with neatly tied black hair looked at Thiel and greeted her with a kind voice that made Thiel’s worries fade away.

“Thiel, these are the older brothers I talked about last time.”

As Perdi greeted Thiel, Alpheus, as if he had been waiting, carefully set down the utensils he was holding and pointed toward the two boys.

“Hello, I’m Thiel.”

I’m seven years old.
Thiel added a remark while observing their reactions.

However, she couldn’t bring herself to meet each other’s gaze.
It was because Perdi and Ludian were still a little intimidating.

“Really small, is this my little sister?”

“Ludian, be careful with your words.
She’s your little sister.”

The former was Ludian, and the latter was Perdi.

Ludian pushed a mouthful of food into his mouth and raised his eyebrows, looking at Thiel with curious eyes.

“But this kid is a bit strange, isn’t she? Having Snow leopard’s fur and black leopard’s eyes.
Usually, they don’t come out mixed like that.”

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