The Small Canteen Of Dali Temple Chapter 1: Wedges





The clapper knocked three times, and the two monks who had been invited to chant sutras couldn’t resist the sleepiness and went down to rest.

In the entire mourning hall, there were only two burly girls burning paper money.

One of them yawned, picked up the white silk at hand, stood up, and said, “Get up!”

The other casually threw a wad of paper money into the brazier and then stood up.

The night wind blew, and the paper bundles were blown loudly.
The snow-white mourning hall seemed empty and inexplicably permeating.

The two girls didn’t even lift their eyelids and walked to the unsealed coffin in the middle.

Lifting their feet and stepping on the bench supporting the coffin, the two looked at the person lying in the coffin.

The snow-skinned and beautiful girl is lying quietly inside, and under the dim candlelight of the mourning hall, her appearance is even more dazzling and lifelike.

“Miss Wen?” one of the girls called out.

The girl lying in the coffin opened her eyes and sat up.

It turned out that it was not lifelike, but the girl in the coffin was originally a living person.

Looking at the person sitting up suddenly in the coffin, the two maids showed no surprise on their faces, and one of them smiled and said, “Young lady Wen has been wronged.”

The girl gave a soft “hmm” and looked up to look around.

Seeing this move, the two burly girls couldn’t help but pause: the girl sitting in the coffin raised her eyes, and her eyes shifted.
The moving beauty is more lively and fragrant than when she was asleep just now.

Such a beauty, no wonder the young master was reluctant to let go.
It was no wonder that he was worried and wanted to do everything possible to order someone to deal with her.

The two looked at each other, and one of them stretched out his hand to the girl: “Miss Wen, let me help you up!”

The girl stretched out her hand to her without doubting him.
The next moment, there was a “huh”, and her face changed suddenly.

The white silk wrapped around the girl’s neck, and strangled her back tightly.

The candlelight flickered, stretching the shadows of the three people in the mourning hall infinitely above the ground.
The two burly girls tightly strangled the girl’s neck, and the girl struggled to resist.

The shadow wobbled, from struggling to let go, from a lively beauty to a cold corpse in an instant.

Two burly maids probed the girl’s neck for a long time, and after confirming that she was indeed dead, they loosened the cloth and put the girl back into the coffin.

The mourning hall was set up, of course, there has to be a dead people, how can a fake dead person be enough?

After finishing all this, the two stout girls stepped down from the bench and returned to the brazier.
They were no longer casual like before and threw a lot of paper money into the brazier with solemn expressions.

After doing something wrong, they were not as fearless as before.

“Don’t blame us, if you want to blame it, you can only blame your Wen family for blocking the way of others!” A girl chattered.

“With such a position, how could it be possible for the young master to have someone else in his heart?”

“It’s also your fault, the Wen family, for not knowing how to appreciate.
If it weren’t for… sigh, it wouldn’t have resulted in being framed, having your home ransacked, and crying out for justice in vain.
I can’t believe you, a lady from a respected and prominent family, have fallen to this point!”

She had this dream countless times.
From the beginning, she could only repeat the events in front of her over and over again like a marionette, until she was able to control her body when she was on the verge of waking up.

With their back to her, she could only see the two girls chattering away, and they didn’t notice that the girl who was strangled to death by them just now suddenly opened her eyes, and sat up quietly.

She knew that the dream was coming to an end, and there was not much she could do.

The girl thought for a while, stretched out her hand out of the coffin, and shook the paper bundle beside the coffin.

Just a moment ago, the two sturdy maidse

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