That night, the hallway on the second floor where my room was, became quite noisy.

Because I started to have a fever.

Five people dressed in white rushed in, including the doctor I saw when I lost my mother.
Maya stamped her feet with worried eyes.

It was the first time since I was born that so many people focused on me.

“How about this, Lady?”

The maids wiped my body with lukewarm water.
My body was cold and I was shivering.

“I think….you seem to have a cold.
You don’t have to worry too much.” The doctor who finished the examination gave his opinion.
“She has a fever, but the symptoms are not severe, so I think she should take medicine and you should keep an eye on it.”

What’s a little surprising is that Duke Recardo, who hadn’t been seen for a while…came right here.

Have you been busy these days? Why were you so late when mom died…?

“Have you ever caught a cold?”

Maya was overwhelmed when his cold gaze turned to her.

“That’s….that’s….” She stammered.

Even when I was in the midst of lacking strength, I writhed my hands and feet and shouted to myself.

‘Don’t bother Maya! It’s not because of Maya! Dad is the worst!’

And at that time, the maid, who had a difficult expression on her face, reported to my father.

“Sir, the truth is…”

There were probably more than one or two employees who had seen the previous scene, so we couldn’t pass it on as it is.

Recardo’s eyebrows twitched as he received the servant’s report.

“It was Othello?”

The maid nodded as if she was sorry.

Recardo frowned for a while before opening his mouth.
“I will issue a sentence of imprisonment for one month.
Go tell him.”

The maid asked back with astonished eyes, “But your Excellency the Duke, the young Master did this by mistake, not knowing that the young Lady would be ill…..”

“It is the discipline of Winchester to take responsibility for your actions.” He coldly cut off the maid’s words and turned to me.

I don’t know what his thoughts are, but he seemed quite dissatisfied with the situation.

It’s still like this, but if I squirm every day, I get seriously ill and it will be even worse.

There’s nothing more upsetting than noticing when you’re sick.


Recardo, who sighed and frowned, placed his hand on my forehead.

His hands were so cold that I flinched and tried to turn my head.
But the weight of his hand was too strong for me to shake off, so I had no choice but to look at him.

I could see something in his deeply green eyes shaking.

I don’t know what he was thinking.

After a while, he took his hand off my forehead and put on his gloves again.
And ordered the head maid, “Report this child’s progress every day.”

“All right, your Highness.”

Soon he turned around and left the room.

I coughed as I looked at the back of his silver hair until he disappeared. 


Maya comforted me sadly, and the doctors began making medicine on the spot.

After a while, the doctor who finished making the medicine handed Maya a bag.

“It’s a medicine that lowers fever.
She will be able to sleep comfortably.”

“This young body, taking medicine….
will she be okay?”

“You don’t have to worry because it’s a drug that has been proven safe for babies.
Rather, it is more dangerous to have a fever without taking medicine.”

“Then I can’t help it…….”

It was said that the manufactured product is a powdered medicine and can be consumed by mixing it with milk.

Then he told Maya and the maids to wipe me with a warm wet towel all night.

I looked at the swaying mobile with fever.

“Lady….let’s try it.”

I’ve already caught a cold.
Life is tough.

Maya finished mixing the milk and medicine and put it in my mouth.

Oh….bitter….How can I eat this…..?!

“You have to eat it.

I tried to push the bottle away, but when I saw Maya’s eyes tear up, I decided to just endure and eat.


At the end of the night, a small shadow entered the room after opening the door to Sasha’s  room.

The boy’s pink hair was neatly arranged, and there was a mole under his left eye.

“What the hell….is going on here?”

Buckets of wet towels lined the floor, and Maya was asleep with her face resting on the back of the sofa.

Othello paused for a moment, startled by the messed up view of the room, and then crept towards Sasha.

The pale little sister was asleep in a “hooray!” pose, with her arms lifted up by her head.

Sasha has a fever.
I think it was because of the water gun you shot earlier
Master…I’m sorry, but for the time being, the Duke has issued a restraining order, so you can’t go outside.

Othello pretended to be calm when he heard the stories, but his stomach ached.

He was just teasing the baby.

To be a little more honest…..

He didn’t like the baby….that little thing…he was trying to scare her.
As Jin said, that baby named Sasha wouldn’t know anything.

Who she is and how she came into this world.
So that was the most annoying part.

Trisha was a pretty good woman.

I can feel your heart.
Quellen can hear the voice of dreams.

He didn’t like the baby who let Trisha die and then calmly sucked milk like nothing was wrong.

‘So I was just going to tease you a little bit….’


Othello looked at his sister sleeping in the bed.
Thick eyebrows cast a shadow under his eyes.

Her face was plump, and her hands and feet were as small and white as a porcelain doll’s.

For a long time Othello looked at Sasha, he carefully reached out a hand to her forehead.


Fortunately Sasha’s forehead was not hot, and Othello sighed.
And this feeling of relief was somehow irritating.

He was annoyed by the baby who was sleeping without knowing that he came all the way here after evading the knights and employees.

He was also annoyed by the way he was staring at the child.

“I should have teased you more,” Othello, who had been muttering, dissatisfied when he saw Sasha, tried to turn around with a grumble.

But then, a small fist clenched Othello’s hand.


Othello’s green eyes shook as he turned his gaze to Sasha again.
Sasha´s cute hands held Othello’s thumb and index finger tightly.

Sasha’s eyes were closed, and she was still asleep, but the warmth of the baby holding him was transmitted through her small hand.


Othello’s lips twitched. 

‘You fool.
You’re sick because of me.
You got a fever because I shot you with a water gun.’

But Sasha calmly pulled Othello’s hand into her arms and embraced it as if she didn’t know him.

When the baby is born, can you love her?

Then Othello suddenly heard Trisha’s voice.
These were the words of Trisha, who was walking with him while holding her belly.

Othello stared at the baby’s face.
He could feel the baby’s heartbeat through his hands.

I don’t like babies; they cry loudly.

When Trisha’s belly became bigger, Othello had just refuted her request with mean words.

I’m sure you will love her when she is born.
Prince Othello….because you’re a warm person.

His heart beat faster.

For a long time, Othello, who had been staring blankly at Sasha hugging his thumb and index finger, leaned down.
Othello’s shadow fell on Sasha’s face.

For a moment, Sasha frowned and wrinkled her eyebrows, but she fell asleep again with a peaceful expression.

Othello’s eyes twinkled.


It was the next day. 

Maya, who had fallen asleep while cooling off Sasha’s fever until late at night, opened her eyes.

It was still dark outside the window, so it seemed to be around 6 a.m.

She slept after checking twice that the Miss’s fever had gone down, so there should be nothing wrong….?

Fortunately, Sasha ate well without leaving a drop of the medicine.
She didn’t have to worry about the baby’s appetite.

Maya, who rubbed her eyes, stood up and approached the crib to check Sasha’s condition.

“Oh….my god!”

As soon as she checked the crib, Maya was surprised and covered her mouth with her hands.

This was because the Lady could have woken up if she made a loud noise.


Othello and Sasha were sleeping together on the crib, which was only half the size of an adult bed.

One hand of Sasha’s held Othello’s little finger tightly and Othello’s sleeping mouth had a comfortable smile.

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