Now…wait, wait….
What is this?

I shook my arms and legs violently with astonished eyes, but the words just passed through my hand, as if the screen was floating in the air.

So this….isn’t this the system window I saw last time?

“You must like the mobile today, Lady.”

From Maya’s reaction, it seemed that this window was probably only visible to me.

Maya started babbling again.

“What have I done to such a lovely lady? What was I thinking, leaving you here alone? Oh, Maya.”

After a while, the message faded and disappeared, revealing translucent blue squares on the left side of my field of view.

The top row had the word Menu, and below it was Profile, Quest, Inventory, People View, Skill, Combination and Shop arranged side by side.

Among them “Profile” and “Inventory” were activated.
All others had lock marks.

Is this world really a game…..No, it’s too realistic to be called a game.

There’s no game that makes you really hungry, but I drank milk.

As soon as I focused my eyes on the “profile”, another window popped up.

It seemed like it connected to my spirit.

I thought that this screen, which is like a game system, might be the “reincarnation privilege” that I first saw.

To make my life more comfortable.

‘It’s cuter than what I see in the mirror!!’

In the profile window was my face in a round frame, my head was slightly covered with quite grown silver hair, and my round green eyes were sparkling.

Although it was a baby whose gender could not be distinguished yet, she was pretty and cute enough to be a baby model. 

[Name: Sasha Winchester (Lv.

[Occupation: Jobless]

[Characteristic: a lazy person who likes to sit around]

[Ability 1 ( The overall ability level hasn’t been lifted.)


The description below that cute profile window made me angry.

Do you use the word jobless for a 100 day old baby?

Besides, I’m a lazy person who likes to sit around? That’s too much.

Anyway, it seems that most functions are still locked because my level is low.

At first, I thought of “Legendary fate” and I was expecting something more intense, but I was a little less interested than I thought in the shabby profile.

Next, I selected Inventory from the menu.

I was going to check since it said I received something.
There were three items in my humble inventory of only eight spaces.

Is this the “100-day baby peek-a-boo package”?

When I looked at the items, a description box for each item appeared.

[Beginner´s Guide (1): For you who cannot obtain information on your own, the person closest to you will naturally tell you about the information around you.
You will not feel uncomfortable even when they tell you stories that are difficult to understand.]

[Rattle of Happiness(1): This rattle increases muscle strength by 0.01 per minute.
For your safety, daily usage time is limited to 30 minutes.]

[Milk powder enhancer(3): Do you want to be the best baby in the empire? If you use this powdered milk enhancer, your weight will be doubled during this week.]

I used the first item right away, but surprisingly nothing happened.

Considering that the item had disappeared, it seemed that it was used.
The rest didn’t seem necessary, so I’d leave it for now.

I kept looking through the menu, trying to find a “customer center” but there was nothing like that.

“Your eyes are especially wide today.”

Maya said, stroking my head while I rolled my eyes around.

“You must be in a good mood today.
I made a mistake with such a lovely lady….”

Maya’s self-blame did not seem to go away easily, and she whimpered whenever she had time.

My little heart, drawn to her, kept pounding at this event.

I was possessed by a supporting role in a novel where misfortunes were scheduled, but I felt like a ray of light was shining on me.

Is it a level, is it a quest…..It all sounds like a game term, but it should be useful.

No, it had to be useful.

I floundered my hands and feet in anticipation.


And ten days passed without expectations.

I grew up vigorously sucking baby bottles, and now I was a skillfull baby who could not only turn over but also accomplished difficult tasks such as flipping back over.

If you put me on a chair with a hollow floor, I will sit for a long time.

But my profile hasn’t changed a bit.
I was still a level 1 slug who likes to sit around.

I was able to figure out if the item I used was working, though.
Maya told me all sorts of miscellaneous stories whenever she had spare time.
So, I was able to figure out information that I didn’t know about in the original. 

The world view uses the age of the year, so I was born in early autumn and unfortunately, I am already “two years” old according to the way this world counts years of existing because the years have changed.

(E/N: She is still about 110 days old, but she was counted as “1” for the calendar year she was born, and when seasons changed and it became the next year, she has now existed during two calendar years and is considered “2”.)

Ricardo is not on good terms with Afinizu, who serves as an elder for this family.
It’s said he is in awe and jealousy of his relatives.

The rooms of Jin Winchester, Othello Winchester and the office of Recardo, are in the northern building, which is far from the second floor of the main building where I am.

The story within the Winchester family, which was only superficially heard in the original, was also quite interesting.

Anyway, I was growing up listening to Maya’s chatter.

“Oh, my Lady.
I guess the little Masters are having fun.
I can hear the little Masters’ voices.”

Now I was sitting in a baby car and taking a walk in the greenhouse with Maya.


As I babbled in a storm, Maya continued to push the baby car saying, “Yes, Yes.”

“Do you want to see your older brother?”

Definitely not! 

Let’s go and say hello.”

I’m telling you to get away from him.

Maya pushed the baby car despite my inner cry.

As we turned the corner, I heard a chuckle.

“Take it! Jin!”

Jin and Othello were visible in the warm greenhouse, each with water guns in their hands.

It was a little different from the modern water gun I used to know, but anyway, when you press it, water comes out, so I’ll call it a water gun.

“It’s cold.”


The two eight-year-olds looked quite childlike.

“It’s worth a look, Jin! Argh!”

Othello, who was talking, was baptized with water by Jin.

“Ugh! Jin!!”

“I can’t stay still either.”

Of course, Jin was more mature than Othello, but his hair was still wet.

“Lady, I guess the young masters play with water guns.
Next time….”

Maya said to me, looking at the servants who were struggling to take care of the Masters.

And then, Jin looked back at me.

I could see his eyebrows wriggle.

It was when Jin’s lips were lifting into a smile.


The cold water soaked my face.

I was startled and burst out crying without knowing it.

“Uuuah,” my cry resounded.

Othello was holding a water gun with a playful face.

“I made a mistake.”

Looking at the corners of his mouth, I could see that he must have done this on purpose.


Surprised, Maya lifted me out of the baby car and patted me as I continued to weep.
I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!

“Othello, you…”

“It was a mistake, Jin.”

When Jin pressed Othello with his eyes, Othello relaxedly excused himself.
Eventually, Jin, who sighed a little, ordered Maya to take me.

Bad guy! Bad Othello! 

I sighed and returned to my room in Maya’s arms.

I came out for a walk after a long time, but it was a mess.


“Because Master Othello is still young….so I think he has a resentment towards the Lady.”

In my sleep, I heard Maya talking to someone.

She wasn’t his real mother, but….
because the young Master had a special regard for the Duchess.
It was only a short time, so I feel sorry for him.”

This voice is probably the head maid.

She was a long-time worker in the Winchester family, a teacher who taught Maya who was inexperienced at babysitting.
She often looked after me instead of Maya.

“But I didn’t expect him to shoot a water gun all of a sudden.
She must have been very surprised….”

I was surprised, but listening to the conversation between the two, I understood Othello’s position a little.

Trisha was a good person to Othello and I was the one who took Trisha away…..of course he will have no choice but to hate me.

“From now on, if you see the young Master, please avoid him.”

“All right, ma´am.”

After the conversation with Maya, the head maid left the room.

In the light wind, the mobile was swaying and I breathed out.
By the way….why is my head so heavy?

My head was always heavy, but it wasn’t to this extent.

Maya, who sent the head maid away, approached me and looked at me with faintly opened eyes.

“Oh, are you awake, Lady?”

On the surface of Maya’s brown eyes my short limbs and my torso lying on my back reflected like a tiny mirror.

“But….your face is a little red….Oh, my!”

Maya raised her hand to her forehead while stroking my cheek and was surprised.
She opened her eyes wide and put her forehead to mine this time.

My head was throbbing, and I felt dizzy.

Maya’s voice was heard. 

“You have a fever, Lady!”

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