It was embarrassing.

I never expected to meet my real father in the first place, but I most definitely never thought that I would hear something like this.

“You’re a bitch.”
[he’s implying that she’s lowly and female]

It contained no emotions.

It didn’t sound like he was talking to a child; it was a tone that seemed to be evaluating a product.

Discomfort crept up. Even if it was a situation where I had walked in with my own two feet, it would be unfair to speak to me like that.

Wasn't this a situation where I was half-forced here by my father's subordinates?

I didn't want to just smile as I would do to the villagers. It was my way of being a bit mean.

Everyone praises me for being a good kid, but that wasn’t the case. In reality, it was a precaution I took to avoid oncoming fights.

I thought now was the time.

“I’m really sorry for being a girl.”

A smile was on my lips, but my tone was not gentle.

The subtle incongruity would have been immediately noticed by those who were sensitive.

Displeasure passed by the amethyst eyes that looked exactly like mine. He subtly raised one eyebrow and stared at me.

He must have noticed the subtlety.

I wasn't surprised though.

Like a child who doesn't know anything, my cheeks blushed and I twisted my body as if I was ashamed under that gaze.

A sneer escaped from the mouth of Duke Estella, who was facing me.

“That's funny.”

I opened my eyes wide and looked up at him.

As if asking why, I shrank like a frightened herbivore.

“Is that your attitude? Do you know who you are in front of?”

“You are…my father.”

Anyone who would see the two of us would have to admit this.

Until I had arrived here, I’d thought of denying it as much as possible. ‘You can't be my father, you're wrong.’

Now, though, I have put aside such thoughts.

It's because even the color of our eyes resembled each other’s like a mold.

“Father…That's an unpleasant title.”

While living here, I had no time to care about society or the aristocracy.

Of course, there were no adults who would tell such stories to me as a child.

Still, because of my memory of my previous life, I was able to confidently say that I knew him well.

According to the contents of the book I read, the current Duke of Estella must have a son.

A small but quite popular secondary male lead, 'Rosenta Estella'.

Does this have something to do with that?

I wasn't too worried. I thought that if the purpose of calling me was solved, I would be sent back soon.


I didn't want to waste my time like this. What should I do when I get back home?

Anyway, I was an illegitimate child who could not enter the ducal family and it was advantageous to go back to the countryside as soon as possible and think about tomorrow.

With the thought of quickly ending the exhausting examination, I took the initiative to ask a question.

“Why were you looking for me?”

Duke Estella clicked his tongue briefly at my question.

“Tsk. Should I count my mistake that night as fortunate?”

A mistake that night?

It must have had something to do with my mother.

He quickly raised his head.

When our eyes met, Duke Estella raised the corners of his mouth.

It seemed that he didn't like the look in my eyes.

Everyone in the neighborhood liked it because it shone with intelligence as bright as starlight…

Although he is my biological father, it seemed difficult to win over the heart of Duke Estella.

When I carefully lowered my eyes, only then did Duke Estella tell me the answer to my question.

“If I hadn’t learned of my infertility recently, I wouldn’t have looked for you. Still, it would be better to be a half-hearted girl than to have my lineage cut off.”

What does his infertility have to do with me? There must be other children anyway.

Of course, I couldn't ask outright.

I played innocent with my eyes, acting more slowly and more carefully than before.

“Am I living here now?”


Duke Estella clicked his tongue again and replied.

“You are my only child, so that’s how it will be.”

It was an unexpected answer.

He must have a son, but why is he saying that I am his only child?

It felt like everything I knew was rejected. No, was it all a dream?

I can't…

My face gradually stiffened, and my pupils lost their way and wandered here and there.

Even while seeing my face in that state, Duke Estella didn't stop talking.

“My family has had only sons for generations and of co

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