The Approaching Ending


A week has passed since I helped the blue winged beast.


You should know the outcome already just by that line alone, but yes, the blue scaled wyvern did survive.


It screeched out “Pugiiii!!” like a pig as it ate the overly sour fruit of the Jiraya oak tree, but soon after that, the manticores’ poison started to clear up.


The Jiraya oak tree really is awesome, I thought.


Now then, as for that wyvern, it is now making its nest above this cliff, indicating that it’ll be living there.

I thought it had become attached to me after it saw me taking care of its injuries…but the situation seems to be different.


No one would have a hard time taming demonic beasts in the first place if treating their injuries is all it takes for one to become attached to someone.


Rather than being emotionally attached to me, I felt that it was following me instead.
Like an underling who’s following their boss…No, maybe something like a knight who’s following their king?

Anyway, it was completely obedient to me.
It seems to understand the human tongue to an extent so it doesn’t ignore my orders.


It actually listened to me when I tried to order it to fly after I got on its back.
The wyvern suddenly jumped off the cliff and started to glide.
I thought I was going to die.

Moreover, the wyvern was swaying everywhere since it was not used to having weight on its back.
We eventually had to make an emergency landing and we fell into the trees.

It’s only natural if I thought about it.
A wyvern that has never carried a person on its back before could not possibly know how to fly well with a passenger’s burden.
I apologized to the wyvern in shame for my shallow thinking.


However, the wyvern seemed to be ashamed of its failure and has then started to look at me with eyes that seemed to be asking me “Are you going to ride me?”, “Let’s go for a ride?” as it flapped its wings whenever it saw me.


It looked like it wanted a chance to redeem its honor.
That serious side of it was very knight-like as well.

Let’s challenge it again later after I make a saddle for riding, I thought.


I might be able to gather some information on dragon riders after I’m back in Ishka.
Things such as how they make their reins and saddles.

Well, the dragon riders are Canaria Kingdom’s strongest fighting forces, so the information related to them might not be that easy to find since they’ll definitely be military secrets.


That’s why the wyvern riding plan was postponed.
However, my other plans were going pretty well. 

Of course, that was referring to Miroslav.




Ever since I brought Miroslav here, morning, noon, evening, and night time, I have been eating her soul four times a day.
Naturally, she resisted violently at first, but in the last few days, she started to give me her lips like a good girl.


Needless to say, she wasn’t kissing me willingly.
Her expression was filled with disgust and humiliation, and she would rinse her mouth with water from the barrel over and over after it was over.
Sometimes, she would even gag.

Well, at the very least, she wasn’t fighting back on the surface.


We did not talk to each other in particular.
She was free to move in the cave without being tied up.

For your information, inside this cave, other than my own tent, there was also one that was set up for her so she could sleep, change, bathe, and do her business without being seen by me.

If Miroslav wanted to, she could go through her days here without seeing my face other than when it’s meal time.


The reason why I did all that for her was because I did not want her to break so easily.


For someone like her who can be called a well brought up lady, she probably wouldn’t even last ten days under my daily torment inside this cave where she could barely wash her face.
I made those preparations for her after considering various things.


Naturally, without her being in my sight all the time means that she could plan for a surprise attack or an escape plan.


In fact, I was busy fending off all of that in the first five days…but well, I put a stop to them all.


When she so openly retaliated like that, I took back the four times a day limit and ate her soul until she fainted or even after she fainted.
Speaking of which, at those times I even touched her in places other than her lips.


By doing so, I taught her without the use of words.
If she listened to me, all I would want from her was her lips.


The reason why I did not say that to her in words was to let her think about it on her own.
Rather than having her reluctantly obey what I tell her, I wanted her to do it out of her own accord.


The taste of her soul also changed after the element of 「obedience」was added to her defiance and disgust.


In this past half-month of experiments, there was one more thing that I had discovered.

It appears that whenever I eat her soul, she would feel pleasure or something close to it.

It was probably a defensive reaction from one’s body and mind when their soul is getting eaten.
If I recall correctly, the prostitute from the brothel also had a reaction like that.


It made me think of what happens when a vampire sucks a woman’s blood; the woman would feel something like sexual pleasure from it.


Anyway, as a result of those meals, my level went up to seven from six.
Killing the 8 manticores had a part to do with it, but since I have Miroslav as a stable supply now, I would have leveled up soon even if I didn’t run into the manticores.


I understood from the experiments as well that if I ate a large amount of their soul from a person at once, it would take them a very long time for the person to recover, which would be rather inefficient.

The first five days, the next five days, and the next five after that, The amount of soul I sucked out of her was increased in the later days.
It was proportional to Miroslav’s degree of obedience.


She’s the only one who is supplying me with souls right now, but if the number of suppliers increases in the future, my soul intake would be more stable and the burden on each female would for sure lessen.


The next target I would aim for would be Iria or Lunamaria, but who should I choose?


As I thought about that question, I looked at Miroslav who was in front of me.

The red haired magician sitting in front of me definitely looked like she was holding a grudge.


But since she offered me her face at the agreed upon time, she didn’t wanna do anything unnecessary.
She just looks like she got bitten by a stray dog, so she can’t help but to suppress her feelings to act “indifferent”.


Because of that, she had been keeping her hatred inside of her.
I will definitely stir up her hate towards me for this.
But still, I did not have nearly enough information on Iria or Lunamaria to go after them.


「Speaking of which, you still haven’t got to know a man yet? I thought that you and Larz would have already done it long ago already」


「Wha—?! T-that’s none of your business, right?!」


「If it’s none of my business, then there’s no problem if I snatched it here, right? I didn’t put my hands on you before since you were crying, but if there are no special reasons, you wouldn’t mind if I take it, right?」


「Please don’t!!」


After a piercing scream, Miroslav stared at me with an upset look on her face.

She seems to understand from this past month of captivity that I would really do it if she did not answer me.


「…I’m not going to be someone’s concubine or side lover.
Even if the other person is Larz」


「So in other words, you’ll only give your body to the person after you marry them and become that person’s wife, huh?」


By the way, to briefly describe the marriage system of the Canaria Kingdom–


Slaves can’t get married.

Normal citizens are only allowed to have one wife.

The lower-class nobles (Knights to Barons) are allowed to take a second wife.

Higher-class nobles (Landowners such as Earls and above) could have up to three wives.

The king of the country could have four.


That’s more or less how it goes.
This is the common standard for each nation of the continent including the Ad-Astera Empire.


Generally, the female of the officially recognized marriage is called the wife.
In case of there being more than one wife, they would be referred to by their order of being wedded as the first wife, second wife, and so on.


The females who are not included in that frame are called either concubines or side lovers.


Miroslav was saying that even if the other side was Larz, she would not give her body to him unless she held the position of being a wife.


「Are you just going to back out if Larz chooses Iria?」


「Hmph! I’ll get Larz recommended to become a knight in the near future.
If necessary, I will do something about it with the influence of the Sauzar company」


「I see」


Even if she became a second wife she would still be considered a proper wife.
Miroslav’s pride would still be satisfied.


Perhaps she was imagining that scene in her mind, an enchanting smile rose to her face.


…Hm, that look…As I thought, I should hold off on meddling with her in that sense.

It’s not like I’m particularly interested in her virginity so it does not matter to me.


Still, did this girl really believe that she was going to keep her virginity until she got back to Larz?

If that’s the case, then what a naive person she is.

I can’t help but say that since I intended to take everything from her in the end and devour her soul after it’s filled with despair.
She should have known at that time when she attacked me with a confident look on her face that she wasn’t going to get off free.

She’s the one who is selfishly dreaming, I have no obligation to fulfill her wishes.


“If you listen to what I say I’ll return you to Ishka”– Not once have I said those words to her.




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