ually, he decided to investigate things on his own and started organizing things in order of importance.

Werewolf combat techniques. Find out what kind of beings need to be contracted. Find a way to suppress the flames. Find the detailed location and contracting method of the beings to be contracted.

I planned to start with the easiest task among these four.
The most clear hint given by the God was the werewolf combat technique, so I started looking for information related to it.

Despite that, the books in the imperial library contained quite sophisticated information.
Kariel slowly flipped through the shelves, starting with the monster encyclopedia.

“Hmm, monsters are not to be taken lightly either.”

Kariel shook his head, remembering his past life.
He still trembled at the thought of the monster wave.
Even though the regional districts had warned them several times, they couldn’t properly prepare due to the damn rebellion and the attacks of neighboring countries.

As a result, they had to evacuate just before the capital was about to fall.
Looking back, it was a very unfair situation.
He had tried to prepare for the monsters, but had missed the timing due to the damn rebellion and attacks from neighboring countries.

“Damn it!”

The flames of anger once again ignited the burning mass inside Kariel’s head.
He immediately closed his eyes and meditated, shouting inwardly, “Stay calm,” to suppress his anger.


Kariel, who had barely managed to suppress his anger, began to read the monster encyclopedia.
It wasn’t just a simple list of their characteristics, but contained detailed information about each monster, just like a book that even the imperial family would read.

Among them, there were descriptions of the powers used by each race.

“There is definitely value in researching mana cultivation methods,” muttered Kariel, nodding his head.

As someone who had delved deep into the study of mana to quell the Flames, Kariel held the value of mana cultivation methods used by monsters in high esteem.

Being from a different place, Kariel had a non-biased view of monster techniques.

However, with the outbreak of monster waves, Kariel delved deeper into the study of monster mana utilization, discovering that in some ways, monsters had reached a level of mana utilization far beyond humans.

Of course, magicians and scholars didn’t appreciate Kariel’s interest.

After all, since the emperor was researching the techniques of primitive monsters, he must have been insane from the perspective of the scholars.

“Scholars have a narrow-minded view…”

Kariel muttered, biting his tongue.

Then, he picked up a book that contained all the ways to utilize mana on the continent.

Most of them were well-known, but there were some interesting ones as well.

“It’s definitely interesting.”

Kariel muttered, turning the pages of the book.

Even scholars couldn’t imagine how many more types of mana utilization existed in modern times.

Of course, when viewed broadly, there were only two types of mana utilization.

Mana cultivation. Mana refinement.

These two methods, handed down from ancient times, have evolved into various ways today.

Humans and other races use mana refinement methods.

The majority of races called “monsters,” excluding humans, are inclined towards the mana cultivation method.

The reason why humans chose the mana purification method was simple.
Each method had clear advantages and disadvantages, and the advantages of the mana purification method that humans chose were as follows:

It is safe. It is easy to process.

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