I ran to class as fast as I could, remaining just a few seconds before lecture begins. I fled through the crowded hall breathlessly arriving at the door and was relieved he wasn there yet. I took a seat and set my things on the table removed all the necessities for the lecture. Someone tapped my shoulder so I turned to see who it was.

”Good morning ”Jacob said too cheerful especially on a Monday morning.

”Morning ”I smiled at him as an act of Goodwill and turn back to my unpacking. I read through the last lesson notes and hoped he would get the message that I don want to be disturbed but hope wasn on my side.

”so what have you been up to ” he asked clearly wanting to start a conversation

”not much ”I glanced at him ”I had a great time the other day at Disneyland ”

”me too ”

”especially Hensons dogs ”

”what ” I give him my full attention now

”You know Henson the hot dog dude ”

”get out I loved his dogs ”

”seriously me to ”

”I would kill to know how he makes it ”

”I got into a conversation with him and he said its a family recipe ”

”Awww ”I wailed ”but what about the_ ” and then the professor walked in.


The class was exhausting with all the writing and trying to keep up with him jotting important stuff down. Its a miracle how we are still alive. I strolled fast and kept my head up high through the hallway.

”René ” I rolled my eyes and spotted Elizabeth trying to run on those 5 inch heels of her.

”Renny ”she was now in front of me

”oh great now everybody here knows my name ”

”don be silly is not as if they don already know you. René one of the hottest girl on campus ”she quoted.

I groaned ”what do you want? ”Trying to avoid peoples gave his eye speed walk.

”Wait up ”I landed on the floor with an impact and felt a heavy weight on top of me. ”What the hell dude!!! ”

”Will look at your boobs I can believe these are the same boobs I saw in Disneyland the other day ”she said distractedly squishing my boobs not minding the stares and muffled laughter of the people in the vicinity. I grabbed her hands in mine and kept them away from me she spun around and got up quickly and I followed suit.

”What do you want? ”I asked for felt like the thousand time today.

”Uhh… what was it again ” she stroked her chin and tilted her head in deep thought. Seconds passed and she finally snapped her fingers and told me ”I wanted to tell you Sid and Chase is coming to the apartment today ”

”What!! ”I screamed annoyed but she didn get it

”I know right I feel the same way ”

”by what I meant why the hell are they coming? ” I started walking again.

” They
e just coming over to hang out ”

”I don know?? ” Already feeling queasy about it.

”don you like them ”she yank my arm but not too violently. ”

Yeah… But ”

”whats the problem ”

”I don know ”

”just let them in their not like the others ” I knew what she was talking about. She hugged me and I sighed before returning the hug and heard a low chorus of ”aww ” . I lifted my eyelids to see a pack of Lizzys girlfriends and shook my head.

”only if you
e right ”

”Im always right ” she scoffed whipping her hair back

I chuckled ”ok fine they can come if they want to ”

She squealed and jumped with the other girls at the back

”all right girls lets go ”she strutted in the opposite direction with the girls on her tail I watched until she was gone before I continue my walk I didn get too far when I heard my name echo the walls again. It sounded like Jacob

”Hey ” he greeted out of breath when he was finally in front of me

”whats up ”

”just wanted to talk to you ”he gestured for us to keep moving

”ok what do you want to talk about ”

”I was kinda hoping if you were free tonight ”

” uh- uh-uh I- ”I wracked my brain for the right excuse to use in turning him down then I remembered ”I I have a guest coming to my house Im so sorry I can Im not free ”

”Oh wow okay then ”

”yh bummer ”we were now outside the school and in the parking lot

”what about tomorrow ”

”busy ”

”then the day after ”

”busy ”

”on Saturday ? ”

”Im already Im actually not that busy on Saturday ” I remembered my dance class that I have to take ”I just remembered that Im actually busy everyday else ” ”ok see you later ”he shrugged and left but I got a glimpse of his hurt expression before he turned

”Wait!! ” I called out ”what about next week Friday? ”

”Sure ” he grinned and stepped forward, then bend down to kiss my cheek. He retracted making a small smack sound. ”See you then ” he winked and after that he disappeared before I could even react.

I got into the car and sat there touching the spot on my cheek and smiled sheepishly before starting the engine. I got home and parked the car at the lot and got out dragging my back pack out of the shotgun and searched for the keys before locking the door of the car passing the afternoon shift receptionist/doorman Kendall and bidding him a good day I got into the elevator until it stopped at my floor, in no time I was at the centre of the living room

”great those two dumb asses are coming over ” I groaned in frustration and fell onto the couch. after debating whether I shouldstand up or not I went into my room letting out a sigh as I took in my queen sized bed I kicked off my shoes and climb in.

I woke up at the sound of laughter coming from all over the apartment when it got louder and closer I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the time to see I slept for 3 hours :well what can you do when you finish lectures early

I got out of the bed now fully awake and changed into more comfortable clothes wishing that those voices and laughter doesn belong to who I think it is. I slipped out of the door to see the one and only Sid walking towards where I was standing

”hey ”

”Hey ” I responded giving him a small but fake smile he ignored me and walked into my room without permission

”oh come in you
e welcome ”I said sarcastically my eyes followed him as he examined my for grey coloured room with nothing but the bed, desk, a closet and book shelf reaching up to the ceiling some are novels but most of them are textbooks and notebooks.

He walked around the room as if you owned it until I couldn hold myself any longer and did the worst thing I could possibly do ”did you and Tiana really break up ” ” ”yeah ”he answered normally almost to normal I narrowed my eyes at him and looked her an ideal suspiciously ”yeah just yeah ”

”Uuuuh yeah ”he shrugged

”ok then you don mind talking about it ”

”nope ”he shrugged again casually as if nothing happened.

”Are you sure? ”I raised an eyebrow in question

”go ahead ”

”ok firstly… ” I sat down on the bed and tapped my side inviting him to my side when he settled I continued ”who broke up with who? ”

”I broke up with her ”

”why? ”

”Because she cheated on me ”he responded indifferently not seeming to be affected by it at all.

I sighed ”Im sorry ” there was a pause ”how long had you guys been dating? ”

”Two years, but it wouldn have worked out anyway ” he waved off.

”Why ”

”Because both of us wanted different things ” he stood up ”enough of these questions Im going downstairs ”

Still in my room I sat on my desk doing some research about an assignment on my computer with headphones occupying my ears listening to some of my favorite songs.

Suddenly something landed on the desk in front of me startled by the impact I flinched causing my headphones just slip onto my neck and examine what it was.

”Really ” I deadpanned and eyed the board game in the wooden table top.

”Monopoly ”

”Im bored ” as if that was supposed to be a valid reason for disturbing me.

”And as you can see Im not ”

”I am your guest so you have to make me feel at home!! ” He stared me down under his luxuriously full lashes.

e Elizabeths guests not mine ”

”Chas took her on a date so we
e all alone ”

”Seriously, why didn you go back home or go your own way ”

He didn answer and continue to scrutinize me.

”Where did you even get this from ”

”Your roommate ” he rolled his eyes and sat down on the bed facing me.

I took in deep breath to calm down ”Did you go into her room? ”

”No I went to the zoo ”

”You don go into peoples rooms thats invasion of privacy ” I glared at him to make sure he got the message.

But he didn ”You
e just mad I didn check your room ” he wiggled his eyebrows ”Don worry maybe one day I will Accidentally check your underwear drawer ”

A migraine was already making an appearance I totally don need this right now.

He got on his feet and I internally thanked God he was ready to leave.

”I didn come here to fight, I came to ask if you wanted to play the game with me ”

”Oh okay ” I slipped on my headphones and returned back to the assignment ”No ” typing.

It happened all of a sudden, before I knew it I was in Sids muscular arms who was heading out the door.

”What are you doing? ” A high pitched noise escaped from me, i couldn help but lock my hands at the back of his neck afraid that I might fall. He only spare me a glance and ignored the question

”Drop me I don want to fall!! ”

He winked ”Even for me ”

”Haha very funny ” I rolled my eyes at him and turned his head to face the front but when my hand dropped he looked back at me.

e so beautiful ” he whispered looking as if in trance.

” Yes I know so I advise you to concentrate on where you
e going so as to avoid our plummet to death ”

”Ever so modest ”

I hummed ”Nobody is ever born ugly well with you as an exception ” the corner of my lips quirked up.

He scowled at me and dropped me carefully on the couch before he set up the board game on the glass top of the centre table in silence.

An idea popped into my head ”How about we make this interesting ” I smirked evily then leaned back on the chair arms crossed, when he didn utter a word I took that as a que to continue. ” If I win you would have to push me up ”

He sent me a look that made me believe he thought I was deranged

”What I meant is that youll have to do twenty push ups with me sat on your back ” he was lost in thought contemplating whether to go with it.

”Ok deal, but if I win you have to kiss me ” I froze at first but didn back down ”deal ”


”I won ” Sid announced and smirked in triumph.

”Thats because you cheated ” I snapped.

”You lost. Don behave like a child ” he held my gaze ”Now we kiss ”

” Humph ” I pouted ”ok fine ” I got up ignoring the victorious smirk on his face and proceeded to peck his cheek and rushed away from him, only for my arm to get yanked back before I could reach far.

”What was that!!? ”

”Your kiss ” I replied nonchalantly and begin move away but he didn let me.

”That wasn a kiss ”

I exhaled loudly ”Yes it was ” I kept try to get out of his grip but he was persistent.

”No it wasn ! ” He looked at me right in the eye and added ”Am I that bad that you can kiss me on the lips ”. He gave me a hurt look, but if I didn know better there was a mischievous glint behind the facade.

”Yes and theres no way Im kissing you again ” I mumbled.

Somehow I didn notice our faces were close to each other until I could feel his hot breath form his slightly parted lips on mine. ”I can only imagine how you would respond when I kiss you ” no words could come out of me even though I wanted to give a smartass remark. He slowly brushed hes lips on my cheek dangerously close to the corner of mouth.

”I promise ” he whispered close to my ear then immediately pulled back.

I blinked away the awkwardness not bothering to comment on what just happened. When I noticed he wasn in front of me again and already leaving the apartment. I didn know where he was going but I didn ask or say anything still dazed about what just passed back in the living room.

He went down the emergency stairs and went up to the roof two floors up. He closed the door on my face and cursed him aloud for doing that before going out to meet him stripping in front of our buildings rooftop pool.

”What are you doing? ”

”Im removing my shirt to push you up as you said ”

”I don understand I lost ”I gave him a puzzled look.

”Yes but I want to feed my ego ”he drops to the ground face flat on the floor ”what are you waiting for ” I hesitated at first but did as asked.

I sat criss cross on his back enjoying the view ”are you sure about this ”

”you don trust me ”

I shook my head ”no I don ”

”just shut up ”I glared at him.

”so about 50 pushups ”

”yeah ”to my surprise I felt myself go up and down I took a look at Sids back and how so how toned his olive skinned back was. he continued I helped him count until he was done.

”how much do you weigh! ” He exclaimed stretching, my eyes locked on how his muscles flexed and went down to his neatly arranged abs ”take a picture itll last longer ” I snapped out of it and looked at his face

”Ive seen better ” I retorted.

”Yeah right ” ”yeah ”I lied. And I just wanted to do now is to run my hands down his torso including his bicep and three set of abs. Wait what.

”Oh really ”

”really ”

he came closer ”take back what you said ” he said coldly

”no ”I held my chin up high.

A devious smirk morphed into his face ”ok ok you asked for it ” before I know what was going on i was thrown over his shoulder.

”Drop me down now or else… ”

” I will only put you down if you take back what you said ”

”No ” I crossed my arms in defiance.

” Oh well do you want me to drop you down? ”

”Yes! ”

”Ok ”

Hes shrugged under me and thats when I realised he was headed towards the pool ”well time to drop you down now ”



e welcome ” he said with that stupid smirk on his face.

” Ill get you for this ” I screamed resurfacing.

”Well you caused it ”

”I meant that you should drop on the floor not throw me into the pool ”

”Well you didn tell me where ” he shot back.

”Ok look….. ” I groaned in frustration when Sid suddenly jumped in interrupting me. When he came up he was already a few meters away chuckling.

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