”This isn right in so many ways ” I said hugging myself tightly.

”Its not that bad, you wear it all the time ” Lizzy said as if it was no problem.

Let me explain. After we were all drooling over the fact that we are in Disney Land, we got extremely excited and raced in (I and Lizzy to be clear). Apparently Chase had extra two VIP tickets which was supposed to be for some other girls but they bailed last night. Hmm I wonder why.

When we got in we had fun, we got into the ferris wheel, we tried the rollercoaster and rode other rides. Since we were Vips we have our own guide and get to cut all the lines, we participated in the parade by we I mean Elizabeth and I. That being done the men decided to play some games and won so many prizes which was given to yours truly but of course I won keep it for long, Ill just wait till Christmas and wrap it up for my cousins as a gift from me.

Smart right.

I suggested that we go eat because I was famished, I could pass out at any minute. I looked around and spotted a food court and ran to it before I die of hunger, we ordered our food and just when we were about to finish our delicious meal something happened.

”Chase ” I asked confused, observing him next to me gagging and before I could get another word out of my mouth he threw up on me.

”Chase ” I yelled looking down at the mess he caused, I heard some people snickering behind me. Not daring to spare them a glance I walked angrily to the ladies room and entered the first cubicle I saw. I striped out of the sweater and tank top then send Lizzy a text to bring something I could wear.

Minutes later I could make out the sound of heels and promptly knew it was her.

She whispered ”René. ”

I wonder why shes whispering

”Im in here ” I called as I rolled my eyes, I opened the door ajar and stick my head out ”did you bring something I can wear. ”

”I got this ” she stretched out her hand which held a grey Calvin Klein sports bra.

”What! I can were this. ” I refused.

”Well this is the only thing I could find. ”

”You know how protective I am over my body. ”

”Its either this or the disgusting sweater. ”

I let out a huge groan before yanking the sports bra away from her.

”Where did you get this from ”

”Uh from the lost and found ”

e telling me that you went to lost and found and all you could fish out was a sports bra. ”

”Yeah, Chase got it for me, its a way of saying sorry for what happened ”

”Ahh I see its also a way of treating his eye problem ” I remarked ”can you get me something else. ”

”Sorry no can do the lost and found has just closed ”

”Why? ”

”For a lunch break ”

”At five pm in the evening ” I checked my phone ”did Chase tell you that ”

”Yes, why? ”

”I figured ” sighing I put it on, I walked out of the cubicle while hugging my body tightly.

”Wow ” she exclaimed breathlessly.

”Its tight isn it, Im sure he got it on purpose, I bet this is half my size. I feel really uncomfortable this is why I don like revealing clothes. No offense ” I ranted.

”None taken, but my wow meant that you look great and I don know how but why is it now Im noticing your big boobs. ”

I ignored her comment.

I heaved a sigh and got out still holding on to my body tightly.

”This isn right in so many ways ”

”Its not that bad you wear it all the time ”

”I do but its only for home and not anywhere outside home ” I replied.

She raised her eye brows, we found the boys leaning against the wall conversing with each other. They stopped immediately and turned to look at me while my hands are in my pants pocket waiting for a reaction. Thier eyes shamelessly and mindlessly roamed my body from the top to bottom.

”Y-y-you, I mean th-th-that… ” Chase stammered when hes eyes finally came in contact with my angry ones, I snapped to Sid and caught his emotionless face gazing at me.

Elizabeth shifted next to me then I whispered to her ”told you it was too tight ” I returned back to embracing myself.

”You are fine ” she empathized.

”Wow ” Chase repeated.

She laughed ”Hey thats what I said ” she went closer to the gawking males and snapped her fingers in front of them ”you guys stop drowling and lets go. We aren getting any younger ”

”Right René Im so sorry ” he laughed nervously.

”Its fine however… ” I went back into the toilet and retrieved the dirty clothes and shoved it to his chest ”this needs to get burnt. ”

”Even the bra ” he held it out.

”Especially the bra ” his expression turned into a devious one with a wide smirk.

”Can I keep it ”

I raised a brown ”what are you… In fact don worry do ever you want to do with it I honestly don care ” I continued curiously ”why out of all the clothes in the lost and found did you give me a sports bra? ”

”You really want me to answer that ” his eyes travelled to my chest area.

”Okay you know what I don wanna know anymore ” I knew the answer I just didn want to hear it.

”Please lets leave already ” we went outside to where the other people where we walked for sometime before something came to my mind. I moved forward and turned to face them.

”Wait why didn you guys get a shirt from the gift shop ” the three of them remained silent.

I pinned my gaze on Sid, he raised his hands in surrender ”don look at me those two planned this ”

I transferred the gaze to the aforementioned to see they were already squirming.

I said through gritted teeth ”well ”

”Umm.. we have somewhere to be meet you guys in the parking lot in an hour by ” Lizzy speed talk and ran away with Chase into the crowd leaving Sid and I side by side to walk in the opposite direction. I went back to Sid who has a silly grin on his face.

”Stop that its not like you haven seen worse ” I chuckled as his grin morphed into a smirk.

”Howd you know? ” He questioned.

”Oh cmon. Don tell me you haven slept with eighty percent of girls in our school ”

”No I haven actually ”

”Seriously ” my tone was in that of shock.

”Yes I dated them to. Im not that heartless ”

”So you slept and dated them. Let me guess for like a week ”

”Yes. Howd you know again ”

”Its cliche ”

”Ah ”

We dropped the subject and moved on to other games. While Sid played the games the men who ran the game kept checking me out and tried to get me to talk with them. Some stopped when Sid threw them a death glare but that didn stop them from staring.

We went to the gift shop to buy a shirt or get some souvenirs. We got the souvenirs which consisted of two Minnie mouse head band and a pair of glasses for Sid. Turns out they ran out of shirts and the other gift shop which was far away on the other side.

They told us the directions but they lost me at taking a fifth turn.

An hour passed. We were tired of searching so we decided to go meet up with the others. our tired legs took us to the rows of amazing rides weve already been in. The men that passed us either winked, whistle or gawk whilst thier girlfriends shot daggers at me with thier eyes. I won lie I did my best to ignore them. I could feel Sid tense beside me and his face was in a tight scowl, jaw clenching, eyes filled with raging glare and hands balled up into fist.

I turned also to see what his looking at. But I couldn get a glimpse of it because someone bumped into me at that moment falling his things in the process.

”Sorry ” I bent down and joined him in picking up his things. When we finally got all his stuff together he rose to his feet and I followed suit.

”Its okay ” wait this voice sounds familiar.

”Jacob ” I hugged him.

In front of me was Jacob Gibson.

Jacob and I study the same course. We usually sit together in the lecture room, I was always so busy with my books to actually have a conversation with the guy. Instead we would just exchange pleasentries before the lesson begins.

He hugged me back ”René how are you ”

”Good ” I refrained and stood upright.

”I can convince you to call me Jack like everybody else ”

”I prefer Jacob ” he looked over my head ”hey man ” I turned to find Sid nod in acknowledgement.

”Who did you come with? ”

”My little brother ” he jabbed his thumb to the back of his head. There was a little boy approaching us with a balloon in one hand and a teddy bear in the other. Unlike Jacob he had dark hair while Jacob hair was ginger colored, everything about them was different apart from thier hazel eyes. He looked six or seven with a cute face and a small stature.

He finally reached us ”hi ”. I bent down to his hieght and ruffled his hair.

”Hi whats your name ”

”Marcus ” he responded excitedly.

”How old are you? ”

He pulled out six fingers ”six ”

I laughed ”ok ” and got up.

”Wait you didn tell me your name ” he looked up at me.

”René. ”

”Ok René ” he faced his brother ”shes very pretty ” he said as if I wasn there.

”Very ” Jacob winked at me.

Someone cleared his throat awkwardly, Jacob looked at Sid then back at me.

”Marcus and I have to go, I would really like it if we keep in touch ” he shoved his hand to retrieve something from his back pocket, after realizing its his phone I grabbed it hesitantly putting my phone number.

I gave it back to him ”what are you saving it as ”I asked curiously.

”Gorgeous ” he winked again, I couldn supress the wide smile on my face, a brief hug and see ya from both of them, they were gone.

”Can we just go please ” Sid mummerd in annoyance.

”Fine lets go over there first ” I pulled him by the elbow and stopped in of a boot. My eyes roamed the game booth and landed on a stuffed animal I haven seen in years.

”Oh my God ” I whispered silently and started tearing up. Without so much as a thought I raised my hand and pointed at the big white teddy bear which had love you inscribed on a red heart shaped pillow in the middle. Sid noticed my state and quickly paid to the person in charge, luckily it was a girl. She accepted the money and brought out three rings for him to use, all the three rings landed on three out of ten bottles. He was finally rewarded the stuffed animal.

”Here you go ” he passed it to me, I took it after mouthing a hank you not trusting my voice. I hugged it tightly and we continued the journey to the car without saying a word. I can still remember the first time I saw it.


I walked with my dad hand in hand as we strode through the crowd, balloons almost blocking his line of vision. We managed to try all the rides wearing off the saddness and anger caused by mom not being able to make it. We competed in games with me sometimes winning and getting many prices. We were about to leave when I caught something with my eye. It was a stuffed white teddy bear with light brown ears with love you written on the pillow on its chest.

”Daddy I want that one ” I chirped jumping up and down pulling him towards it.

”Alright honey slow down ” he laughed and took three dollars from his wallet. The kind man at the booth smiled at both of us before bringing out a water gun.

”Sir all you have to do is hit three fishes using this water gun. ”

Dad shook his head and took the water gun from him, ”Go Daddy ”I cheered as he blasted three of the moving fishes effortlessly. He pointed to the bear and when it was in his hands he lowered his body ”Here sweaty ” I snatched the big bear even though it was bigger than me I gave it a bone crushing hug.

”Honey are you sure you want this one, it looks cliche ”

”I don care, thanks dad ”

”Your welcome ” I kissed him on either side of his cheeks and he went back to being tall. He took my hand in his, we got to the car park and entered his new convertible.

”How about when we get home we show your mom ” I pretended to think and nodded my head making my wavy long hair bounce.

”Yes. We will show this to Mom and she will get jelous without any doubt. ”

Daddy laughed, turned on the car and drove away from the fair.


”Oh sorry ” I bumped into someone the second time today but this person slipped a paper in my hand. I saw him and no one could deny how handsome he was. He mouthed call me before disappearing into the crowd. I unwrapped the paper in hand to see a name and number, Sid saw it his face instantly hardened, he groaned then snatched the paper from me and crumpled it frustratingly throwing it away.

He started undoing his the bottom of his shirt.

”What are you doing ” I hissed throwing him a look when he took his shirt off.

”Bring it ” he gestured to the bear and I gave it to him without any protest. He stretched out and turned me around then he slipped the shirt into my arms. I bottoned up without a word now feeling the warmth and comfort it provided

”Thanks ”

”No problem ” he gave me back the teddy bear and with that what I had received before is now what Sid is receiving now. He got glared from males and gawks from females.

We reached the parking lot ignoring the stares and glares people give us. I speed walk to were the car was parked not liking the attention anymore. Lizzy and Chase was leaning on the car and was so engrossed in thier conversation they didn notice me.

”What happened ” she arched a brow looking at me in confusion, when her eyes caught the bear it softened.

”Actually its been a very long day, lets just go home ” I got into the car first not waiting for any of them to utter a word. The others joined in soon.

”Are you sure you want to keep that? ” She whispered making sure the two in the front doesn hear.

I snuggled into it more closely and letting a sigh slip from my lips then replied ” yes it brings back memories ”

She nodded in understanding and gave me a side hug. Soon we were back on the route home.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to inform you that it might take a very long time before I update the next chapter. But in the meantime comment on what you think.

Dedicated to Debby,


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