I squatted in front of Sid who is still asleep and watched as he slowly awoke.

”Ugh shit ” he groaned as his experience in hangover begun ”why are you so close to my face, what happened? ” I straightened up and got my phone out of my back pocket and started taking pictures ”stop ” he growled, I couldn help but giggle more. I put my phone back to where it was and faced him.

”Well you are experiencing a major headache which is caused by excessive drinking ” I stated matter of factly.

”I know ”

”Here take this ” I handed him one of Lizzys special pills for disasters like this. Painfully swallowing the pills and gulping it down with water.

This is the reason why I don drink, something happens and you think I need a drink. You take some shots trying to forget something or someone, and boom in the next morning you have a major uncontrollable headache. I personally think they should ban alcohol in every way because it has never solved any of our mental problems. The funniest part is that you are so drunk that you forget what happened last night and what you want to forget will come to hunt you the next day after the hangover.

”Did you **** me? ” He moved out of the bed and stood in front of me hands on his hips. I shot him a glare only if looks could kill.

”No, why would I do that and especially to you ” I retorted.

”A simple no would do ” he placed a hand on his chest ”ouch ”.

”There are a lot of reasons I can say ouch to, judging by your personality ” I remarked under my breath.

”Whats that ” he took a step closer, I didn move but held my head up high.

”Nothing ” I stepped back.

”Im sure I heard you say something, don try to be smart with ” he took another step closer.

”I am not acting smart because I already am and I was just stating the obvious ” I took a step back.

”Yeah? ”

”Yeah ” I said hesitantly while my back hit the wall.

”Alright then ” he was now completely pressing me to the wall with his naked front. He slowly leaned down just when I thought he was going to kiss me i tilted my head to the other side and closed my eyes, he still didn stop moving until I couldn feel his presence near me anymore. I heard him chuckle and I lifted my eyes lids to see him holding a white towel around his neck.

”I won try to take advantage of you, why would I do that especially to you ” he mocked. He went towards the door and disappeared to the other side I can believe l felt bad for him I thought as I followed his steps and vanished through the door. Voices came from the kitchen and I went there to go investigate. What greeted me as I walked through the kitchen door was the sweet aroma of chocolate chip pancakes then I realized Chase was in an apron – which was covering his almost naked body if not for the Calvin Klein – standing in front of the gas cooker flipping pancakes.

”Good morning ” Lizzy chirped when she passed me to get something from the fridge.

”Morning ” I responded confused at the sight before me, she was still in Chases shirt reaching her mid thigh whilst hair was packed in a ponytail. I can help but imagine how she could pull the look off like a model, my eyes caught Sid sitting on the counter phone in hand and finally took a look at myself. I was wearing black sweats with a crop top and hair in a rough bun.

I shrugged the thought off and made my way straight to Chase ”you eating some? Ive heard mines the best ”.

”I rather eat poop ” he placed a hand on his chest and faked a dramatic gasp.

”Did you just insult our mancakes ” Sid said shocked.

If they ever considered joining the theatre they should because at this moment they
e being the most dramatic nincompoops ever. While they
e at it they should also fill the slot of a dramatic singer on opera, maybe I can convince aunt Carol to accept them in her opera house. She would make millions.

”Uh huh, Im going to take a shower bye ” I ran back to my room.


After showering I picked out a short knickered overalls with an off the shoulder shirt underneath it. Why dress pretty when theres nowhere to go. I dashed out of the room and to the kitchen in time to catch them talking, the table was clear which means they had already eaten, when they heard me coming they stopped talking.

”Hey ” I pulled out the seat next to Lizzy.

”Hello pancake hater ” Chase replied annoyed.

”Come on please don be mad ”I said not really sorry.

He held his hand up in surrender ”Im not mad ”.

”Oohkay? ” I emphasized. He passed me a plate of stacked chocolate chipped pancakes, I examined it carefully cautiously ”don worry it isn poisned. ”

I picked up the fork hesitantly and at that moment a growl erupted from my stomach, ignoring its call I devoured the delicious goodness and enjoyed it. However like everything else, that didn last long.

”So why exactly did you guys call it mancakes ” Lizzy asked.

”Because the batter of the pancakes is as thick and yellowish as mens sper… ”I dropped the fork and immediately started to gag.

”I lost my appetite ” I held my stomach and covered my mouth afraid the pancakes might come back out, they burst out laughing whilst I turned pale.

I now have a new purpose in life to get my revenge on these jerks in away that they will regret messing with me or my name isn René Maria Consuela Gabriella Tabitha Cooper. Maybe I can dust some itching powder in thier boxers or tape all thier clothes on the library or contaminate thier water with pepper.

All I need now is thier address.

The laughter eventually died and the men were lost in thier own world of sports. Lizzy took the opportunity of pulling me out of the kitchen and into the room where Sid slept in. When she was sure the door was locked she began to jump up and down in excitement.

”Eee ” she screamed.

”What ” I couldn help but get also excited.

”Chase is amazing ”.

”No kidding those pancakes hit the spot ”

”No I meant in bed ”

”Not this again ” Everytime does it with her friends or boyfriends she always comes to me and tells me how good they were in bed and its not as if I wanted to know or asked for it.

”Hes very good and gives you the experience of a lifetime, he would worship and takes care of your body like your a **ing goddess if you want to lose your virginity do it with him hell honor it and… ” in case your confused let me explain, Im a twenty one year old, five foot eight inches tall lady who has gone through high school without losing my v-card and proud of it. Ever since we left high school Elizabeth has been trying to get me to lose my v-card but I already told her Id rather be a virgin forever than to give it to a complete stranger.

”Lizzy stop, we aren having this talk again Ive told you many times that Im not ready ” I dismissed

”Fine ”

Then I realized something ”wait last night after the party you were so drunk and tired that I had to get you guys in your bed like babies and and dressed you up ”.

She beamed.

”Ewww thats disgusting, you did it this morning ”.

”Wow your so dirty how did you know ” she smirked.

”The look on your face says it all ” I scrunched my face in disgust and waved the topic off.

”Hey can I ask you a question ”.

”Shoot ” she dropped down at the corner of the bed.

”Does Sids name sound very familiar to you ” I inquired.

”Yes don tell me that you don know who he is ”.

”I don know who he is ”

She sighed ”only the most popular guy in the whole University ”

”Why and how is he popular? ” I sat down beside her.

”He is Rich, a player and actually fun to be with, plus hes good in bed ”.

”Now I get why his name is ringing the bell, his like the biggest manwhore in this school ” one thing was still bothering me ”but isn he dating a girl? ”.

She nodded ”yes actually theyve been dating for weeks and he thought she was he one until rumors said that he caught her cheating on him with his biggest not only rival but enemy in bed so he broke up with her ”.

”So thats why he was smoking and drinking ”

” Yes Ive answered your questions now lets move on to more important things. Did you do it with Sid ”.

”How is that important and no I didn do it with him ” I complained.

”Sorry just wanted to make sure ”.

With that I got out of the room angrily. I went straight to my room, picked up Dork diaries, slumped on the bed and read.

Moments later, my reading time got interrupted by Sid bursting into my room without knocking and before I could open my mouth he slung me over his shoulders and took me into Lizzys room on her bed where she had clothes laid out on her bed.

He dropped me beside the clothes after my long protests and left without saying a word. Elizabeth locked the door and forced me into the ripped jeans with a black tank top and a brown sweater, after that Lizzy got her phone out typing furiously at the screen then unlocked the door to let Sid in and sling me over his shoulder again. He carried me downstairs and walked outside to a black Jaguar. I thought out loud ” how did my life become this ” as he sat me inside the car.

Chase was at the drivers seat while Sid sat at the shotgun but Lizzy was nowhere to be seen.

”Where is Lizzy? ”

”Shes coming ”.

We waited for a long time and out came Lizzy from the tall building my ankle boots in hand. She got into the car and handed it to me ”here ”.

I slipped into the shoes and finally asked ”why? ”.

”Because if we asked you, you wouldve disagree ”

”So you abducted me instead ”.

”Uh huh ” she nodded.

You know sometimes I wished to always ruin her face or throw all her clothes in the garbage if she wasn my friend. But maybe I can hire a Hitman to dispose all her nail polish or remove all her heels or worse die her hair green, the one color she hates.

I rolled my eyes as we took off. The car was silent before Chase cut through the silence like a pair of scissors, ”you guys its an hour and a half ride, may I suggest you use up the time ” he looked at us through the mirror. Sid turned the radio on, after realizing the song he stopped at I and Lizzy exchange smirks. We nodded our heads before singing out loud.

”Now I wish we never met

Cause you
e too hard to forget

While Im cleaning up your mess

I know his taking of your dress

I know that you don , but if I ask you if you love me

I hope you lie, lie, lie, lie, lie to me ”

The boys groaned in slight irritation by our outburst so Sid changed the station. Lets just say we sang a lot.

”Wish we could turn back time

To the good old days

When our momma sang us to sleep

But now we
e stressed out ”

He changed it again,

”Cold enough to chill my bones

It feels like I don know you anymore

I don understand why you
e so cold

To breathe with every breath you breath

I see theres something going on

I don understand why you
e so cold ”

And changed it again,

”I know what you did last summer

Look me in the eyes my lover

I know what you did last summer

Tell me where youve been

I know what you did last summer

Just lie to me theres no other

I know what you did last summer

Tell me where youve been ”

And changed it again,

”One, don pick up the phone, you know hes only calling cause hes drunk and alone

Two, don let him in you have to kick him out again

Three, don be hes friend you know you
e gonna wake up in his bed in the morning

And if you run into him then you ain getting over him

I got new rules, I count em ”

And again,

”Ive been talking to ya

Answer phone Nana

Something tells me you don wanna know Nana

When I call you you don answer phone nana

You don love me you should let me know nana

Want to know nana ”

And again,

”Havana oh na na

Half of my heart is in havana oh na na

He took me back to East Atlanta na na na

All of my heart is in havana

Theres something out his manners

Havana oh na na ”

”Ok I give up lets leave it at the next station ” Chase said, still annoyed he took over the controls and changed it to the next station.

”She say do you love me

I tell her only partly

I only love my bed and my momma

Im sorry ”

We sang a few more songs,

Like in my feelings

”Kiki do you love me

Are you riding

Say youll never ever leave from beside me

Cause I want yall

And I need ya

And Im down for you always ”

And freaky Friday

”I woke up in Christ Browns body

Somehow this shit turn into freaky Friday

But we got no choice but to turn this bitch sideways

I can believe that its freaky Friday

Then Chase did the honor of singing Kendall Jenners part while everyone remained silent

”Im Kendall Jenner

I got a vagina

Im gonna explore that right now

Holy shit I gotta vagina

Im gonna learn

Im gonna learn and understand the inner workings of a woman ”

We all sang along until we reached our destination but we girls were so caught up in singing we didn notice.

”You stick out of the crowd baby its no brainier

It ain that hard to choose

Him or me, be for real baby its a no brainier

You got your mind unloose

Go hard and watch the sun rise

One night will change your whole life

Up top, drop top baby its a no brainier

Put em up if you with me… ”

Chase turned the key and removed it from the ignition

”The song was getting better ”Lizzy whined pouting.

”Too bad. You guys are missing this ” Sid announced from outside looking at something. Elizabeth and I got out at the same time witness the amazement of the view before our awestruck eyes. ”Alright lets have some fun ”.

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