It was like every Friday night Ive had, and that includes lying down in the den and doing some reading or just listening to some music. But it all ended when I heard Cold by maroon 5 my ringtone for Lizzy.

”Hello ” I picked up the call.

”Sup chica ” she drawled out. I rolled my eyes at the realization that shes clearly drunk.

”What do you want ” I continued reading trying to tune her out.

”Sorry I just wanted you to say hi to my bitches ” there was a muffled sound at the end.

Then a series of shouts came ”Hey Ren ”.

Before I could reply Lizzy came back to the phone ”hold on chica I want my bitches and assholes to see how beautiful you are I want to **ing FaceTime you ” with that she ended the call.

I was about to turn off my phone before she called me back but it was too late.

”Yo bitch ” Lizzy yelled when my face came to view.

”Lizzy ”

What came to view was a bunch of guys and girls sitting in a circle each holding a beer wasted, they all look very excited to see me.

”Told you she was hoping I won the bet, now I want yall to say hi to her ” Lizzy ordered

”Hey Ren ”

”Good, now tell me is she hot or not ” she screamed.

”Hot ” they all replied in sync.

I laughed ”hey guys how are you doing ”.

”Great ” they all agreed.

I turned my attention back to Lizzy ”Lizzy do you need a DD? ”

She stroked her chin and groaned in thought ”Fine ”.

”Ok Ill be there in a few ” I pushed myself off the couch ”wait for me and don do anything stupid ” I warned before hanging up, I ordered an Uber giving my location and went back into my room to change. I decided to go with an oversized shirt with my knee length Capri shorts and a pair of sandals. I locked the door before going downstairs through the elevator and stood at the side walk just in time to see my ride pulling up and I got in.

Minutes later, after paying the driver I slipped out of the car and into the dark and cold night, I also wasn suprised to what Im seeing right now.

The front lawn was already filled with people either socializing, drunk, drugged or making out (hard).

After a few pleasantries from most of them -some I know- I knocked on the front door, seconds later someone answered it.

”René Jesus I can believe you made it ” he yelled over the loud music coming from inside. It was so loud that you could be able to here miles away.

”Hey Noah well this is awkward… But I actually came here to pick up Lizzy then Im out ”.

”Oh okay ” he looked as sad and disappointed as a child who didn get anything for Christmas.

”But I can have a couple of drinks and maybe stay for a while ”.

”Cool ” he instantly brightened up like a Christmas tree ”come in ” I stepped into the house for the nth time and wasn suprised to see people rocking each other in the living room which was now transformed into the dance floor, shots being gulped down one by one, red solo cups held by everyone in the party and people making out at the corner of the room. A waft of smoke hit me on the face no doubt coming from the other room ”come on ” Noah grabbed my wrist and pulled me through the sweaty bodies on the dance floor, we finally arrived in the kitchen in front of the fridge ” what would you like to drink theres vodka, beer, liquor, whiskey, coke and so on ” he opened the fridge and the aforementioned drinks were neatly arranged in it.

”Coke ”.

”Coming right up ” he grabbed two red solo cups from the counter, brought the coke and poured it into the cups.

I took mine ”Thank you ”.

e welcome ”

”Wow you guys really know how to throw a party ” I looked around while shaking my head to the music.

”What can I say the party master does his work well ”.

”What else can he do ”.

”Well he impresses girls with his good looks, hot body and admiring personality ”.

”Who is this party master? ”

He ran his hand through his hair and wore a charming smile ”you
e looking at him ”.

”Where is he all I see is you ”

He glared at me and the smile on his face disappeared, I laughed at his sudden change in mood.

”Yo Fork, Trade got his head stuck in the toilet ” Luscious voice boomed every person in the kitchen and living room heard because I could make out some muffled laughter ”oh hey Ren ”.

I laughed ”hi ”.

”How the ** did that happen ”

”I don know, why don you **ing ask him ”. He turned and left, Noah turned to me with an appologetic smile on his face.

”No don worry I also should go look for Lizzy ”.

”Bye ” without permission he kissed me on the cheek before leaving. After I was sure he left the room I went to the sink washing my face with the running water from the tap, after I was sure it was gone I turned off the tap and wiped my face with a tissue.

I threw the tissue away and was about to leave when at the corner of my eye I saw a familiar shade of blond I turned fully to find Lizzy and Chase making out.

Holy fudge this image would forever a nightmare hunting me every time I sleep. They were sucking each other s faces like there lives depended on it, hands roamed everywhere and thier bodies was pressed to each other so tightly a knife can even pass through them. Luckily we were the only ones in the kitchen because thier growls and moans were disgustingly loud.

I left the kitchen unable to bear anymore of the moans. I walked through the crowd and noticed some of the people who was with Lizzy when we FaceTime. I talked to some of them and actually liked them so I befriended them. The night was going smoothly only to find another surprise in the next room.

It was Sid holding a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, drunk and alone in a love seat at the far corner of the room. He looked depressed, pissed and sad at the same time.

I marched forward and snatched the drink away from him.

”Hey, what the ** gives ” he reacted rudely.

”You guys can always be drowning your sorrow in alcohol ” I said as I flung the cup to the other side of the room without steering my gaze away.

”And why the ** is that? ” He looked at me extremely annoyed.

”Because its not right ” I swiped the cigarette away from his hold and stomped on it with my foot.

”The ** ” I shrugged ignoring his choice of inappropriate words.

”When I get back I want to see you out of this couch ”.

”You don tell me what to do ” he snapped.

I bent down till I was face to face with him keeping head high ”Yes I can, you listen and listen good before I get back you should get your butt off of this couch so we could go home ” I lowered my voice ”do I make myself clear ”.

He studied me in silence before giving me a nod, I stood to my full hieght and walked back into the kitchen. Chase and Lizzy weren making out anymore but was now laughing.

”Ok Lizzy whyd you call ”

”I told you already. You are my DD ” she chuckled nervously and smiled but my face continued to remain expressionless waiting for her to tell the truth because whenever theres a party she always ends up naked in some guys room until the next morning ”ok first of all it was a dare and second I saw these people taking all kinds of drug shit and with this extremely loud noise its possible one of the neighbors might call the cops and all of us at this party might be arrested for either drug possession or usage even so I wanted us to flee before that happens and thats why I called you ”.

”You know for some one who is as dumb as Patrick star you are smart when you
e tipsy ”.

”Thanks.. wait what ”

”You guys should go wait outside Ill meet you there in a minute ” before any of the could comment I slipped out. I retraced my footsteps and went back to the room where Sid was to find his sit empty, I searched the whole room to find a raven haired girl with spaghetti strapped tube top and shorts – which showed half of her butt – with heels making out with someone wait a minute.

I went closer to see Sid in between the girl and the wall, I shook my head in pity for him.

Her back was facing me with his hands on her waist and hers on his chest. I just went ahead and tapped on his shoulder viscously, he pulled away and faced me.

Annoyance written all over his face, too bad ”we have to leave ” I stood my ground copying his expression while folding my hands.

”Fine ”.

”Call me ” raven hair said but Sid ignored her and tried to walk but stumbled instead almost falling to the ground which would have happened if I didn catch him.

”Great now I have to carry you ” I complained swinging one of his hands over my shoulder and walked out to where the car is. I arrived there to see Lizzy and Chase laughing thier pants off at the back of the car I slipped Sid into the shotgun before taking a bucket from the boot in case anyone wants to vomit.

”Lizzy the keys ”

”Here ” she gave me without any objection and I slotted it into the ignition.

”Where is it? ” I asked stretching my hand out.

”What ” he growled.

”Pack of cigarettes ”I wiggled my fingers impatiently, he sighed and brought it out from his leather jacket, I took it away from him and threw it at the front lawn of the frat house. Not bothered about where it landed I turned the key in the ignition and started to drive.

We got to the apartment few minutes later and I was just thinking of how to get all of them out. I stepped out of the car and went to the reception to find Barry and Ricky the night shift receptionist and security man there,

”Hey guys ”I said so grateful to see them.

”Hello Renny ”

”Hi ”

They both answered simultaneously.

”Im sorry but I need you guys to do me a favor ”.


”Thanks again for your help ”.

”No problem, are you sure you want us to drop them here ”

”Yes Barry Ill handle it from here ” they both nodded and left. They successful helped me in the mission of carrying the two heavy men.

I went towards them and carefully picked up Lizzy from the living room couch, she wasn that heavy but still. I took her to her room and carefully dropped her on the bed, I took her dress and heels off leaving her in only her bra and panties. I took the bra with my eyes closed and went back to the living room without opening it I took off Chases shirt and went back to her room to put it on, after doing that successfully I returned my attention back to the two boys on the couch. I first tried to pick Chase up but failed miserablely with my face flat on the floor, after regaining back more strength I pulled Chase up and carried him to Lizzys as soon as possible. She wouldn mind him crashing here he dropped on the bed and landed beside Lizzy, I shifted him to sleep on his side with an arm wrapped around Lizzy so he won fall. I switched off the lights and went back to my last mission.

I went closer to Sid who is slightly awake and pulled him up, he put all his wieght on me and only God knows how I didn fall. I took him to the direction of the guest room and when we got in I finally dropped him on the bed, while I took his shirt off he spoke ”are you taking advantage of me ” he asked amusement.

”No why would I do that I was just trying to make you feel comfortable ” I snapped.

”Oh ” I finally got him out of his shirt and jacket I folded his clothes and placed it on the dresser next to me I turned back at him to see he was staring ”we broke up ” the anger and hatred was clear in his eyes.

”Look you don have… ” But he cut me off.

”Tiana and I broke up. She cheated on me ”I sighed for the nth time tonight.

”If she betrayed you that means she wasn worth it. But it still doesn give you the reason to loose yourself in alcohol, you and i both know it wouldn change anything ”.

e right ”

”Of course I am dummy. ”

We both laughed. When it died i gave him a smile ”I can wait to see you have a hangover tomorrow ” I snickered as he glared at me. I watched him sleep before I realized his hand was on my wrist, I pulled my hand away but his grip was tight but firm, in a swift motion he yanked me to the bed next to him and wrapped an around my waist as my back was to his naked chest.

I tried pushing, pulling, twisting and wiggling my way out but it was no use, if anything his arm tightened around me great he also likes to cuddle I gave up at first then tried to pull his arm away slowly and to my surprise it worked. I jumped out of the bed and left the room.

Theres more to this story.

Hey guys,

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And also the name Renny and Ren are both nicknames.

Dedicated to Sophia.

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