I walked into the building feeling all happy and chirpy because I could finally say that this is my final year at this stinking University. After graduation I can focus on one goal only and that is to be successful. I really don care about marriage although I am considering to adopt kids, nurturing them and advise them against love. Yeah thats right I don believe in love.

Anyway with my day going and classes flying by like a blur I finally had the chance to graciously spend the time in the department library reading a novel, studying or just hang out with some friends. Just then I looked up too see someone very familiar walking towards me.

”Hey ”


Alright you must be wondering why the hell did I have to use his full name, well thats because he is


Ryan is basically the badboy in every cliche high school story. Well when I mean bad I mean he owns a black motorcycle, was in a gang twice and got arrested one too many times, he literally wears all black almost everyday, he gives you this don mess with me or you are dead vibe, he truly has a no nonsense attitude, Mr smirks-a-lot and he always care about his hair (oh wait all boys do) even his body gives it away.

He is six foot four with broad shoulders. Lean but muscular build, crazy pack of abs (which I would die just to run my hands through them), a clean shaved face and the body of a deadly man. He wore a black jeans with a black V-neck shirt covering his upper torso.

”Hey ” I replied.

”free period huh? ”

”Yeah I was just about to go to the library to do some work ” I said cooly so it won sound as if I was a nerd.

”Ok I was passing by when I saw you and just wanted to say hi ”.

”Thanks ”.

”See you later ” he engulfed me into a hug.

”You know for a man like you you sure like to cuddle ” I remarked, His body vibrated as he chuckled.

Everything about Ryan might be black but he isn . If you give him a chance and get to know him hes actually a good guy but don make a mistake of getting to his bad side

The hug took about two minutes, I was just enjoying the way the hair smelt and wondered what shampoo he was using before he framed back. His lips pecked my cheeks then he stood upright.

”What are you even doing here aren you supposed to be in class ”

”Lets just say the lecturer didn come besides I came to see you ” I rolled my eyes at him.

I narrowed my eyes curiously at him after registering what he just said ”your lecturer didn come ”.

”No ” he shook his head innocently and by the look on his face it seems he is hiding something.

”What are you hiding Ryan ”.

”Nothing ” he brushed off.

”Are you sure you don have anything to do with his not coming today ”.

”No why ” I gave him a look ”okay you
e right I did do something but he deserved it he sent you chocolates and nobody is allowed to do that except me ” his eyes grew darker as he fessed up. I tried to ignore his last sentence.

”Ryan it was my birthday and it was just a nice gesture ” I defended .

”I think he is a pedophile ”.

”One I am not a kid if he was a pedophile he would sexually be attracted to children, two he was just being sweet since he said Im his favorite students and the only one who bakes him cookies and excel in his class – his words not mine – and three I am an adult I know how to take care of my own problems, I don need you as a big brother but as a friend so please promise you won do that again ” I looked up at him waiting for an answer.

Back in high school everytime a boy would ask me out I would want to decline because I wasn the dating type but Ryan would swoop in and do it mostly without my permission which I find annoying all the time. I have the right to turn down my own dates. I told him I hated what he did Many times but he didn take me seriously and continues to do it one way or another.

I can remember sophomore year back in high school when the school organized a spring dance. At first I didn want to go but because Lizzy needed moral support with her date Eric I agreed to go. At the party when Eric and Lizzy left me to go dance a guy who I knew as Henry Captain of the soccer team asked for a dance. I thought that if I went I might as well dance so I agreed. The dance went on slow and normal until it got a little tight. I wanted to make room for both of us but he pulled me closer and squeezed my ass. With all the strength I could muster I pushed him off. He backed off laughing and caught all of everybodys attention including Lizzy and Erics. I felt a tears run down my cheeks as I stomped out, before I could reach the door someone gripped my wrist and turned to see Ryan looking both angry and panicked.

”Are you ok? ”.

”Please just let me go ” he slowly loosened his grip and I made my way out.

When I got back to school on Monday I heard that Henry had transferred out of the school and moved back to Australia. I knew exactly who did it and what happened and when I confronted Ryan about it he said I shouldn worry.

The hell I wouldn .

”Okay fine ” I sensed his lack of sincerity in his voice and he kissed me again before before going back to where he was coming from but before he could make a turn he shouted ”lavender ”.

”What? ”

”My shampoo ” he winked and disappeared to the other side.

How did he know.

As I stood in front of the library lost in my thoughts giggles boomed through the corridor when a girl bumped into me and brought me back to reality, after a quick sorry I was about to go in when a familiar voice stopped me.

”Hey wait up ”.

I twirled around to see Lizzy running down the hall way where I was, she was panting taking in sharp intakes of air as she was now in front of me. I wonder why she ran with heels, Im serious those things should be banned.

”I need your help ” she asked when she finally caught her breath.

”Sure what can I do for you ”.

”I need you to follow me to the admission department ”.

”But whyyy ” I whined.

”A Mrs Edward asked me to deliver this message to them B we both have free class plus I didn want to go alone ” she looked at me pleadingly.

”But I really want to go to the library and do some work ” I continued to whine.

”We both know there is still more time for that ” she lied.

”But the books ”

” Leave the books please ”

”Ok fine ”

She jumped happily ”thanks ” and grinned before pulling me by my arm against my will.

We walked around the campus for what felt like hours when it was only twenty minutes. Lizzy and I have been walking for a long time and we haven found the admissions department even though weve been in this school for four years.

”We have been walking around for hours please lets just give up ” I exaggerated tired of standing.

”Stop whining ” she said looking around ”wait here I will go find someone who can lead us or at least give us some directions ” she continued and in a blink of an eye she vanished. I slid down the wall to the floor and brought my knees close to my chest and rest my head in between them.

Five minutes later I heard laughing and light footsteps coming closer. I raised my head just in time to see Lizzy and two other guys walking towards me. Standing up I muttered a hank God tired of sitting here.

They stopped when they saw me and both of them shamelessly checked me out well it was only the blond who checked me out. After a few awkward seconds Lizzy broke the silence.

She cleared her throat loudly ”hey Ren look who I found ” she gestured to the two guys a few feet in front of me

”This is Chase Maxwell ” she pointed to the blond dude who was still checking me out, his hair was the exact same color as Lizzys, he had hazel eyes with broad shoulders but a lean built. He was six foot tall, he was good looking man dressed in blue ripped jeans and a green button up shirt.

”Hey ” he said smirking while his hands were in his jean pocket.

”And this is Sid Danvers ” she also pointed to the dark haired guy who is next to Mr weirdo here he was staring at me all this while which I didn notice, he had a pair of blue eyes which Im sure held some kind of pain even much more than the one Ryan is carrying in his stormy grey ones, he was taller than Chase but not as tall as Ryan with the built of an athlete no doubt muscular than his friend. He was wearing a grey top with a hoodie on it and paired it with black sweatpants. I have to admit comfortable, casual and fashionable. He had a striking face and handsome face compared to his friend he was better and for some reason his name sounded familiar.

”Hi ” he said in a very surprisnly deep and husky voice but not as deep and sometimes scary as Ryans. I shook his his hand before having any second thoughts.

”Hi as she said Im René Cooper ” I said not really in the mood for introductions.

”Ok so ” Lizzy began as she clapped her hands ”I met them not far from here and they told me they would help us out ” when she finished she gave me her hey are cute lets just go with them and no complaints or Ill kick your ass smile.

I sighed as I realized the look she pulled then proceeded. ”Alright fine but can we hurry up ” I said not really wanting to stay any longer and received the stares both of them shot at me.

”Don worry it won take long its just around here ” Chase said still smirking if Ryan had a non identical twin itd be him.

”Ok lets go ” she said too happy for my liking.

We got moving in no time, while the three got into a conversation quick I plugged in my earpiece to block out thier voices. My chill time was over when a hand carefully removed my left ear piece and put it in his ear. I turned to see Sid looking afar and concentrating on my song.

”Hate love ”

”Yeah? ” I raised an eyebrow.

”Let me guess you don believe in love ”

”Yes ”

”Why ”

”Because I think its stupid ”

”For example….. ” He trailed off.

”Romeo and Juliet ”

”Hmm ” he waited for me to go on.

”Romeo killed himself just because he thought Juliet was dead and when she found out she killed herself too and its all because of love ” I shuddered at the word.

He chuckled ”you are right but they were stupidly in love ”

”They were only twenty three! ” I exclaimed.

”So love makes us do weird things ”.

”Exactly ” I sighed exasperatedly ”look I hate talking about this crap can we just drop the topic ” .

He studied me for a second before opening his mouth ”Ill only drop it if you bet that youll never fall ”.

I took out my hand and shook his again ”deal ”. A few minutes passed by in silence between us and I couldn help but ask ”have you ever been in love? ”

”Well I have ” he said giving me a sly smile

We looked at each other before Chase spoke up ”ok girls this is it. I hope you don mind but we have to go ”.

”See you soon ”he asked.

”Sure ” I shrugged nonchalantly and he left, I turned to Lizzy to see her running figure going into the building ”hey ” I called out.

”Last one there has to buy dinner ” she said over her shoulder.

”On no you don ” with that I ran with a smile on my face.


Another complete chapter

I need you guys to comment on team Ryan or team Sid

Dedicated to Hattie McAllister.

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