“Bye ”

”See later too ”

”Peace ”

”Wait ” Noah called out before I knew it he was jogging along side of me.

”What do you mean no you didn even wait for me to finish ” he said breathlessly.

”I didn need you to you were about to ask me if I could make it to your party on Friday ” I raised an eyebrow he nodded and smiled ”No ”.

”Why ” I stopped and faced him.

”Because parties aren my thing ”.

”But please gorgeous ”.

”Ok Ill think about it ”.

”Promise ”.

”Promise ” I lied crossing my fingers.

”Good see you later then ” he said awkwardly and left. I resumed my exercise without anymore interruptions.

I ran some more and bumped into some friends, coursemates and ex- roommates, after chatting and exchanging a few words I decided to go back home. I got to the apartment real fast and thanked the stars Chad wasn at the reception anymore. I went into the elevator and was in the living room in no time, my thirst for water made my legs move to the fridge in the kitchen and my eyes went to the little white board we put on the fridge and not to my surprise It was written by my loving and caring roommate (hint the sarcasm).

Sorry for not waiting for you

But something came up, The

Girls needed me. You know

where Ill be.

-love Lizzy.

”Great ” I mumbled sarcastically, rolling my eyes I grabbed the water in the fridge and wiped the board.

Time to get this day over with.


”Oh God Lizzy is going to pay for this ” I grumbled to myself seeing as how I had to almost run to get to the schools library on time, which was way across the far end of the University and was five miles away from the apartment. Why can we just meet at our own faculty library which is much more easier I thought.

I walked into the library and was greeted with the smell of coffee, old pages, air fresheners and silent chimes. Uh this is why, totally worth it. Not only was this place store and filled with text books but it also had its own fantasy section with books of various types of genres and the best part is that they also serve different types of coffee, lattes, tea and pastries. they also have a lounge where comfortable couches and bean bags are so you can have a bite while reading and sitting comfortably. Its one of the best chill out place in UCLA. But of course Lizzy has to bring her girls along when we meet here.

The noise made from someone clearing thier throat cut me off my thoughts and I then turned to see the Liberian

”Good morning Mrs Richards ” I greeted as quietly as I can.

”You don need to talk like that you know ”.

”Sorry ” I apologized instantly feeling stupid.

”Good morning to you too. Haven I told you to call me Monica? ” She replied. She always acts young and gets irritated when someone referred to her as ”old ” in any way. Thats why she wants everyone to call her by her first name even though shes just forty eight years old.

Mrs Richards was a forty eight years old widow who had bright Chestnut coloured hair which is slowly thinning and turning grey, with her tall and slim body which is a miracle because she gave birth to five children. And a very nice and Godly attitude. Maybe I can set her up with Chad who knows he can have a thing for an older woman.

”Im sorry Im just used to calling you that ”.

She sighed ”if you choose to ” she gave me a hug and disappeared.

I continued my journey towards the sections in search of a certain someone until I finally caught her blue eyes.


My closest friend/ partner in crime and pranks/ roommate and sister from another mister.

She had dirty blond hair with big blue eyes and medium size kissable lips (for clarification Im straight). Her plain white Gucci dress hugged her body and brought out her curves. She had on a pair of black stilettos and applied just little make up. Her hair was done in curls she topped it off with the blue diamond earrings which -I worked day and night to get the money to buy for her birthday- brought out her eyes.

I have to admit I adorerd her mode of dressing but didn dare dressing up like that. Compared to me who is just wearing a navy blue cone shoulder blouse with black jeans and boots. I had shoulder length brunette hair with natural highlights which is now pulled up into a bun top off with natural tanned skin which complemented my braclet the only jewelry I also had on. Lizzy is the definition of beauty.

She came strutting down the romance section aisle to me.

”Hey chica ” she said and pulled me into a hug.

”Hi ” I returned it.

”There isn much time lets move on to this weeks plans ” she began to drag me to the couch where all her ”girlfriends ” are after a quick greeting she continued to drag me until we were at our favorite couch in front of the cafe ” so the car won be available this Friday because of the party on Friday night… ”

I cut her off ”is it the party Noah Fork is throwing? ”

”How did you know that. Wait are you… ”

”No Im not going to the party ”

”Humph ”

”Just go on ”

”Ok where was I… Oh yes the car is free throughout this week until Friday ” I blinked and blinked again.

”Really ” my voice was laced with disbelief.

”Yeah ” she giggled at my expression and leaned back ”I don need it, Amy Sparks said she would take me to campus so no need ” she went through her bag until there was a clinking sound ”don be surprised here are the keys ” the keys were hanging from her index finger hesitantly I took it still suprised.

”Thank you ” I shrieked and threw myself at her. When I pulled back there was a series of shhhh and everyones eyes were on me with thier fingers on thier lips ”sorry ” I yelled in a whisper

”You don need to thank me its your car to ” she chuckled and watched me. It took all my might to keep with every step I took to exit the library.

When I spotted the car I dashed towards it and gave it a big hug and various kisses ”Ive missed you so much car ” I whispered.

We absolutely love this car because of its beauty and speed. The car was originally in grey but us being us repainted it to red. I unlocked the car with the remote and after a few seconds I was in the drivers seat, hands on the steering wheel, seatbelt buckled and key in the ignition.

My feet pressed on the accelerator and before I knew it I was moving in full speed and took the turn to my faculty.

I have a feeling today is going to be great.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to inform you that the first few chapters might be boring but I assure you theres going to be drama.

Dedicated to Isha.

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