ared at renny for a moment in comfortable silence until officer Sanjay came running towards them from the other side.

”Sir Ive got news ” he spoke up and looked up only at Casper who is a few inches taller.

”Yes what is it ” Wells asked curiously

”We found a woman in a car and she was armed with a pistol and apparently some witnesses told us that before the car crashed down they heard a gunshot and they all agreed that after the gunshot the car went beserk swerving from one direction to another then also the front right tire looked more flattened than the other ”.

After Wells carefully took it all in he nodded before asking ”have you caught the woman ”.

”Yes sir ”.

”And do you know her name ” Shea cut in

”Yes sir we searched her and found her wallet with her drivers license in it which said Phoebe Rodriguez ”.

For a minute the time stood still.

”What! ” Wells snapped. Shea also looked shocked to hear it. Before Sanjay could even think of saying anything there was a line of vans and cars coming down the street most of the vans had an antenna on them which meant he had company.

Doors began to slam as news reporters came out with thier mics and cameramen. They walked through the crowd which created space for them. They finally succeeded in reaching front they turned and started delivering thier stories live. Wells expression of sadness turned into rage, he knew they were thirsty for information and the only way of getting some is by harassing the little girl.

”Who called them here ”Casper growled out.

”I-I-I don k-know s-sir ” Sanjay stuttered instantly fearful of Wells sudden change of expression, his warm blue eyes turned darker his face looked menacing and his jaw clenching with his fists balled up making his knuckles turn white.

And as if the drama wasn over, there was a series of shouts and screams coming from the back of the ambulance.

”Let me go, he deserved it, he had to pay, I just wanted to get Justice. I said let me go ” emerging out was a recognizable beautiful but petite woman in her early twenties with dark eyes and brunette hair just like Renés. This now got everyones attention including the crowds and reporters. Silence descended on the scene. renny was the only one who didn seem to notice as her eyes are still open and lost while tears slid down her cheeks.

”Th-th-thats her Phoebe Rodriguez ” officer Sanjay stuttered again. She continued to scream until her eyes landed on René alone by herself, she stopped struggling and after that it was deadly silent. René still sat there oblivious to whats happening.

Phoebe managed to break free and run towards renny with the police on her trail. Wells instincts for needing to protect her kicked in instantly and ran to take renny away.

”Please ren forgive me . I did it for the best, your father is a cheater he didn deserve any of you. You don have to ever worry, I stopped him before he can hurt anyone else, he is gone ”

”Why ” René whispered looking at her. but she didn get an answer instead before Phoebe could touch her Casper held her hand back.

”Don ever touch her ” he spat cuffing her hands at her back so quick she couldn even register. The police held her much tightly this time while she continues to struggle and scream under thier tight grips.

”No let me go, he deserved it non of you would have done anything, I did the right thing ” that was the last thing they heard before she was shoved into the car. Renny was too shocked to comprehend.

She knew right from that night she had lost everything. She couldn get them back.

”Lets go ” Wells took her on his back walking away from the prying eyes

”Why? ” she whispered in the distance looking up the sky, officer Wells just pretended that he didn hear it and was also asking that same question.


Hey guys thanks for reading this book Im so happy that I get to finally start it and I can only hope to finish soon.

Dedicated to Hattie McAllister.

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