We were chasing each other in the pool splashing each other with water not minding the time suddenly very front of each other he caught me arms wrapped around my waist my hands on the shoulder our faces were the closest It could be without touching, our lips brushed each others.

eep beep I came to and remove myself from him but he still had a strong grip on my waist.

I looked for where the sound was coming from and found Sids phone on one of the lounge chairs. It was ringing.

”Sid your phones ringing ” he seemed to have snapped out of his reverie then released me.

”Oh right sorry ” I know that and went back a little to give him some space hes from to the edge of the pool and got out then answered the phone as it kept ringing.

”Hello ” I tunned him out minding my own business, I couldn help stare at his body as he only had his boxers on.

I got out of the pool silently feeling slightly uncomfortable and find my way back into the apartment to change out of my wet clothes. I couldn get what just happened out of my head and kept wondering. What would have happened if his phone didn disturb us. I looked down at my underwear cladded body and brushed the place where his hands were.

Only God knows for how long Ive been distracted before the door to my room flew open.


The door flew open and Im standing in the middle of my room black Lacy bra and thong.

I stood frozen when Sid came in with a hand on the door knob.

”I was knocking but….. ” He noticed me and stopped mid sentence with an expressionless face but hes eyes showed that he wanted to do more than just staring. Not giving him any more time to react I snatched my towel and wrapped it around me.

Even with the towel on he still did not make any move to leave.

”You have to go right? ” For a minute he continued to stare without blinking, he did it for so long that I was getting worried. ”Sid ” I said wearily.

Finally coming to he spoke.

”Errh.. I guess Ill see you later then? ”

”Sure. ”

Then he was gone. To avoid anymore of that happening I instantly clothed myself and jumped on the bed facing the ceiling.

Short memories of what happened today replayed itself on my mind, but soon shot up realizing the fact that we almost kissed. And I wanted it to happen.


The wind was blowing into my face, my hair flowed back as I sprint to the auditorium. Seems like all I do these days is run. With smooth and fast reflexes that can put Usain bolt to shame i maneuvoer around the bodies in my way like it was nothing and went in with the crowd. There were many empty seats at the far back of the room but a familiar face is what I really needed right now.

”Perfect ” there was a seat next to Jason.

Do Jason.

Jason is a guy that Ive been friends with since day one in campus. He was studying to become a doctor so hes two years my senior. When I got lost on the first day roaming aimlessly I tripped and fell on Jason. Like literally on him while he was reading a book alone. Jasons not this timid guy with big glasses and back pack.

No. Hes an attractive man with about four piercings, one on each earlobe and two on his right brow. He dyed his hair cotton candy blue and had tattoos on his back and fingers. If you didn get from the name hes also a mixed Asian who spent most of this childhood in Incheon, Korea.

I climbed up dozens of stairs before landing on the seat to his left, he doesn seem to mind me staying as he gave me a small smile. There was something on his neck and I couldn help but exam it and came to the conclusion that it was a tattoo. He got a new one. It was an explicit drawing of the side view of a skull. After examining it and ignoring the temptation of touching it, I finally turned to greet him only for me to lock eyes with me.

”How are you? ” he said with his not too deep accentuated voice. His hair was pulled back with the littlest amount of gel with his brown roots already sprouting out.

”Im good. ”

”You look very awful ” he grinned at me making the smile on my face disappear.

”Seriously thats how you want to start the conversation with? ”

”I did say how are you ” he winked at me and broadened his lips. ”You know youll always be my angel regardless ”

”keep it down cheesey chucks ” I rolled my eyes at him and looked down.

”so what have my woman been up to? ”

” Woman thats new ” Jason has a lot of sweet nicknames for me. And also his past girlfriends, so Im not even fazed.

”Yh.. ” he stretched an arm over my shoulder ”… Kind of has a nice ring to it don you think ” I squint at him and removed his arm from behind.

”my day has been going great ” I replied ”what about yours? ” And we continued to catch up on whats been going on like his residency and family. The rest of his family are still at home while hes staying here pursuing his degree.

Still talking, there was an itch at the back of my head which some times meant a burning stare.

I searched the back for the source.

It was Sid.

When I caught his stare we locked at eyes until he broke contact. I diverted my attention. To my left where someone had just sat down. To my surprise it was Jacob.

”Oh Jacob how are you? ” a fake smile took over.

”Im good.. ” he looked at Jason and gave him a nod ”…sup. I was actually meaning to talk to you… ” And luckily all the lights around the room turned off except for the one on the stage signalling our synchronized silence.

”Good day class of 2021!!!! ”A cheer erupted from the audience

”As most of you may know me Im the president of the Student body ” he paused waiting for the applause to end then he continued ”And if you don know me Im Levi Hamilton ” he then gestured for the woman beside him ”and this is my vice president Kathy Sparks ” Levi was an average looking guy with buzz cut blond hair and small almond shaped blue eyes, His had tiny pink lips and a very pale- almost see through- skin. He also had this extremely large ears that looked like it could fall off his face with just little to no force applied to it.

Whilst Kathy was pretty with her brunette hair parted at the middle falling and reaching her chest. Her cheeks where flushed and puffy probably from running around to make sure this gathering was a success and had natural eye bags laid under her brown globes. Her mouth was set in a full blown smile with no sign of discomfort. Both Levi and Kathy had a white earpiece on one ear and the microphone rest on the other.

”The reason you were called today was to discuss about a program we decided to have ” Kathy announced.

”Yes and this program is called Paws and Claws. ”

”Now you must be wondering what this is about, but first let me show you something ” they both stepped aside as the projector took over the screen.

It was a picture of a couple of cute animals all cuddling up laid on top of each other adorably. The Paws and Claws was typed in big bold font on top the animals. The animals consisted of puppies, kittens and baby birds, all from different breeds.

The whole place echoed with awws, I couldn help but join them.

”Awww Indeed ” Levi said ”This little ones need help in providing shelter, and the most essential needs they
e supposed to have. This is where you come in. We ask you to help in any possible way you can ”

”Yes and that includes volunteering in animal shelter, donation, spreading awareness and help in giving this guys a good and healthy home. ” Kathy explained.

”Right now some lists are being passed around, write down your name and how you want to help them. ”

”And please if youve written down your name don write it again. ”

”Any questions? ” A few hands were up in a matter of seconds.

”Yes you ” Levi pointed to a guy with pierced nose and red colored mohawk giving off this heavy metal band vibe. ”And please state your name. ”

”My name is Skar Pickings with a k… ” yep definitely in a band ”…and my question is that what do you mean when you said we can work in a shelter as volunteers to help these little dudes? ”

” Well thank you Skar ” he nodded and sat back down. I was being poked in the arm and turned to see Jacob holding out the list to me when Kathy replied.

”There isn enough workers in the animal shelters to possibly take care of them so we meant that you could help them working there for how ever long you want that is until winter fully hits. We don want them to be without family with the incoming cold so our aim Is to make sure they are adopted before December. ”

There were other series of questions but my attention was now on the list in my hands. the list consist of four column which was names, act of help, number of days and dates. I got out a pen from my pocket and wrote down my name, and that I would volunteer for two days and put down todays date and the weekend.

I wasn the only one who wanted to volunteer for today, Then again there were about hundreds of us here and this is just the second batch. I passed the list to Jason and turned back to the stage.


Still in the auditorium with all the questions finally answered Levi had more to announce.

”Here in these list are a few people who would like to work today…. ” He went on calling names and mine was called ”… René Cooper, Axel White ” and before he finished he called a name that made all the color in my face to drain ” Sid Danvers, Veronica Mars and Eros Xander.. ” I look to where Sid is and caught him watching me intensely as If waiting for me to do something probably shout and voice out my disapproval for this arrangement ”….everyone please put your hands together for them ” Not caring less about the applause it didn deter me of my main mental aim of decapitating him as he folded his arms and giving me a satisfied smirk.

”Not to waste any of your time we just want to say thank you on behalf of this small organization and school for all the help, we look forward on the difference you
e going to make. ”

Jason gently elbowed my side giving me a questioning look, I brushed it off and smiled at him hoping he wouldn voice it out.

” alright students we thank you for your cooperation and you can either meet me… ” She pointed to herself and then to Levi ”… him for any more information and remember we start collecting donations from now to winter break. ”

”Im Levi Hamilton. ”

”And Im Kathy Sparks. ”

”Have a good night. ” They chorused. The whole room erupted in cheers but I didn wait for them to finish.

I went to the ladies room to relieve myself, after that was done and was facing the mirror i stared at myself through it and screamed.

”what the hell!! ” A flush came from one of the cabin and waited for the girl as she stepped out and washed her hands not even bothering to dry it there, all without paying me any mind.

I splashed water on my face and rubbed it several times as if this was a dream and needed to get back to reality.

I repeated in a whisper.

”What the hell! ”

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