of souls in de universe, all of you will be participating in a game of our choosing. You will learn about the rules after being transmigrated into the tutorial area Said Baxses with a cold monotone to the future champions.

All of you will be granted a wish of your own choosing, the wish can not be overpowered in the beginning, it has to train or practiced till they become overpowered so choose carefully as this will decide if you can survive the first week out there ”

Since I am the supreme being of death your wish has to be related to death. Said the supreme being of death with a dark cloud circling around him with souls screaming for help. Baxses was looking forward to hearing what they were going to wish for.


I dont wannt to die


This is what the future champions heard after the supreme being of death finished speaking. It was the souls of all the people that Baxses killed. Looking at the screaming faces around them it seemed like they were in the trillions.

Now speak, what do you desire? Asked the supreme being of death.

The conversations among the other supreme beings were very similar, one of the differences was how the supreme beings sounded to the champions.

The supreme being of fate and fortune sounded like a very crafty person that would be able to swindle all your pocket change easily.

The supreme being of creation and destruction sounded like a calm and collected person and yet sometimes like a crazy and destructive individual.

The supreme being of life sounded like a gentle mother that would always shower you with all the love in the world.

The supreme being of chaos sounded like a wise sage that would be able to enlighten you, no matter what type of question you had or difficulties you experienced.

The supreme being of death sounded like someone with no emotion and possessed a monotone voice.

I wish for…..

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