In a vast starry sky


You could see five beacons of light. The beacons of light were in a circle all of them emitted different colors red, blue, purple, green, and black.

”We have been together for eons ”

”We have seen the creation and destruction of countless universes ”

”And in all that time we have stayed together ”

”We even had a few fights, that lasted ages ”

”Hahahaha, it almost destroyed half of this place ”

The beacons of light talked and reminisced about everything that happened between them. The purple beacon of light suddenly asked the others ”Why don we make our group bigger ”

”Why did we not think of this earlier ”

”What a great idea ”

”Lets immediately start with 10 more ”

”That is a very lovely idea ”

The rest of the lights were surprised at first and then joyfully started adding suggestions. They were always together with 5 of them. They never saw the need to add more.

”How are we going to decide how many to add and from where ” Asked the blue beacon to the rest.

All the beacons stayed silent as they were mulling on the question.

”How about a battle royal, I always liked to see those in other universes ”

”Some time ago I saw a woman pull a ball out of a machine and say the number on it ”

”Lets do something called rock, paper & scissors ”

”Enough with the jokes, let us hold a tournament with ten participants, two for each one of us ”

”HAHAHAHAHAHA ” all of the beacons laughed.

So it is decided we will hold a tournament said one of the beacons of light. Yes said the rest. From where will the participant originate said the purple beacon.

Lets pick them from the river of souls in the netherworld said the black beacon.

The black beacon of light disappeared from the starry sky.


Netherworld: river of souls

The black beacon of light appeared at the river of souls he looked down at the river. The river of souls was an extremely long river with no end. All you could see were white blobs of energy following the current.

”Sigh, old friend it is empty here without you ”

The black beacon of energy was looking for souls that intrigued him. In the river of souls there appeared some souls with different colors, the black beacon of energy picked 10 souls from the river.

All of the souls shined as bright as the sun as they were the souls that the underworld blessed to become guardians in the future after they fulfilled all the conditions.

”Hmm, these look good they are even blessed it seems like we are lucky as these souls can only be seen once every billion years ”


Starry Sky

The black beacon of light returned as quickly as he left with 10 souls in tow. I chose souls that are not only show affinity but are also blessed by the underworld ”

HAHAHAHAHAHA, that is great. Laughed the red beacon. The rest of the light beacons shined brighter for a second agreeing with the red beacon. The souls with the same color flew to the beacons of light.

Now Everyone can add one rule. Said the purple beacon.

Time limit of 100 years. Said the green beacon.

One wish per participant nothing overpowered allowed. Said the red beacon

There can be more than one winner. Said the black beacon.

They will be given tasks every 10 years, the first task will start after the first week. said the blue beacon.

The rest of the beacons were impressed with this rule it was a nice bonus. Will they be rewarded for completing a task, and what happens if they fail. asked the black beacon.

We will give tasks to our own champions, the tasks have to be difficult for their current level, the more difficult the task the better the reward. Said the blue beacon. If the rest of the light beacons could nod they would immediately nod their head at this great idea.

If they fail they will be punished, the punishment can be death, injury, handicap, or curse, all of these will be up to you. said the blue beacon.

The rest of the beacons said nothing this was a silent agreement.

The last rule will be that the winner will join us!

The rest of the beacons were shocked for some time but accepted it silently.

then lets begin with the preparations. Said the black beacon

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