Xu Qingyan was being supported by two individuals, who forcefully dragged her forward.

She struggled for a moment, realizing her efforts were futile, so she allowed them to take control, but couldn’t help asking, “Where are you taking me? And where is Ah Bao? I want to see him.”

Xu Qingyan didn’t yell for help or threaten to call the police.
She had enough common sense to know that doing so would only lead to a quicker death in their territory. 

“I want to see Ah…”


Xu Qingyan’s entire right cheek was struck, causing a searing pain.

“Make another sound, I’ll kill you right now.”

The cold and emotionless voice left no room for mercy.

Unable to see, Xu Qingyan’s other senses sharpened.
The taste of blood filled her mouth.

She forcibly swallowed the bloody saliva, gritting her teeth in silence. 

“We’re here.”

She was pushed forward.
Stumbling, her legs giving out, she fell to the ground. 

Before she could get up, a clear female voice came from her right.

“It’s her! Oh, oh! Big brother, how could you treat our second brother’s savior, so harshly?”

Though she spoke these words, her tone was unusually light and cheerful.

“Third Miss, Doctor Xu indeed saved the second young master’s life.
Without her, we…”

Third Miss interrupted him lazily, “Ah Bao, since when is it your turn to speak?”

“I apologize for my impoliteness.”

“Ah Bao, where did you find this woman?”

This time, a male voice came from the left—deep, steady, and devoid of genuine curiosity.

Without hesitation, Ah Bao replied, “I stumbled upon her by chance and discovered she is a doctor.”

“Such a coincidence?” The man seemed skeptical.


The man asked again, “Do you know who orchestrated this ambush against you?”

Ah Bao’s voice carried noticeable nervousness, “I am ashamed to admit that we still haven’t discovered who leaked the information.”

Xu Qingyan remained prone on the ground, afraid to move.
Even Ah Bao seemed tense, showing how intimidating this man was.

“Big brother, let her get up for now.”

Upon hearing the voice, Xu Qingyan turned her head towards the right.

“Our little brother is a softie,” the third miss giggled.
“Since she won’t live past today anyway, let’s allow her to die more comfortably.”

Xu Qingyan’s heart skipped a beat, and a surge of adrenaline rushed through her veins. 

She struggled to sit up from the ground, suppressing her fear, and faced the direction of the third miss. 

She spoke, “Miss, as a doctor, I saved someone out of professional ethics.
Right now, I have no idea where I am or who you people are.
You’ve abandoned me hundreds of kilometers away, leaving me to fend for myself.
I’ll consider it all a dream.”

“You’re not afraid at all? How Interesting,” Third Miss exclaimed, taking two steps closer in astonishment.
“But you have already seen Ah Bao and the second young master (Lord Liang).
How can I be sure that you didn’t deliberately infiltrate our organization?”

“Since they want the second young master’s life, if I really were an infiltrator, it would be easy to kill someone during surgery,” Xu Qingyan remarked calmly, despite the circumstances. 

Unable to see, she was unaware of the subtle expressions of those around her.

The third miss observed Xu Qingyan with great interest. 

Despite her disheveled appearance, dirt smudges all over her body, and a scar on her right cheek, she maintained a straight posture and exhibited a calm demeanor and composed tone that made it hard not to take a second look.

“Big brother, this doctor is quite impressive,” the third miss commented.

“Doctor Xu.”

Xu Qingyan immediately turned her head to the left.
She knew that the person referred to as “Big Brother” held the power over her life and death.

The man spoke slowly, “How can you prove that you are innocent?”

Proof? Why would she need to prove anything? She was innocent from the start, merely a victim caught up in this mess.
But would these bandits believe her words? They were only looking for a reason to dispose of her.

However, she couldn’t just die like this.
She had made a promise to someone, to live out his life no matter what.

She took a deep breath and said, “I captured the person you’re looking for in my camera.”

“What did you say?”

Her arm was grabbed excitedly by Third Miss.

Xu, there’s no camera in your bag.” Big Brother remained unfazed.

“I hid it.”

During these days of anxious contemplation, she had thought of every possible way to save herself. 

According to her judgment, this attack caught Lord Liang and his men completely off guard.
They had no idea which gang was targeting them, nor who had leaked the information.

So, she decided to take a chance.

“Release me, and I’ll tell you,” Xu Qingyan pleaded.

Xu, I have dozens of ways to make you speak,” The third miss threatened.

Xu Qingyan’s heart sank bit by bit.
Was there really no way out? Was escape truly impossible?

“Wait a moment.”

Xu Qingyan paused, looking ahead with a sense of bewilderment.

A fourth male voice emerged in the room.

“Untie her,” the voice commanded.

This voice was neither as deep as Big Brother’s, nor as gentle as the younger brother’s.
It carried a metallic chill, tinged with a slight hoarse of magnetism.

Soon, Xu Qingyan’s hands were freed and the sudden brightness forced her to tightly shut her eyes. 

After enduring the initial stinging sensation, she quickly wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes and adjusted to the light. 

She slowly raised her head, and the blurry scene in front of her gradually became clear.

It was a strangely spacious bedroom, dominated by shades of blue – deep blue cashmere carpets, navy blue leather sofas, and even the wallpaper flowed in shades of sea blue. 

Xu Qingyan dared not look around too much and kept her gaze straight ahead. 

Right in front of her was a large bed, on which sat a man.
His posture was casual, looking tired but seemingly fine.

Indeed, he was as resilient as a cockroach that couldn’t be killed.

She was already familiar with his face.
He wasn’t exceptionally handsome, but there was something intriguing about his good looks. 

However, back when he was unconscious, his appearance seemed slightly different – his pupils were extremely black, like a vortex that could suck people in.
Yet, his demeanor was relaxed, which was surprisingly casual.

“Are you trying to see through my second brother?” he asked.

Startled, Xu Qingyan quickly turned her head away.
The third miss had somehow come up to her, blinking her eyes and carefully scrutinizing her.

Xu Qingyan opened her mouth, momentarily at a loss for words.

“Second brother, look, she can see us clearly now.
Why go through all this trouble? Let’s stick to the old ways,” Third Miss suggested.

Not sure whether it was intentional or not, the third miss spoke those cruel words with a smiling face.

Xu Qingyan’s pupils involuntarily contracted.
Despite her courage and composure, she was just an ordinary citizen from the city.

Who wouldn’t fear death?

The young man who had been silent behind the third miss, spoke up, “But she did save our second brother’s life after all.”

Xu Qingyan looked at him.
This young man, about twenty years old, was in the prime of youth and had a handsome appearance.
His double eyelids gave him a somewhat refined and scholarly look.

“Xu Qingyan.”

Xu Qingyan turned her head, only to find the man on the bed casually toying with her ID card. 

His fingers were slender and slightly curved, tapping on it with each motion, each tap felt like a strike to Xu Qingyan’s heart.

He slowly lifted his gaze and looked at her, his black pupils emanating a faint cold gleam.

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