“I think you came to buy dessert.
They say that only those who know, know about this place, but it seems that the Princess already knew it.”


With her peachy fresh smile, Grace spoke to Sellonia kindly.


Sellonia was stunned by her brazen attitude.


Who is talking to her in a friendly way?


“Looks like you know me.
Wouldn’t it be polite to introduce who you are first?”




Unlike herself, who pretended to know her well and greeted her, Grace’s mouth twitched slightly at Sellonia’s attitude that showed she didn’t know her.


“My introduction is late.
My name is Grace Bennett, daughter of Baron Bennett.”


But that’s only for a while.


As if nothing had happened, Grace was polite again with her characteristic bright smile.


“Someone who knows me doesn’t even know basic manners.
I’m surprised.”


“Miss Sellonia is so famous, so she must have mistakenly thought that I knew you.
I’m sorry if you were offended.
There is no one in the regime who doesn’t know the Four Saviors.”


Even the main leads who defeated the demon king, Sellonia Basin, Ian Cherville, Reyev Hetzel, and McLion.


As Grace said, everyone called these the Four Saviors.


There will be few people who don’t know their nicknames, which were also described in the original story.


Of course, the original story said that the Four Saviors would be together forever with trust and affection for each other, yet Sellonia became alone.


It’s different from the original story.


“I didn’t become a savior to recognize dogs or cows.”


“Miss Sellonia.”


Reyev, who approached them, looked straight at Sellonia.


He hurried over after confirming that Grace had come out of the store, and seemed angry when he heard Sellonia’s sharp tone.




It was Sellonia who was dumbfounded by his attitude.


It was unfamiliar for her to see Reyev acting as if he was going to attack her at any moment.


It was so unfamiliar and strange that it gave her goosebumps.
Because he had always been there for her.


“Sir Reyev, I’m fine.
It’s my fault.”


“Grace, why don’t you go to the carriage…”


“Ah, Duke.”


Ian, who followed later, froze when he found Sellonia next to Grace.


Surprisingly, Sellonia was the same.


She thought Grace was alone, yet she was with Ian.


Even the dating place of these crazy fellows was Roblanc.


What kind of place is this, she wonders.


In the original story, it was the place where the two stopped by whenever they went on a date.


Thanks to this, Ian knew very well that Sellonia loved the dessert here.


At the time of the subjugation, he often told her to go to Roblanc together if they returned to the regime alive.


However, he brought Grace to that place.


Even though he knows for sure that it’s Sellonia’s favorite place and there’s a good chance he’ll run into her…


Though he has a thick face, it’s too oily.


She clenched her fists tightly.


She couldn’t possibly forgive him for not even caring about her, who was once his fiancé, enough to cheat on her.




Seeing Sellonia’s knuckles turn white, Grace grabbed Ian’s arm in surprise.


Her hands were trembling weakly, as if she was frightened.


“What are you doing, Lady Basin?”


Ian, who had read Grace’s fears, erased his panicked expression and suddenly gave a cold voice.


An aura full of bloodlust flowed from him.


He even hid Grace behind his back when he noticed that Reyev was wary of Sellonia.
As if Sellonia might attack Grace at any moment.




The guy who farted gets angry.
It was just like that.
Sellonia was so dumbfounded that she couldn’t even say a word.


“What were you trying to do to her?”


“No! It’s a misunderstanding, Duke! I was so happy to see Miss Sellonia, that’s why I greeted her.
It seems that Miss Sellonia didn’t like meeting me…”


Hiding behind Ian’s wide back, Grace said with her head poking out, showing a discouraged expression.


At first glance, Grace’s words seemed to be defending Sellonia, but in reality, it implied a situation in which Sellonia ignored her.


“Don’t be rude to my fiancée.”


Recognizing the meaning, Ian glared at Sellonia in contempt.


His eyes were so callous that one could never think they were directed at his own ex-lover.




Sellonia finally burst out laughing.


Ian’s disgusted gaze toward her.


Reyev is very wary of her in case she harms Grace.


Only then did she realize the reality.


That their relationships ended in the evening.


She was the only one who held onto that faint hope, perhaps because something else was distorted in the situation that was different from the original story.


She has come to realize for sure today.


For whatever reason, their minds have changed, and there was no going back.


And that it’s never her fault, it’s their fault.


“I hope you don’t make us stand out.
It will be good for both of us.”


“You’re the only one who has to behave properly.
I’m talking about where this place is.”


Sellonia, who realized everything, didn’t hold back any longer.


She had no reason to put up with these insults from Ian, who had become worse off than others.


“What? Lady Basin just now…!”


“What did you do well to go around brazenly? Even if your face is thick, how can it be this thick?”




At Sellonia’s sarcastic words, Ian laughed with a red face.


“It was all pretense.
I didn’t even know you’re a woman like this.”


“If you know, could you please go on your way? It’s just that I don’t want to mix things up.”


Sellonia held back her hurted feelings and flexibly responded to Ian’s bullshit.


She was quite agitated, and his face, turning red and blue, was funny.


“Let’s go, Duke.”


Looking at Ian, who couldn’t say anything and shuddered, Grace hardened her expression and pushed his back.




Ian only opened his mouth, but in the end, he turned around with a breath that couldn’t be overcome.


“Miss Sellonia, the news of my engagement to the Duke will be published in the newspapers soon.”


At that time, Grace, who had been pushing Ian’s back, stopped beside Sellonia and whispered.


Her voice was so low that only Sellonia could hear her.


“So you want me to congratulate you?”


Sellonia sneered and glanced at Grace.


Despite her eyes, Grace didn’t care and opened her mouth.


“It’s too unfair, enjoy it.
Because we’re pretty much alike.”




Sellonia, who was trying to say something to Grace, who was trying to deceive her until the end, couldn’t continue.


Because she had finished talking and ran off after Ian.


Reyev, who was watching anxiously, also followed Grace’s shadow.


“I’m sorry, Miss… I asked to come to Roblanc…”


Ella cried with a face that looked like she would burst into tears at any moment.


“Ella, I’m okay, so could you pack some cake for me?”


“Yes, yes! I’ll be back soon.”


Ella entered the store, wiping away her tears.


Only then did Sellonia become completely alone.


She bit her lip and stared into space.


She wasn’t angry.
She wasn’t even mad.


It’s just that everything is over.


She struggled without knowing the end, and it was just her miserable self.


That was the moment.
A large shadow fell over Sellonia’s head as she stood alone.


It created a strong gust of wind and flew along Ian and Grace’s carriage.




The shadow belonged to the only remaining dragon in the Empire.


In the end, even McLion was by Grace’s side.
It seemed like he was watching from afar, if not up close like Reyev.


Perhaps if she had stabbed Grace with her hand, he might have killed her from afar.




Sellonia smiled dejectedly, looking over there.


It was a red sunset at the end of her gaze.


Just as today’s sun goes down and tomorrow’s new sun rises, she’s no longer their main character.


She had to admit.


That they love not her, but Grace Bennett, the new sun.


That everything has changed.

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