Even if it wasn’t the budget her father set out for her every month, she received a reward from the Emperor three months ago.


The Emperor gave the saviors, who were the main pillars in subjugating the Demon King, rewards, and her father accepted it in place of her collapsing.


She was bestowed with the title of baronet, along with a small fief named Lace in the province.


‘I heard that McLion and Reyev were also given the title of count.’


Anyway, she also received a small reward.


Even if it was a small amount, it was money that most nobles could spend for several years.


That was enough to play and eat during the leave of absence.
I, who worked so hard, needed this amount of rest.


“There isn’t any seat?”


I’m really sorry, Lady.”


She naturally turned her gaze to the voice that came from the entrance.


Three women who had just entered the cafe were troubled by the guidance of the clerk.


Looking around, the cafe was really full of customers, and the tables were full.


Among them, she occupied the largest table, enough to be considered a group seat.


She ordered that much food, so it was natural.




Sellonia tapped the table with her fingers and called a passing clerk.


Is there anything else you need?”


“Ask those three over there if they would like to sit here.”


As soon as she possessed this body, she went on a subjugation, so she was an outsider in society.


There’s nothing wrong with making friends.
The original Sellonia had no friends.


The clerk who received the offer quickly headed for the entrance.


Then, while explaining to the three ladies, he gestured politely to Sellonia’s table.


The young ladies’ eyes followed the clerk’s gestures and moved to the table.


Sellonia smiled and waved her hand at the young ladies she encountered.




Then they came to the table timidly, looking slightly embarrassed.


“Princess Basin.”


“I heard that you’re feeling well, I’m so happy to see you like this.”


“How! You seem to be getting more beautiful every day!”


The young ladies who stood in front of her hurriedly erased their bewildered expressions just now and gave exaggerated praises.


What is it? They seemed to be quite uncomfortable.


It was strange, yet Sellonia offered them seats just as she initially intended.


“I don’t think there is any other seat, but if it’s okay, join me.
I ordered so many that I couldn’t even eat them all.”


“I-Is that okay?”


“Aren’t we interfering with Princess’ time…”


The young ladies looked at each other and blurted out their words.




Seeing the young ladies’ uncomfortable faces, Sellonia recalled a conversation she had overheard from the maids a few days earlier.


[I think the Miss has changed a lot.]


[That’s right.
These days, she doesn’t get angry or annoyed.
Do you think she has become a different person?]


[Maybe that’s the case? When a person dies and comes back to life, they usually change to a different person.
While being grateful for being alive again.]


It could be because she was unconscious for such a long time and woke up.]


Judging from the words of the maids, it seems that the young ladies have been nervous about Sellonia in the past.


She opened her mouth with a kind expression, thinking that she was uncomfortable as she had no memory of Shelonia.


“Interference, what? If the young ladies are with me, I’m rather grateful.
As you know, I have been away from society for a long time and have no friends to interact with.”


Since the subjugation had been six months and she had been unconscious for three months, she had been away from social circles for almost nine months.


“Thank you for the seat, Princess.”


The young ladies looked at each other and nodded, relaxed a little, and sat together at the table.


Sellonia smiled as kindly as she could towards them and continued the conversation.


She didn’t know what kind of image Sellonia had built up in society before she possessed her body, but looking at them now, that didn’t seem to help, so she was going to change her image.


As they chatted, she came to know who they were.


From left to right: Abel, Roana, and Pellaine.
They were, in order, the daughters of the Marquis Pantagon, Count Serdei, and Count Ikhan.


Could it be because Sellonia continued the conversation with a kind voice and benevolent attitude? Fortunately, the young ladies have completely let go of their guards.


“Excuse me… Are you okay, Princess?”


While exchanging small talk in a friendly atmosphere for a while, Abel looked at her and asked.


She probably wanted to ask her from the beginning, yet it seemed that it was rude to do so, so she held back.


“Of course.
I’m fine.”


Sellonia shrugged her shoulders and smiled.


She had a hunch that she would probably have to struggle with this question for a few days because of the article.
She should get used to it


“My goodness, how can there be people like that? To think that she’s from the Baron of Bennett.
I’ve never even heard of them!”


“Where the hell did this family come from? It’s a disgrace to the nobility!”


“They’re a family without dignity.
How can they, towards a man with a fiancee!”


They must have put a motor on their mouths, shaking Grace off in her place.


“That’s right! How dare they hurt our Miss!”


As if it had happened well, Ella joined in the curse, her eyes flashing.


I didn’t mean to do this…


However, Sellonia didn’t really stop them.


She was quite happy to have someone on her side.


However, it seemed that the conversation kept going in one direction, thus she adjusted it to a very noble tone.


“The man who cheated on me and the woman who met him are both the same.”


“Ah… T-That’s right! The Duke is really too much!”


The young ladies, who hesitated for a moment at her words, began to scratch Ian again with an enlightened expression.


“Honestly, the Duke is the worst.
He has a fiancé, how could he…”


“Besides, the Princess even collapsed at that time.
At that time, he dared to cheat…”


That’s right, go on.
Well done.


Both the man and woman who are having an affair must lose.


Sellonia chewed on the langue de chat, admiring the ladies who cursed on him on her behalf with a satisfied face.


It was then.

As soon as the cafe door opened with a jingle, the inside of the cafe became quiet as if cold water was poured on it.


The young ladies, who had been talking hard until just now, suddenly shut their mouths like shells.


‘What is it?’


In a sudden rigid atmosphere, she looked at the entrance with a puzzled expression.


A man opened the door and appeared.


The man, who looked to be two meters tall, was so tall that the top of his head seemed to touch the ceiling of the cafe.


Besides, with each step he took, it felt as if the floor was shaking.


The thick black cloak the man was wearing was stiff and dull, probably made of animal fur, and it swayed heavily in accordance with his big steps.


Just looking at his appearance, he looked like a general who was going to slit the head of his enemies.


“W-Why is that man here…”


Perhaps knowing the man, the young ladies suddenly lowered their bodies holding their breath as if they were frightened.


“Who is that?”


“T-The Beast of the Night.”


What… What?


While she was dumbfounded by the odd nickname, she caught a glimpse of a man’s profile.


Hold up? But that face…


For some reason, Sellonia couldn’t take her eyes off the familiar profile.


What is it? She didn’t think she had ever seen a man like that.


While she was thinking about that, the man who moved slowly but with heavy steps stopped in front of the counter without saying a word.


His shaggy hair swayed lightly as if fluttering in a light breeze from the recoil.


The man’s hair was a deep black, darker than the night sky.


Besides, his eyes, slightly peeking out from his long bangs, were more vivid red than drops of blood.


Black hair and red eyes.


Below that, the bridge of the nose that stretched high like an arrowhead, the lips that were stubbornly closed, and the rough jawline which looked tough.


It was a handsome man with a line different from the male leads she had seen so far.


If the male leads were handsome men who came out of watercolors drawn with a delicate brush, that man was like a stone statue made by a sculptor out of plaster.


It was also made with rough hands without much effort, yet after it was completed, it looked like a masterpiece of the times.


The nickname ‘the Beast of the Night’ was unfamiliar, but she was convinced.


Because there was a feeling of rawness that couldn’t be expressed in words other than the beast, from the face and body to the atmosphere it gave off.


“H-Here you go.”


The clerk, who had swallowed so much saliva that his throat trembled, shivered and handed out a very large sack to the man.


What is that?


“Hiiik! What is that? C-Could it be a corpse?”


“There are so many eyes to see, yet he openly delivers a corpse?”


When Abel made a fuss that made no sense, Pellaine retorted.


However, Sellonia understood why Abel had uttered such absurd words.


Even a spoon could become a weapon if that man was holding it.


Even now, he was just holding a cloth bag, and it looked as if someone else’s heart was cut out in it.


“That’s food.”


Roana, who had been quiet, elegantly lowered the teacup and said.


Sellonia and the young ladies waited for Roana’s mouth to open again.


“I heard that he always gets food from here.”


“Why? It’s quite a lot, though? Don’t tell me he’s going to eat it all…?”


I heard he gives it to starving children and adults.”


Was he a righteous man?


Sellonia heard that and when she looked at the man again, he seemed different.


The sharp, raised eyes look kind of nice.


The man accepted the sack and turned around without hesitation, not paying attention to the commotion around him.




Abel must have seen it too, as she made a strange sound with her face pale.


As he turned around, she could see the scar through the open front of the man’s black shirt.


She couldn’t be sure because she saw it for a short time, but the long marks seemed to be sword scars.


It was a very big wound that seemed to have a pretty colorful past.








As soon as the man closed the door and went out, the breath they all had been holding back burst out here and there.


“I heard from my older brother, that this man wipes out the beasts and criminals that haunt private houses and then disappears without a word.”


“I heard it too.
I heard he even has terrifying powers.”


“How many months ago did he appear?”


Sellonia listened to the conversations between the young ladies.


He was an interesting subject.


When the original story was over, she felt that many things she didn’t know about were happening.


She didn’t know what repercussions it would have until then.

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