“Come over.”

    The assistant was taken aback.

    Aren’t we leaving?

    Shi Qingning did not expect this reaction.

    But he still did as he said.

    Shi Yi took out his mobile phone and sent a message.
Within a few seconds, a man in a black suit knocked on the door and walked in.

    He is obviously also a bodyguard, but not the ones who followed Shi Qingning today.

    The bodyguard was holding a computer.
He turned on the TV in the living room and projected the video from the computer on the huge LCD screen.

    A loud voice came, and the person who appeared in the video was Jian Ren.

    It’s just that the video was not taken today, but was probably taking by a hidden camera some time before.
Jian Ren and his friends didn’t notice the camera, were still chatting wantonly, commenting on the girls passing by.

    It didn’t take long for Jian Ren to ask one girl, and then kissed her passionately in public.

    The group of friends were still whistling and applauding, booing and asking Jian Ren to do more.

    It was not all, there were more clips, some were direct pictures, some were audios, in short, they were all Jian Ren’s romantic history, from which it can be clearing seen, that Jian Ren is an out and out scum.

    Apparently, Young Master Shi did a fairly detailed investigation.

    In order to make his brother completely give up.

    Shi Qingning bowed his head obediently, hugged the mint cup in his arms, and said, “I’ve already made it clear to him, and there will be no more entanglements in the future.”

    Shi Yi glanced at him, still with that unfathomable indifferent expression, which seemed a bit unpredictable.

    He gestured to the bodyguard, and the bodyguard immediately changed to a video.

    Unlike before, this video was shot from a high place with a fixed angle.
It doesn’t look like it was taken from a hidden camera, but more like a surveillance camera from nowhere.

    In the video, Jian Ren and his younger brothers were still sitting at an open-air booth outside a coffee shop, commenting on passers-by.

    “The girl who just passed by looks good.”

    “Not a bad ass, but her chest is so flat, almost like a runway.”

    “Hey, look at the ponytail one that came over, look at those legs, they are really long.”

    “It’s really long… Damn, what kind of eyes do you have, that’s a man!”

    “How is it possible, a man wears a ponytail… I, fuck, it’s really a man, fuck!”

    “Hahaha just say you’re blind, be careful, Brother Jian hates men with long hair the most.”

    Everyone looked at Jian Ren, and the man frowned, showing an expression of undisguised disgust.


    “Where is he?” He raised his chin, “Go, find a place to drag that idiot away and beat him up.”

    The younger brothers responded one after another, but stopped halfway while standing up.

    “Oh, but where is he?”

    “I didn’t see it… Did he go somewhere?”

    In the end, they couldn’t find the man with the ponytail, so they had to give up.

    They didn’t beat him, but they still didn’t forget to insult him with their mouths.

    “It’s just a pervert.
How can a normal man have such long hair.”

    “The ones who have are all gay hahahaha, wishing that they could be a woman.”

    “This kind of person pollutes the city environment…”

    They were chatting happily, when someone suddenly noticed something, causing everyone to look in one direction.

    “Hey, isn’t that the one who chased after Brother Jian?”

    “The little gay?”

    Several people let out low laughter.
Seeing that Jian Ren didn’t care much, they continued to talk.

    “Then, did the young master come out to look for Brother Jian? Why does he look so lost?”

    “It’s been a long time since he last saw Brother Jian, tsk tsk, this infatuated little boy.”

    “Would you like to play with him?”

    The pictures that can be captured by the surveillance are limited, and there is no figure of Young Master Shi in the video, only of the few of them talking.

    Because they didn’t catch the ponytail man just now, their hands were itchy, so they shifted their minds to the young master.

    “Isn’t there a pool over there, let’s push him into the pool…”

    “Look at him, he won’t cry on the spot, will he?”

    “If he cries, let him cry.
Let Brother Jian play the hero saving the beauty later!”

    “Absolutely hahaha! Exciting! Why don’t we make a bet on the spot?”

    “What do you think, Brother Jian?”

    Jian Ren lazily raised his head, squinted his eyes, and said.

    “Don’t put him up too quickly.” [2]

     Everyone laughed, “Brother Jian is still brother Jian!”

    “Come on!”

    “Let’s go!”

    People in the video were still laughing and talking, as they walked off.

    Shi Qingning looked thoughtful.

    Looking at the monitoring time in the upper right corner, this should be before the original owner passed out?

    Shi Qingning already knows how stupid Jian Ren is.
But there was one other thing he was quite concerned about.

    He originally thought that Jian Ren bullied the protagonist at the bar tonight just because he lost face, but now it seems that Jian Ren has long been prejudiced against boys with long hair?

    Then this time tonight…

    When Qingning was thinking, the video stopped abruptly, all the sounds disappeared, and the living room fell into a more rigid silence.

    Shi Qingning raised his head belatedly, and found that Shi Yi was looking at him, still with the same unfathomable and profound expression as before.

    …So this is the look of looking at a good-for-nothing brother?

    Shi Qingning touched his nose, and was about to speak, when there was another knock on the door outside the house.

    It was Sun Ming who came in, with a hasty look on his face, as if he was eager to report something: “Second Young Master…”

    After a pause, he saw another person on the sofa, “Young Master.”

    Shi Yi raised his eyes, his handsome profile was as cold as ice, as he spoke concisely.


    Sun Ming hesitated for a moment, but still said, “I was going to send a person that Second Young Master met tonight, but he left by himself and didn’t get in the car.”

    Bai Yexi went back by himself?

    Shi Qingning frowned, that ominous premonition became more obvious.

    Jian Ren used to hate long-haired boys so much that he even wanted to beat up innocent passers-by.
Will he really let Bai Yexi go so easily this time?

    Moreover, the plot of this novel is aimed at the protagonist.

    It is not uncommon for any bad things to happen to Bai Yexi.

    Shi Qingning felt bad, put down the aromatherapy cup, and asked, “Where did he go?”

    Sun Ming shook his head, “I caught up with him, but was thrown off again.
I don’t know where he went after that.”

    He paused, and said, “However, the brothers who were in charge of blocking Jian Ren said that after Jian Ren left the bar, he suddenly turned to a direction opposite to where he lives…”

    “Is there a place Jian Ren may go to?” Shi Qingning got up and said, “Mint may be in danger, I’ll go and see him.”

    “Second Young Master.” The thin and tall assistant beside him frowned, “It’s so late, you still want to go out?”

    He said displeasedly, “Mr.
Shi just came back from a long flight.
In order to come back early, he postponed a lot of things and even dealt with some online.
Won’t it waste a lot of time, if he goes out now.
Can’t you wait for Mr.
Shi to think about it?”

    Shi Qingning tilted his head, a little puzzled, “I can go by myself.”

    He said to Shi Yi, “Brother, rest well at home.”

    “You yourself—” the assistant was interrupted by a cold voice before he finished speaking.

    “Do you really want to go?” Shi Yi asked.

    Shi Qingning nodded.

    “Today I broke up with Jian Ren at the bar.
Jian Ren will vent his anger on that boy because of me.”

   Afraid that Young Master Shi might misunderstand him, that he wanted to go find Jian Ren, Shi Qingning tried his best to explain.

    “Now Jian Ren may do something, I have the responsibility to go and see him.”

    But to be honest, Shi Qingning didn’t know if he could convince this big brother who seemed a little too cold.

    The assistant sneered inwardly.

    What a nice way to say, don’t you still want to go find that dog man?

    What a waste of time and effort investigating those videos.

    The assistant knew Shi Yi’s character, and was waiting to see Shi Qingning being scolded, but unexpectedly heard Shi Yi say.

    “Go and drive.”

    The bodyguard standing at the side left, the assistant was stunned, and before he could react, he saw that the young master had already got up and walked towards the door.

    He also looked back at Shi Qingning who was about to follow, feeling slightly displeased.

    “Bring a jacket.”

    The last sentence was for the bodyguard.


    So Young Master Shi was wrapped tightly again before he was able to go out.

    The two got into the car together, and the bodyguard who went after Jian Ren finally found Jian Ren’s current location.
Guided by the address, they drove to that remote street not long after.

    The surrounding lights were dim, and the places where the headlights could illuminate were limited.
Only a few figures could be seen in the corner of the street, and there were obvious groans and fighting sounds all around.

    When Shi Qingning heard the voice, he couldn’t help being surprised.

    The car door opened and he immediately got out of the car, wanting to go there to find someone.

    But before he could even take a few steps, Shi Qingning’s collar was tightened and he was held back directly.

    When Shi Qingning turned his head, he saw Shi Yi wearing a rather unkind expression.
He didn’t look at Shi Qingning, but only gestured to the bodyguard.

    Several bodyguards quickly cleared the place, and Shi Qingning finally saw Bai Yexi’s figure.

    Fortunately, he was one of the few people still standing, without losing consciousness.

    The light was unclear, and a bodyguard was also attacked when he approached Bai Yexi, until Shi Qingning’s voice sounded.


    When Shi Qingning ran over, he saw the other party with one hand on his knees, panting with his head bowed, his long hair, which was tied up casually, was a little messy, and his light-colored top was also stained with dust and dirt.

    “Are you okay?” Shi Qingning hurriedly supported him.

    The body of the person supported by him froze, and he stopped for half a beat before raising his head.

    There didn’t seem to be any obvious scars on the boy’s face.
Shi Qingning breathed a sigh of relief, but then saw the other party look away again.

    As if he wasn’t used to the feeling of being cared for, Bai Yexi’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, and he spoke after a while.

    “…I’m fine.”

   His chest was heaving and his forehead was sweaty.
When he said that, it made people feel distressed for him.

    Shi Qingning took a glance and found that there were at least a dozen people lying around, not counting the ones dealt with by the bodyguards, the number was enough to make people worry.

    “Did Jian Ren come to block you?”

    Shi Qingning took a breath.

    “Forget it, we’ll talk about it later, go to the hospital for an examination first…”

    As soon as he said this, the boy in front of him looked at him, and then extended his hand.

    Shi Qingning was startled, “What’s wrong?”

    Bai Yexi remained expressionless, and stretched out his hand for him to see.

    The slender fingers were stretched and straightened, showing all of them without hiding anything.
There was no redness, swelling or scars on the hands with perfect bones, and under the halo of the moonlight, they looked like a kind of cold, white jade.

    The boy lowered his eyes and spoke with a cold voice.

    “Hand, it’s okay.”

    The hand that you fancy is not injured.



↑1 It derives its name from its requirement that employees work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days per week; i.e.
72 hours per week.
↑2 I have no idea what the author wants to say out here.
I anyone knows do let me know in the comments.

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