01 Don’t laugh, you don’t look like him when you laugh

    While his consciousness was blurred, the voice of a conversation came intermittently in his ears.

    “Congratulations… Yes, this radical heart surgery [1] was very successful.
I am optimistic that he will be no different from a normal person in the future…”

    “Yes, the patient’s body is still recovering, and he may be asleep for a few more days… It’s not a big problem, just take a good rest…”

    His eyelids were heavy and could not be opened.
Shi Qingning was in a weak state to even determine who those voices belonged to, but at the same time he couldn’t help but wonder.

    Did I not have a congenital heart disease.
And was it not a rare kind of deviation from the usual case? Moreover, when the disease was discovered, the best time for treatment had already been missed, and his physical condition was so poor that even radical surgery could not be performed, palliative surgery [2] being the only way to maintain the treatment.

    So why is the doctor saying that he is now cured?

    Is it possible that he was still dreaming?

    Shi Qingning pondered, trying to open his eyes to see the environment he was currently in.

    But his body is too weak, it seems that just maintaining this short-lived consciousness has exhausted all his strength, let alone moving awake.

    Fatigue came over him like a tide.
Shi Qingning had experienced this kind of situation where he couldn’t control his body many times before, and had long been accustomed to hovering on the edge of life and death.

    But this time, the dull pain in his body was much lighter than expected, as if the boulder that had been pressing on his chest was suddenly removed, leaving him with only mild and harmless fatigue.

    It was as if the health that was always like an unattainable dream had come to Shi Qingning like a real and timely gift.

    Shi Qingning finally fell asleep.

    The sharp pains that always occurred from time to time were gone, helping him slept soundly this time.
A few times in the middle, when he was half awake he also noticed that someone was feeding him water and turning him over, but because of exhaustion, he could only fall asleep again.

    When he finally woke up, Shi Qingning’s first reaction was to relax.

    The body felt a lot hollow as if it had just lost a bag full of fresh blood.
However, there was no feeling of restraint from complicated equipment that are usually attached to his body.
Shi Qingning slowly opened his eyes, his vision gradually became clear, and a large area of pure white was in front of him.

    This is the hospital.

    The layout of the ward was very unfamiliar, Shi Qingning raised his hand and groped around the pillow.
There are usually adjustment knobs on the bedside of the hospital bed.

    He’s very familiar with this sort of thing.

    Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Shi Qingning to touch the knob, adjust the height of the bed frame by himself, and then half sit up and lean against the head of the bed.

    Without the familiar dizziness and tingling after waking up, Shi Qingning felt as if he was still in a dream even though he was awake.

    After he finally calmed down, he noticed his hand.

    This hand…why does it feel a little small?

    When Shi Qingning was about to observe himself carefully, he heard a soft sound from outside the door.

    An aunt dressed as a nanny gently pushed open the door and walked in.
When she looked up, she saw the boy sitting on the bed.

    The aunt immediately froze, and the tray in her hand fell to the ground with a bang.

    “You’re awake?!”

    The aunt didn’t even bother to pick up the tray, as she walked in quickly but then suddenly stopped again, and hastily rubbed her palms on her dress.

    “I, I’ll call someone!”

    Not long after, a few people wearing white coats walked into the ward.
Next to them was a woman with delicate makeup and a gentle temperament.

    The woman walked the fastest, hurriedly looking at the boy on the bed.

    With just one glance, her eyes instantly turned red.

    “Xiao Ning!” [3]

    Shi Qingning was a little puzzled.

    His body felt lighter than ever before, and his consciousness crystal clear, but the people in front of him, whether it was the nanny, the doctors, or the excited woman.

    Shi Qingning is sure that he doesn’t know anyone of them.

    Several doctors came forward and did a simple examination on Shi Qingning.

    “No problem, all the indicators are normal.” A middle-aged doctor said with a smile, “This time the congenital heart surgery was successful, you can rest assured.”

    This is the same as what Shi Qingning heard when he was in a state of confusion before.

    At this time, Shi Qingning finally determined something.

    This was not his own body.

    This body is too small, with pale white fingers and a slender skeleton, it looks like he has not yet grown up.
The most important thing is that Shi Qingning was clearly suffering from a terminal illness, but now it has been judged that he has been cured and can live like a normal person.

    “The radical surgery was a success.”

    One should know that this sentence is like the sound of an angel that many congenital heart disease patients are eager to hear even in their dreams.

    The woman on the side hurriedly made a few calls to talk about Shi Qing Ning’s awakening, and then thanked the doctors.
After sending off those few people, the ward finally became quiet.

    The nanny went to prepare lunch, so there were only two people left in the room.
The woman sat by the bed, looked at him carefully, and asked softly.

    “Baby, do you feel better?”

    The woman was wearing extravagant clothes and a delicate makeup, but there was no smell of perfume on her body, only a very light soap fragrance, probably because she is taking care of a heart patient, she deliberately does not use perfume, in case it irritates the patient.

    Judging from her caring attitude, she should be a very close person, and Shi Qingning also has a vague feeling of familiarity with her.

    But when he looked closely, Shi Qingning couldn’t recall any specific memory related to her.

    Seeing Shi Qingning looking at her with unfamiliar eyes, although the woman’s expression was still gentle, her smile was a little stressed.

    “Are you still angry with your mother?”

    Sure enough, she was the mother of this body, no wonder she felt familiar.

    But what was she saying about being angry?

    Shi Qingning found that he did not have any memory of this body.

    So, he decided to just wait and see.

    “It’s not that Mom doesn’t let you meet him, these things are negotiable.”

    Speaking of which, the woman took a breath and maintained her tone of voice.

    “But you can’t, you can’t make fun of your life…”


    There was a big question mark in Shi Qingning’s brain.

    In order to survive, he struggles more than anyone else, but why does it sound like he was seeking death himself?

    Shi Qingning tried to recall what he was doing before he fell into a coma, but unfortunately he didn’t succeed.
He was a little confused how things were going on, but he didn’t open his mouth to ask anything.

    Facing someone close like this body’s mother and when he hasn’t figured out the situation yet, it will be very risky to talk and can even be seen through if he acts rashly.

    Shi Qingning didn’t say a word, but just looked straight at her.
The woman seemed to be used to her son’s ignorance of her, and was not suspicious at all, as if the two had always been getting along this way.

    Her eyes reddened as she spoke, but she still held back with her voice still being gentle.

    “If you want to see Jian Ren in the future, you can go see him, okay? Mom won’t stop you anymore, as long as you take care of your health.
Don’t do such silly things again…”

    Jian Ren?

    The name is so unique that Shi Qingning immediately remembered.

    …Isn’t this the name of a person in a novel that he read?

    So has he entered that novel now?

    Shi Qingning finally figured out a clue and began to think hard.

    But his memory was still a bit hazy, and he only vaguely remembered that it was a sadistic novel filled with dog-blood.

    But when he tried to recall the specific content of the book, his head began to hurt.

    The memory area of his brain was stimulated, and even the forehead began to throb.

    “Mom knows that today is his birthday, but now your body still needs rest.
Otherwise, in two days, mom will hold another birthday party for him at the best hotel in Haicheng.
After you have rested, you can go to participate, okay… “

     Mother Shi suddenly stopped talking and showed a horrified expression, “Baby!”

    She hurriedly took a tissue to wipe his face, as her voice changed, and even her fingers were shaking.

    Only then did Shi Qingning realize that he had a nosebleed.

    Bright red blood dripped down, soaking the paper towels.
There were also bursts of tingling pain in his forehead.
Shi Qingning trying to recall his memories was obviously beyond what his body could hold.

    He took the tissue, covered his nose and said in a muffled voice, “It’s okay.”

    But in Mother Shi’s eyes, this became a reaction to resisting her touch.


    She finally retracted her stretched out hand stiffly.

    Mother Shi didn’t dare to mention what happened just now, for fear of irritating the him again, so she could only continue to help with the tissue paper, at the same time hurriedly wiping her tears with her hands.

    When the nosebleed finally stopped, Mother Shi forced a smile and said, “Mom won’t say anything.”

    “Then I’ll ask the driver to take you there, okay?”

    She was cautious and even a little humble.

    “It’s cold outside, it’s not convenient for you to go by yourself.”

    Even Shi Qingning’s brief “um” was enough to make her look happy as if her wish had come true.


    Haicheng, ‘The Player’ Bar.

    Today, a notice board was set up at the entrance of the bar and the words “Reserved for Today” were written.

    Some guests who didn’t pay attention to the notice went to the door and wanted to enter, but were politely persuaded by the waiter outside the door.

    In the bar lobby, the rhythmic background music was going on, and the entire space had been redecorated.

    Two huge purple numbers, 22, were lit on the center light covered wall.
At a glance, it looked very dazzling.

    There were already some guests in the hall, and many people were surrounding a tall and thin man, with no lack of envy in their words.

    “The player is the best bar in Haicheng.
It’s worthy of being a young master to be able to book a room here!”

    “Today is still a weekend.
Usually, a ticket costs two hundred on the weekends.
Young Master Jian’s birthday party sure is very big this time.”

    Someone sneered, “What best bar in Haicheng? Young master Jian is from the Capital.
The bars there are much more classy and bigger than this one, so it’s not considered a very big party, alright?”

    Listening to so many people bragging and complimenting him, Jian Ren, who was stared at by the crowd, had a cold expression, with obvious lack of interest, and never showed much enthusiasm towards anything.

    In the eyes of everyone, it is the evidence that he is someone used to much bigger things and won’t be surprised by something so small.

    “There will be a few more bands and internet celebrities coming over in a while, all of which are usually the kind that you won’t be able to invite, and who came just for the sake of young master Jian’s face.”

    “Hey, if you are really saying like that, then please… it must be because of that young master Shi, right?”

    As soon as the name came out, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

    Jian Ren also raised his eyes.

    His pupils are extremely dark, and ends of his eyes are sharp making him look cold, and causing people to dare not look at him directly.

    Others were curious, “Who? Young Master Shi? The youngest son of the richest man in Haicheng?”

    “Yes, it’s Shi Qingning, the most precious jewel of the Shi family.
He seems to have… a congenital heart disease? Anyway, the family is very protective of him, they were never even willing to let him out before.”

    “Oh yes, wasn’t he photographed once a few years ago? Just a snap shot and it went viral on several media websites.”

    This immediately aroused the interest of many people.

    “Is there a photo? Have you seen it?”

    “No, it was immediately suppressed by the Shi family, and disappeared from the entire Internet.
If it wasn’t for this, no one would have even known that the Shi family had such a well-protected young master.”

    “Really? What does he look like…”

    The discussion was very lively, and Mrs.
Shi was also a well-known beauty in Haicheng.
The speculations on the appearance of the young master of the Shi family extended into various versions.

    But only the man who never opened his mouth knew.

    All the rumors were not even half as good as that man.

    Jian Ren looked down at the cup in front of him and recalled that pale face.

    The eyes as beautiful as a starry sky, the cheeks as soft as a marshmallow, the long and thin eyelashes, and the beauty that even his everlasting sickness can’t hide.

    The swirling wine in the glass reflected the warm amber light in the man’s eyes.

    There is one thing that Jian Ren has never denied.

    Young Master Shi is really good looking.

    A few people next to him noticed Jian Ren’s expression, looked at each other, raised their eyebrows and asked, “Brother Jian, how is the progress between you and Young Master Shi?”

    There were still people who didn’t know anything, “What progress? Isn’t that young master a man?”

    “What happened to being a man? It’s not uncommon now.”

    “No, I mean Young Master Jian, didn’t he have girlfriends before…?”

    “Oh, it’s just for fun, do you really think our brother Jian will be serious?”

    “That’s right, I haven’t seen any beauty that can catch Brother Jian before.”

    “But to say that the young master is even better than a beautiful woman, or its just Brother Jian that doesn’t like it…”

    “Speaking of which, Young Master Jian is still very powerful.
That little young master is really infatuated to death.”

    “The word infatuated to death is not an exaggeration at all.
I have a cousin-in-law in the hospital.
Hey, Brother Jian, I heard… He wanted to die for you?”

    As soon as these words came out, it really shocked everyone around.

    The scene was quiet for a few seconds before someone swore.

    “Fuck me?! Is he so infatuated? Brother Jian, you truly are a master!”

    “Really! Look at how many people tried to cozy up to him before but couldn’t even meet him.
And then look at our Brother Jian, there is no comparison!”

    Jian Ren was playing with the shaker, and a few easy and smooth throwing movements caused another cry of exclamation.
He caught the shaker and raised his eyelids lazily.

    “I didn’t know that he was the son of the richest man in Haicheng.”

    Hearing him, the others laughed, “What’s the matter with being the richest man’s son, isn’t he still subdueded by our Young Master Jian?”

    “Oh, by the way, will he come to the birthday party today?”

    Someone asked in a low voice, “Didn’t you say that he looked for death before…”

    All eyes were focused on Jian Ren.

    But they only heard Jian Ren say something.

    “He didn’t really die.”

    There was silence all around.

    But the person who spoke still looked indifferent and continued to bartend.
The liquor poured out of the shaker, with the accumulated foam gradually settling on top.

    A slice of fresh-cut lime hanged on top of it, adorned with tiny bubbles.

    It wasn’t until the lemon cocktail was prepared that Jian Ren continued to speak.

    “Today’s birthday party, I sent him an invitation.”

    The person next to him teased, “Yo, Brother Jian took the initiative?”

    Jian Ren said lightly, “Some benefit must be given.”

    This remark elicited another round of whistling and laughter.

    “Damn, that little young master didn’t die last time, so he is happily rushing to die this time, right?”

    “This is the essence of being a playboy!”

    “Master, this is what a master is!”

    Jian Ren remembered the look in those big watery eyes, and didn’t say anything.

    When the man laughed, it indeed looked quite a beautiful.

    What’s more… He is also the son of the richest man in Haicheng.

    Jian Ren picked up the wine glass, took a sip, bit the slice of lime, and put it in his mouth.

    The sweet and sour flavor erupted between his lips and teeth.

    His dark eyes were as cold as abyss.


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