The Last Moon

Chapter 4: A Maybe Unwilling Trade

Chapter Three : A Murder

”You are silent. ” James stated as I turned my head to look at him. I wanted to say a lot of things to him. The things that were running in the back of my mind but something just held me back from voicing out those thoughts.

”Its nothing. ” I said as I opened the car to get down as we had already arrived at my parents, just when I was held back by him placing his hand on mine.

”Ill be there before you know it. But till then, you have to take absolute care of yourself. I don like people touching or accusing something thats mine. ” His eyes were shining with concern, making something twist and churn inside of me.

Stop with your fake concern, Mr. I am The Obssessive CEO who grew obsessed with a girl I saw once.

”And I don like people degrading me either. Don worry, Ill be fine. Always have been. ” I said as I got down, closing the door of the car. Our eyes met but there was a thick glass in between and I guess, it will forever be there.

He passed me a small smile which I failed to return. Seeing my grim expression in return to his beautiful smile, he broke our staring competition as he started his car to leave.

The car was soon out of my sight as I turned around to look at the house I was brought up in. The place which held memories of my childhood. The place I was brought to from that black cage.

I walked towards the gate as I saw a new guard standing there. Before I could enter, he stopped me.

”Miss., you can go inside. ”

”Says who? ” Another childish tactic, Astarte? When will you ever grow up?

”Miss- ”

”Ah! Mrs. Agustine, hows married life going!? ” I turned around to find Ennence standing there with a bright smile on his face. How can this guy be so right with his timing? Its really beyond my understanding at this point.

”Isn he the Young Master of the Derek family? ” I replied with a smirk on my face.

”It, sure enough, is, my lady. Wanna accompany me inside? ”

”Thank you, Mr Derek. ”

”No worries, Mrs. Agustine. ” He winked, making me laugh.

”Move aside. ” Was all he said to make the guard move aside, allowing both of us to enter.

There were two guards at the door of the mansion greeting guests.

Is there any occasion today? How come I am not aware?

”What is being celebrated today, Ennence? ”

”Your first return after marriage and your fathers companys stocks rising again because of the Agustine Enterprises. ”

”I see. Thanks. ”

”No worries. I gotta go though. I was just here to drop mom but then I saw the guard causing trouble for you so I came to help. ”

”Really thanks. ” He nodded his head as he finally turned and left.

Well…Lets do this! Feels as if Im marching right into a battlefield.

And with that thought in my mind, I entered. As in front of me stood ladies dressed in beautiful dresses and then there was me standing in a plain blue gown.

Well, I wasn informed so not my fault!

”Ah! Sister, you are here. ” A very irritating sound greeted me. ”Wheres a brother in law? ” She asked as she took in my presence.

”He has some work. ”

”Does he? Or he just left you at your mothers house because he has seen your true colours? ”

No use in arguing with stupid people. Ill just be wasting my time and energy.

Ignoring her, I walked to the stairs to go upstairs as I decided to greet dad first.

”STOP! ” Astartes voice echoed in the whole room, making the room fall in dead silence. I turned around to look at her and saw her marching towards me with two of her friends and a guard.

Perfect! I can even have a peaceful meeting with dad. My dear little sister can see me in peace after all.

”Astarte! why are you causing a scene? ” Moms voice boomed, making her stop right where she was standing.

”Mom! Its my sisters first day after marriage but she has returned without brother in law. And my friends ring is missing. It costs five hundred thousand dollars. And was the newest release of the Daran Collections. ”

Seriously? You are trying stupid novel tricks on me? Damn you, Lil sista. But if you want to play it novel-like, lets just make it novel-like.

”Adella, do you have anything to say? ” Mom said, turning her gaze to me.

”I can say, anything mom. I am sad, thinking that my little sister, who I brought up with so much love, thinks that her sister can be a thief. But since thats the case now, I allow myself to be searched. ” I said, playing the pitiful card.

I turned to look at her. She was wearing a big smile on her face. ”Sister, then hurry and hand over your purse to this guard so that he can search for the ring. ”

Just when she said this my eyes fell on her so-called friend. She was smiling. Oh! So this is where she got the idea of this novel like scenario. Bad influence. Let me first deal with my sister then I shall deal with you tomorrow.

Better be ready, Miss. Bad Influence.

”No! ” I said as I walked down the stairs and stood in front of my dear little sister.

”No? ”

”No. I am the wife of The one and only, James Agustine. What makes you think Ill let a lowly guard check my possessions? Wouldn that affect my husbands reputation? So mom why don you check my purse? I don think a mother checking her daughters belongings would be that big of a deal. ” I knew mom would never check it as seriously as the guard and something as small as that ring couldn be found by mom in my bag full of my possessions.

”Fair enough. Hand it over. ” Mom said, reaching out her hand. I walked over to her and handed over my purse.

All the spectators were curiously watching. Enjoying the show with drinks in their hands.

”Mom? ”

”Theres nothing. Astarte, explain the meaning of this. Now. ” Mom said with a stern expression.

”Why only Astarte, mom? Why not her friends too? Because when she accused her sister. They didn stop either. I think the three of them owe me an explanation. ” I said as I turned to look at them with a smirk on my face, making her friends shiver.

”Mom! Sister didn bring brother in law, isn it the same as bringing shame to our household? ” She said, shamelessly changing the topic after getting caught.

Such an idiot. Can even see her friends are using her. Good, sister. Very good. Let me shut you up again then.

”Inez? What does this mean? ” Mother asked, turning to me.

”Mom, he- ” I was interrupted by the sound of the door being pushed open. Everyone turned to look at who was the new character who had just entered the play.

And it was none other than my handsome husband.

Wait… my? Of course, hes my husband. But then why did I call him handsome? Shit! This mans got charisma.

He walked towards me as he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer.

”Forgive me, mother in law, for delaying my arrival. I had some things to take care of. ”

”I see. ”

”Please excuse us. Well now go and pay respects to father in law. Together. Or hell think, I have kept his free bird in a cage called a kitchen. ” He said, making mother laugh.

”Please do so. Hes upstairs in the study. Inez. ”

”Excuse us, mom. ” I said as mom nodded a little, giving me the signal to leave.

Holding his hand, I led him upstairs to his fathers study room. Upon reaching there, I knocked on the door as he stood there in silence.

We waited for ten minutes but there was no reply. I knocked again. Neither did he open the door nor was there any reply. I looked at James and the next thing I knew was that he broke open the door without a second thought.

And the scene I saw there, made my whole world stop. There was my father, lying down with closed eyes. Blood, oozing out from his abdomen with a gun lying nearby.

It made me weak in my knees. Voices started ringing in my head. The scene of my mother getting killed ran in front of my eyes.

”Inez! Go! ” The words that would never leave me alone. Even those nights when I was alone wishing someone would give me an easy death.

Tears filled my eyes as I turned around hiding my face in his chest and gripping his shirt tightly in my fists. ”James… Father… ”

”Shh… Calm down… SECURITY! ” He pulled me in his embrace, shouting for the security, which soon enough came running in. And soon, the once joyful banquet mother held became a mourning session.

Mom was crying for her husband while Astarte was on her knees feeling helpless.

Everyone stood and silently watched. I walked to her and kept my hand on her shoulder. She turned around to look at me as I slowly shook my head. Nodding her head at me, she wiped her tears immediately and composed herself.

”Astarte. ” I walked over to her as I tried consoling her. She turned back and hugged me tightly.

”Father… ” She was sobbing.

”Its okay. Lets first send the guests back. Okay? ” I said, patting her head to which she slowly nodded.

”It was such a nice banquet but was ruined as soon as this jinx stepped in. ” One of Astartes friends started to stir gossip. The stolen ring one to be more specific.


”Stop crying. Well deal with it later. ” James passed me over a bottle of water. I made her sit on the chair nearby and drink it, calming her down a bit.

Then I turned around to look at the audience as I finally said. ”Thank you for attending the banquet. While leading out please all those who have attended kindly let Butler Feng write your names. Thank you. ” I announced as Butler Feng catching my hint led them all out.

I crouched down in front of my little sister as the next words I said made her eyes drowning in tears, shine with hope.

”Ill get to the bottom of this. I promise. ”

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