The Special Agents Association, officially known as the National Union of Special Individuals, is currently holding a welcoming ceremony for new employees for the autumn season.
The event takes place in the conference room of a seaside resort hotel, and it is said that after the welcome party, team building and networking activities will immediately follow.
The new employees are given half a day off before starting their official duties, which perfectly aligns with the unconventional style of the union’s chairman, who likes to do things as they come to mind.


The balding chairman, with only a few strands of hair remaining on his head, passionately delivered his speech on the stage.
His main points are divided into three sub-points, and each sub-point is further elaborated with three minor points.
He enthusiastically painted grand visions with his words.
However, the young sentinels and guides in the audience clearly don’t buy into his rhetoric.
Only a few in the front rows were attentively listening, while the rest were either daydreaming or whispering among themselves.


The whole structure is unstable, and the top structure is not yet properly established.
Behind the chairman, there were two rows of union leaders, several of whom appeared to be daydreaming.
One of them was even leaning back in his chair with both arms crossed, shamelessly dozing off.


The hostess waiting on the side became anxious about the progress of the meeting.
She politely pushed open a narrow slit in the backstage door and cautiously peeked at the situation on the stage.
The chairman’s figure trembled incessantly due to his forceful and emphatic speech.
The sleeping director behind him has already fallen into a deep slumber.
The hostess quickly withdrew her gaze and noticed a pure black wheelchair standing nearby.
A person in a white guide’s suit and dress was seated in the wheelchair, with slightly raised pant legs revealing slender ankles that were far more delicate than those of an average person, fittingly captivating.


She was taken aback for a moment and instinctively looked up, unexpectedly meeting a pair of misty blue eyes.
These eyes were neither clear nor transparent, as if veiled by a thin layer of gauze.
Yet, they were gentle and welcoming, not angered by this impolite intrusion.
Instead, they kindly smiled at her.


Blushing, the hostess lowered her head and quickly closed the door.


On the stage, Xiao Zhenyun silently averted his gaze, placing his palm on the wheelchair handle.
His fingertips absentmindedly caressed it, lost in thought.


After the meeting, even before the other directors leaved, a black-clad sentinel swiftly climbed up the stage.
Xiao Zhenyun looked back at him, mentally marking:


Male Lead 1 of the novel, sentinel, Si Chu.


“Uncle!” The male protagonist excitedly stood behind Xiao Zhenyun.
His brown, puppy-like eyes were round and bright.
“I’ll push your wheelchair.
My mom said to…”


The dozing director woke up as well and walked over with a cheerful expression, patting the sentinel’s shoulder heavily.
“Si Chu, your exam results were impressive.
You’ve inherited your brother’s excellence.”


Upon hearing such straightforward praise from a high-ranking union member, Si Chu’s ears perked up and a hint of pride showed on his face.
“Not really, not really.
I’m far inferior to my brother.
I only managed to surpass his record in five out of his nine achievements…”


At this moment, another white-clad guide approached, clearly familiar with Si Chu.
He quietly waited on the side.
Xiao Zhenyun marks in his mind again:


Male lead 2 of the novel, guide, Ye Feiran.


The drowsy director smiled and asked Si Chu, “Is this your guide? Impressive, you’ve already found a guide right after graduating?”


“No… He’s my brother’s guide, my future sister-in-law,” Si Chu said, teasingly glancing at the white-clad guide named Ye Feiran.
“Right, Ye Feiran?”


The latter helplessly rolled his eyes at Si Chu without saying a word.


The drowsy director understands the dynamics between these two youngsters.
Ye Feiran and Si Chu’s brother have a relationship akin to ‘childhood sweethearts’ on their parents’ terms, but it hasn’t progressed to the level of being engaged.
However, Si Chu often teases him about it.
The director can’t help but join in the banter.
“As the saying goes, nothing beats dumplings when it comes to good food, and nothing beats…”


“…making dumplings for fun,” Xiao Zhenyun calmly interrupted.


The director bursted into laughter.
He turned his head to Xiao Zhenyun, who, due to being in a wheelchair, was much shorter than him.
Despite his pale complexion, he exudes an ethereal charm with a straight posture and a polite smile.
Xiao Zhenyun also lifted his head and smiled back.
“Xiao1Xiao is a unisex Chinese name and has many meanings including ‘dawn, morning’, ‘little’ or ‘respectful, reverent’.
It can also be used in with a person’s last name to call younger generation.
Chu, let’s leave first.”


Once outside the hall, Ye Feiran cleared his throat and pointed to the top of Si Chu’s head.
Si Chu hurriedly continued to support Xiao Zhenyun’s wheelchair with one hand and pressed his other hand against his own ear.
“I got too excited hearing my brother’s name.
My mental projection involuntarily appeared.”


After he finally retracted his ‘dog ears,’ Xiao Zhenyun asked, “Xiao Chu, what were you going to tell me earlier?”


“Oh! My mom wants you to come home for dinner this weekend,” Si Chu happily said.
“Coincidentally, my brother’s mission is almost over, and he’ll be back the day after tomorrow.
Both Feiran and I have joined the union successfully, so my mom wants us to get together on Sunday… My dad also misses you, Uncle.
He said he got some good tea and wants you to taste it…”


“Is that so?” Xiao Zhenyun amiably nodded.
“Then I must go.”


“Great! I’ll go back and tell my parents,” Si Chu joyfully ran ahead, opening the door of the parked car on the roadside and thoughtfully using his hand to protect the car roof from any bumps.
Ye Feiran took over the task of pushing the wheelchair, carefully securing the transporting arm around the wheelchair’s tires to lift it steadily.
He then stood by

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