r>However, disowning one’s biological child in the noble society was a scandal.
There was no plausible reason to do so, and the process of revoking inheritance rights was also cumbersome to handle while the child was alive.

Fortunately, Mitrof was the third son.

The eldest son was hardworking and talented.
Although Count Vansankai was concerned about his lack of ambition, he could easily pass on the family’s legacy without any problems.

The second son belonged to the imperial capital as a clerk.
Although his womanizing ways were troublesome, he could make connections in the center with some skill.

As for Mitrof, who turned 15 this year, he was useless.
No matter what he did, he was mediocre.
He was only interested in eating, and the food expenses were piling up.

For a noble family, other than the eldest son, everyone else was only a backup.
And the Count Vansankai family cannot afford to keep useless spares idle.

“Mitrof, you should go to the labyrinth.
Fulfill the old duty of a noble.
I’ve already applied for you.”

Count Vansankai put a silver plate on the table from his pocket.
It slid and hit the base of Mitrof’s wine glass, making a thud.

“That is a permit for passage to the labyrinth.
It is also a certificate of membership in the labyrinth guild.
Take it and show that you can stand on your own.
You are already 15 years old.


Mitrof took the silver card, looked at it front and back, then put it in his chest pocket.

Watching Mitrof’s slow reaction, Count Vansankai grew frustrated once again.
Mitrof had always been like this.
When he thought about it, even his own son’s face seemed unpleasant to him.

“Receive the luggage from Arzo and leave the house.
Come back if you have accomplished something noteworthy in the labyrinth.”

Count Vansankai said with irritation.


Mitrof stood up and bowed to Count Vansankai.
Despite his rounded and bloated figure, his mannerisms were just like that of a nobleman.

“Thank you for your hospitality, Father.
I will go to the labyrinth now.”

Thud, thud.
Mitrof’s heavy footsteps echoed as he left the dining room.

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