This was the first time that Alessio had entered the Saint’s room since his recovery.
He was still very curious in his heart.
The psycho’s memory was now stuck in a time period when he was not on good terms with him.
He wondered how the psycho of this time period would have chosen to decorate his room, in a situation where the Center would have met his every request.

    The room was surprisingly plain and neat.
It didn’t seem that he had no time to decorate, but that he had no intention of decorating it at all.
The Saint took a seat at the only table, and looked up at the vampire, who was surveying the surroundings.

    “What are you looking for?”

    Alessio asked, “Have you not asked the Center? Although you will be only staying for a few days, you should at least make yourself slightly more comfortable.”

    “…… That’s fine.”

    “Huh? Liar! Your tastes are clearly not like that.” Alessio refused to believe it, “Even if there isn’t a particularly comfortable rest area laid out, at least your candy jar should be on the table.”


    “I once suspected that you were eating three *Jin of sweets a day.”

(T/N: A traditional unit of weight, equivalent to 0.5 kg)

    Ruzius’ gaze sank slightly.
He was feeling a little surprised at the moment.
He did envisage how he would buy a house of his own and how it would be comfortably furnished after he had completed his mission and retired, but these were not something the vampire should know.

    Sweets too, but the vast majority of the times he ate sweets were when he was feeling quite stressed, and he had to restrain himself with some of it to keep himself calm.
And yet the vampire says he used to have to eat quite a lot of sweets a day, so how far did he repress, and what was he repressing?

    It looked like the vampire didn’t know that question either.
Fortunately, he was already gradually picking up some scraps of memory.
One day in the future, he would know the answer.

    “There are two things.” Ruzius stopped dwelling on the question of sweets or no sweets and got straight to the point.

    “One is that my memories are coming back.” As he said this, he looked straight at the vampire, intending to implicitly warn the other man not to try to deceive him, that he would one day remember all of the past he once had, and when that time came, he could unravel as many lies as the vampire had.

     Alessio, however, merely nodded casually, with a magnanimous expression, when suddenly something occurred to him and his face changed slightly.

    The cunning vampires, what they had told him was really exaggerated.
Ruzius thought with certainty.
He thought it was strange that the vampire always acted as if they were on good terms with him, when they were clearly sworn enemies who used to fight each other.

    Alessio’s brain circuit was not on the same channel as his.
He was just a little horrified to think that if his memory could be restored, did that mean that the seemingly well-behaved Saint in front of him would end up being the same psychopath again? Granted, that would allow him to ask the other side the reason for brazenly launching the war, but relatively speaking, that psycho was something he couldn’t really afford.

    “The second thing is about the staff from the military headquarters who just came to the door.” Ruzius said, “Marshal Olsen made a special trip back from the northern front in the hope that in the future I could contribute to the light collapse in the north that has yet to subside.”

    He looked at Alessio’s expression and was not surprised to see a faint bewilderment.
Vampires were always like that.
They had a very long life, and so they always seemed to be careless, focusing only on what interested them, and that interest usually didn’t last long.
Ruzius lowered his eyes.
He had studied many lessons about the vampires at the Temple.
He had not expected to be able to use a vampire as a direct comparison to corroborate the authenticity of those things he had studied.

    It was …… funny.

    “I thought there would be no war in the world 10,000 years later.” All Alessio had seen during this time was peace and prosperity, not the least bit like wartime.

    “Because it is not serious and has been completely suppressed in the north.” Ruzius said, “The power of light is extremely strong in the world now, and people are efficiently increasing the light in the atmosphere, the Light Index.”

    Alessio thought of the Light Index that he had read about in the live barrage, and another related word that seemed to be ……

    “…… Light Haze?”

    “That is what happens after an outbreak.
The light will fill the air in dust-like form, and even creatures inclined to the light will feel uncomfortable in it.” The Saint skilfully pulled up the relevant images from his optical computer, but had no intention of turning them around to show Alessio, only staring at them quietly himself.

    “The light haze on the northern front is highly concentrated, escalating into a light collapse.
That’s to the extent that ordinary humans will die in just a few minutes without wearing protection.”

    The optical computer presented a shocking scene of resistance on the front lines, soldiers who were unfortunately infected and had retreated to the rear, pictures of people lying weakly in hospital beds, their bodies covered in large bright patches of light.

    This is one of the evils of light collapse, namely photochemical disease.
Some humans or Light Creatures who have more light power themselves can also assume this state if their power goes out of control.
Some of them can even invoke the light species from the void, and then it will be a complete disaster.

    Alessio had moved his chair a step in advance so that he could see the screen diagonally, and the images on the screen made him frown slightly, but he did not feel much fear.

    He had experienced too many more gruesome battlefields.

    “But why ……” he heard the puzzled voice of the Saint beside him, “light is good and darkness is evil, so when good overflows, why does it invite evil consequences instead?”

    “We have always been committed to fill the world with the brilliance of God, so why is the result opposite when we have achieved it ……”

    The psycho was still at the time when he had such lovely thoughts …… In the later stage, he saw it more clearly than he did now.
He obeyed the positive and negative instructions of the Temple and could not see his faith now.

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