r>The Sacred Plover in front of them is one of them.


The Sacred Plover is a phantom bird, a typical Light Creature.
It is said that they would fly to a patient’s bed and stare at them quietly.
If they suddenly look away, the patient will be incurable.
If they keep staring, the Sacred Plover will then transfer the disease to itself, then fly to the sun, where the disease would be burned.
The patient and the Sacred lover would be reborn at the same time.


He didn’t expect him to be a doctor here.
It was quite suitable.


“Hello.” The Sacred Plover took the initiative to greet Alessio.
“I am an Oriental, Zhu Heng.”


“Vampire, Alessio.”


Zhu Heng smiled faintly.
“I know you.
Originally, we were supposed to meet tomorrow.
I will be in charge of your physical examination.”


Alessio looked at the psychopath sitting there, reading his own medical chart.


“What’s wrong with him? Does he need to be put back into the coffin?”


The Saint’s hand squeezed the chart tightly, writing down this grudge in his heart!


“It’s not contagious, there’s no need to isolate him.” Zhu Heng said, but his eyebrows frowned slightly.
“But the routine tests have been done, and we don’t know the exact cause of the coma.
There were symptoms of losing power before the coma, but the actual examination showed a very healthy body…… I can only recommend a further observation.”


All right, so this trip was for nothing.


So the Saint was left in the medical department, and Alessio left again, thinking that as he left, he would not……


Lose consciousness again!


As if the scene reappeared, the Saint was still sitting in front of Zhu Heng, looking at the medical chart.
His whole body was emitting low pressure, and a coma record was added to the medical chart.


“Actually, I have a guess.” Zhu Heng said, “I need you to cooperate with me in order to conduct a small experiment.”


Alessio took the communicator, doing as he was told and slowly left the medical department.
When he was some distance away, he received a message from Zhu Heng.


“The reason is clear.”


Sure enough, it was related to his distance from Alessio.
With a straight line distance of one kilometre, the Saint would immediately lose power and become unconscious.
The Saint holding the diagnostic result remained silent, while Alessio was laughing madly.


“*You also have this day!” Now, the psycho was not the previous psycho.
The present psycho could not fight.
Hearing this bit of sarcasm, he fell silent.
Alessio seized this opportunity to clean up the resentment of many years!

(T/N: something like every dog has its day)


If the psycho was always this well-behaved, he also could not help but take care of him hahaha!


Alessio was happy, but Aili was worried.
Because, in this case, it was better for Alessio and this Saint to live as neighbours in the Conservation Center for these next seven days.
Their schedule must be the same, so as to avoid a sudden power loss.


She had seen Alessio arguing with the Saint, and the word “hate” was continuously mentioned.
The situation was very serious.


Aili was worried.
She wanted to discuss it in the forum as soon as possible.


“Living next door? That’s fine.” Alessio finished his mockery and agreed very quickly, making Aili even more worried.


“But then, when you leave the Conservation Center, you two may have to live in the same house as well.”


Alessio: ……


Forced cohabitation is still okay.

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