Julia ran like crazy.
Every time she encountered the demons, she checked her SIGHT function and hid herself before repeatedly running again when they soon passed by.

How long did it take? Eventually, it appeared that her stamina had already fallen to a dangerous level.


Remaining HP is less than 5%.
All skills have been forcibly turned off except for those vital to life.]

The status window that popped up whenever a demon approached nearby soon disappeared like it was turned off.
In addition, the edge of her field of vision became red as well before it began its area expansion little by little.

It had been the sign of the player’s death.
All in all, at such an important moment, it was truly a disaster.

‘But I’ve already taken too much time to wait for my stamina to kick back in.
What should we do now?’

The amount of HP recovered per hour was 2% of her total physical strength, but even this was raised by one level through skill points.
If she continued to move like this without any countermeasures, her stamina would run out and she would eventually die.
However, if she didn’t make a move, it was clear that Legion would definitely die from all those demons.

Julia stared impatiently across the hallway.
If she turned there, she would soon find a staircase that eventually led down to the first floor along with a huge hall.
It hadn’t been the only way out of the castle, but going through this route was the fastest way to get Bero out of the barn.

Her back was already drenched with cold sweat.
There was absolutely nothing that she could do.
In order to save her, Legion—who was her only friend—had invaded the Devil’s Castle single-handedly, but her stupid and foolish self was only hiding behind a pillar while lingering about instead.

This time, Legion would really die.
A sense of helplessness eventually plunged her deep into the darkness.


Remaining HP is less than 4%.]

When Julia knelt down on the floor helplessly, roars of shouts from under the stairs were carried down the long aisle and right into the hallway—right where she was currently hiding.

“What kind of nonsense is this? What about who again?”

“Calm down, Lerazier.”

“Do I look like I can really calm down right now? Who was the one that made me look like such an idiot anyway!”

“That is why, I sorted it all for you.
In the first place, if you hadn’t rushed recklessly when we met on the outskirts, this wouldn’t have happened after all.
Is this actually a lack of learning ability or just a lack of intelligence?”


Julia, who unknowingly stood up, descended the stairs as if she was possessed.
Those who hadn’t noticed the fact that she was approaching still continued on with their heated argument.

Lerazier jumped up and down while Legion simply snorted with a cynical look.
Revenna gave a long yawn as she stroked Bero and Barbatos was taking off his monocle before setting it down on the table.
In addition to them, there were two more other demons including Agares and Bottis as well.

It was a combination that she could never have imagined before.
Julia blankly blinked her eyes, but that still didn’t stop her from seeing an unfamiliar sight before her very pair of eyes.

“You stupid demon.
Do you think I sorted it out just because I actually liked you? If you keep acting like that, you will not see the good things.
You only get to keep on pretending to be close to Julia.”


Remaining HP is less than 3%.]

A loud echoing sound suddenly muffled the voice of Legion’s words.
When she came back to her senses, those who had felt her presence stopped at once.

“Ju, Julia? Did you hear that?”



Remaining HP is less than 2%.
Entering life support mode to protect the player.]

She didn’t know why Legion’s face had stiffened awkwardly and the reason Agares and Revenna were screaming as they got up.
Before she even had the time to prepare, her vision already turned all black.

* * *

Julia opened her eyes again when she was already in her private bedroom.
It seemed that this fainting spell didn’t last too long, so the position of the sun hadn’t changed much from the moment she collapsed earlier.

“Oh, have you awakened?”

A cold palm rested on Julia’s forehead.
Revenna’s blonde hair was reflected in the sun and they shimmered with a scatter of bright light.

“Even in the dungeon, your complexion wasn’t that pale, but if you were really sick, you shouldn’t be moving and just wait for someone to come instead?”


Julia stammered at her query.
She was at a loss for words since she had more than one question herself.
What had happened to Legion, who was left all alone in the wilderness last night, why was he calmly entering the Demon’s Castle right now and whether there was actually anything that could have threatened his life too.

Revenna seemed to have noticed Julia’s intentions and smiled as if she was telling her to slow down.

“I’m actually a bit disappointed, you know? Why didn’t you tell me that you had left such an important person behind back in the Human Realm? In fact, I was only looking around while being completely unaware until I eventually found your letter? But I’m just glad that it’s still not too late.”


“I don’t think the other guys have realized it, but you can’t fool my eyes at all.
That human Sword Master is actually your lover? If not, why in the world would he come all the way right here then?”

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