Bael was the most powerful demon who had been born with the fate of a King, the absolute man of hell who had never succumbed to anything at all.
He didn’t have to be patient, much less to comfort others too.
Again, if something similar were to happen and provided the fact that Bael did not regain his mind properly, the result would simply be the key’s own death.

‘My throat is burning.’

The palm of his hand, which had been caressing her bruised thigh, naturally slid deeper and deeper inside.
He was well aware of how the spring between them had driven him crazy while giving him a deep comfort and satisfaction, which he never even felt before.

Was it similar to the feeling of having to stare at a bait that had been so appetizing yet he couldn’t even eat it? As he thought that he couldn’t do it had made him even more tired and drier in the mouth.


He struggled to remove his hand before he finally drew away his body with a click on his tongue.
If he had just continued like this, she would really die soon.
He had already found her somehow, so he couldn’t afford to lose her over a mere coital death.

Bael stood up and looked around.
The nest, which had become a mess due to their intense love affair that took place all night, eventually regained its original state in the blink of an eye with only a single gesture from him.

However, there was only one existence that had not been affected by his magic as it was still asleep as if it had been dead whilst in a messy state.
As he saw that, his nerves began to be on edge as if someone was tugging the back of his hair.

‘I can’t help it since her body will get cold if I just leave it alone for a while.’

Every time he thrusted during the act, the image of her trembling due to the fact that she could no longer stand it lingered in his mind like an afterimage.
The more he tried to shake it off, the more it stuck onto him.
Just like it was tempting him to relive the sadism and pleasure which he had felt right at that particular moment—as though it was whispering that if he just stretched out his hand, he could already taste it again.

Just as his eyes darkened, a cautious knock reverberated from outside of the nest.
Bael did not promptly answer, but the guest who was outside still opened the door without any ounce of hesitation.

“I truly apologize for the early hour.
But the matter was very urgent and I simply couldn’t help it.”

As she stood there alone, Revenna did not enter at all.
However, she threw a brief glance at Julia, who was already collapsed from exhaustion, before she then slowly prostrated herself.

“I have something to inform you about the human Sword Master.
It won’t take very long.”

Hidden behind Revenna’s hard-face was a small letter that hadn’t reached its original destination just yet.

* * *

The attacks of the four demons spurted endlessly over the blue dome-shaped defense within the desolate land where the flutter of black ash had rippled.
The mana that melted thickly in the air was filling up their power infinitely.
If it was a battle at the border between mana and magic power, it was definitely now that the demons had a clear victory.

Legion planted the greatsword on the floor and concentrated on injecting mana while clutching the handle with both of his hands.
The Soul Sword, the symbol of a Sword Master as well as a medium that helped out the operation of mana itself, proceeded to vibrate with a bluish light.

Similar to an electric current that flowed through the surface of the shield, a wave instantly transpired.
It gradually grew in size and soon began to attack indiscriminately along the trail of the magic that brushed against anyone.

“Stand back! Everyone, stop attacking!”

“Kugh, a mere human…!”

Bottis’s tail that got touched by the blue light immediately became charred just like Lerazier’s body from before.
As soon as it was confirmed, Barbatos quickly called for a retreat.
It was the first attack that had been done by the human who continued muttering something with a blank face ever since the King and the key left earlier.

Everything that was born in the demon realm had been burned black the moment it touched the mana and soon, they disappeared without a form.
The demons looked extremely tired as they watched the ground turn into ruins in an instant.

“This is just terrible.
It will be no different from the Master’s rampage.”

“No, even that thing will soon reveal its limits.
How can a human actually gather much strength in an atmosphere that is utterly filled with magical energy? He’s just eating his own flesh anyhow.
We just have to wait.”

Beyond the monocle, Barbatos’s eyes had already narrowed cynically.

As he had predicted, Legion’s mana was gradually reaching its limit.
Just like a person who was drowning in a deep lake, the feeling of sinking into the dark bottom clung heavily on his limbs.
He could not hold on to the life force that was currently escaping from his body.
He couldn’t control his mana at all.

“Julia, why…”

Endless questions filled his head to the brim.
Her petite back when she left him alone as she burrowed herself into the arms of the Demon King.
A sweet voice that murmured in a complaint.

‘I’m sorry, Demon King.
I thought that Bero was getting a little frustrated, so I wanted to play with it for a while.
But a small accident had suddenly happened to which I came out this far.’

‘I thought that you had allowed me to leave the Demon King’s bedroom… Plus, you didn’t really say anything last night, did you?’

All of those were the things that she had shown only to himself in the past—solely to himself.

“What’s wrong, really?”

As he stood alone in the wilderness, he rummaged through his past memories.
He was confused and his eyes gradually went distant.

He knew that Julia never saw him as anything more than a mere friend.
Nevertheless, he still thought that it was unlikely that she would ever see another man as a man too.

Due to her many scars, she was careful and prudent when conducting herself with others.
Even if someone else hovered around her, she was afraid to reach out first and they still had to crack on her hard shell outside just to get her to raise her head and make eye contact.
How long had he even waited for her to be exactly like that?

He thought that he could.
As he led the triumphal procession back to the Imperial Capital of Abeldishim, he was determined to shatter Julia’s last remaining shell completely, no matter how long it would take in order to make her truly see him as a man.


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