“Hu-uh, ah!”

A sensation that she couldn’t simply adapt with was slowly spreading from her waist downwards.
The unattainable pleasure was eating away at her nervous system with a direct shock to the stomach.

His thick, hot tongue prowled every inch of her opening while exploring every single nook and cranny.
It was at such a depth where the human tongue could have never even reached.

As she handed him all her secrets, Julia clung to the head of the bed and gasped for breath.
His fingers, which had spread her red petals, slipped out before he clasped onto her immature breasts as he rolled her nipples around.
The stimulation rushed up and down incessantly.

“Ah, Demon King—too, deep.”

“Don’t get up.”

“Do, don’t, heuk…!”

The irregular movements of his tongue began to take on a certain pattern just like a pistoning motion.
In line with that, Julia’s waist shook without her even realizing it.
It was such a small movement, but there would be no way that Bael was unaware of it all.

As he opened his mouth, he thrusted and licked even harder at her cute opening.
He then swallowed every single drop of the sweet fluids that were continuously leaking out.
His throat swelled wildly with excitement in return.

The moist sound eventually filled the whole room.
Bael grabbed Julia’s slender waist and started moving wildly up and down at once.
As she was bobbed up and down in his hand, Julia didn’t know what to do as she was left only to let out her moanings incessantly.

“No, not there!!”

The moment Bael’s tongue pressed down on a certain place, her soft and smooth inner walls trembled before they tightened in an instant.
As she reached her orgasm, Julia’s head tilted back and jerked, which caused her fine hair to flutter all over Bael’s stomach.

He then forcefully spread her thighs wide so that he could drink her juices better.
He stuck out his tongue all the way and ran it all over her secret place in order to guzzle even a little more of her love juices without leaving a single drop behind.

“Are you, huh-uhk…”

Bael then reversed their posture in an instant while holding onto the back of her neck as she fell limply in exhaustion.
He ran his fingertips through the pure white body beneath him and murmured in her ear.

“You shouldn’t be losing your mind simply like this.
This is just the beginning.”

“Still, going on—ah!”

Bael opened Julia’s buttocks wide open and slid his swollen flesh right between them.
Even without penetration, whenever he moved his waist slowly, her clitoris was pinned on and a thrill of pleasure instantly flooded in.

“The night in this Demon Realm is really long.”


“And if I say night, then it will be called night—even if the sun has already risen in the sky.”

Bael shifted his posture while pulling back his torso.
He pulled in Julia’s slender waist so that it aligned with his own red flesh and without a moment’s haste, he pierced her soft, wet hole all at once.


The tight-fitting penis put pressure against her entire inner walls with just its mere presence.
Seeing that his little prey was writhing her body as she could not bear the pleasure, the King twisted his lips in satisfaction.

“You can’t run away.”

He gripped Julia’s waist firmly with both of his hands and thrusted his back with all his might.
Her tiny hole swallowed his entire huge penis wholly right up to its root.
Without any moment of waiting, he moved his back once again.
The connection instantly deepened as he pulled her lower back that was being held along with his movement.

“Please, Demon King, too fast!”


“Hu-uhhk, stop…!”

She felt like she was choking amidst all the maddening pleasure.
Julia tried to stop him from rushing even more, but her wrists simply ended up being pinned above her head.

The wave-like heat surged from all over the area whenever he thrusted his back.
Eventually, she couldn’t stand it any longer.
The mind that she was holding on to just like a thread had already flown off.

The sound of flesh clashing in haste, Julia’s high-pitched moans and the King’s red eyes were the things that filled the entire night away.

* * *

After a very long night, the dusky dawn soon rose.
As he raised himself from the bed, Bael let out a deep sigh and brushed his disheveled black hair roughly.


As he turned his head, he saw that the key, who had been moaning painfully all night long, had already fallen into a deep sleep.
Traces of dried tears were clearly visible on her reddened cheeks.
Bael gently brushed her swollen eyes with his fingertips.
They were very soft, just like a ripe fruit.

His gaze then went downwards.
There were blue bruises in places that had been pure white without a single trace of thread.
Every time he lifted his lower body, the key kept on trembling because of the movement, which had been rather annoying.

‘You are weak.’

Even though he held her softly, it still left a dark mark like it had been tightened with damped leather.
Her waist, thighs, forearms and wrists.
Bael scanned the marks one by one and he began to frown unknowingly.
She was so weak that anyone would have simply clicked their tongues.

‘It was just clumsy of you to seduce me when you’re just like that.
She didn’t even know that she was actually risking her life here.’

His self-control was like a thread that could have just snapped at any moment.
When he saw the human man was caressing the key’s chest or when he saw that she was obediently entrusting her own body into the hands of others—even though he, himself, knew that it was merely an act that had been related to the imprint—his eyes started seething with anger.

The two would have already been dead by now if Julia hadn’t been willingly throwing herself into Bael’s embrace.

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