She instantly shoved away Legion’s chest with all her might.
Compared to him who had already been a Sword Master, her strength was absolutely weak yet he still stepped backwards like a person who got pushed by a rock.

He then smiled awkwardly as if to cover up the momentary silence.

“I’m sorry, I must have been a little dirty because of all the dust, right?”


Julia avoided his gaze without saying a single word.
A look of disappointment flashed across Legion’s face, but he didn’t show it outwardly and simply smiled apologetically in bitterness once again.

“I’m sorry that I came here so late.
I understand.
You don’t even want to see my face anymore.
For a man with this kind of incompetence to be a warrior, how would you trust and go along with me?”

“If you know that then, why…”

“Then, if I were to fight with the Demon King, would you be able to understand my sincerity? If I defeat him and bring you his heart, will you trust me in return?”

“What—all of a sudden, what kind of nonsense is that? No matter how much you are as a Sword Master, how can you truly defeat the Demon King!”

It was utterly embarrassing.
She didn’t expect that kind of an answer at all, but his eyes had a very clear determination towards the Demon King.
However, unless he really wanted to die, why would he even touch Bael? In fact, how to even deal with Bael’s enormous magical power?

‘Just go back to earth and forget about me.
Then, live happily ever after, you idiot!’

He was blatantly ignoring her feelings as he kept on going back and forth.
Unwittingly, Julia straight away slammed her fist upon his shoulder without her even realizing it.
Even though her fists were just like cotton bats which meant that there should be no pain, Legion suddenly shuddered as he got pushed back and frowned slightly.

Julia instantly stopped hitting him in response.

“What’s wrong? Did you get hurt somewhere?”

“No, everything’s fine.”

“But why do you keep on avoiding my eyes? Look at me, okay?”

He seldom made a weak sound, so that was very obvious right now.
She grew to be so worried about how serious his current condition had become.

Julia immediately hovered around Legion who was still avoiding her.
He then raised his arm to cover his face while not making any eye contact right until the very end.
Nevertheless, the tight lips that went underneath his arm seemed to be speaking of his bad condition instead.

“Legion, Legion.”


“Lower your arms.
What’s going on with you?”


Just as tears were about to well up because she started to be so worried, a laugh had eventually burst out from the corner of his stiff lips.

Under the arm that had finally gone down, a pair of twinkling blue eyes shone straight towards Julia.
A straight forehead, a straight nose and a sharper jawline than before.
Legion, who was looking at her, had the face of a full-fledged man now.
Nevertheless, the smile on his lips had been the same as when he was playing hiding behind the Abandoned Palace back as a child.

Julia’s expression, which had forgotten the whole situation for a moment, instantly hardened with despair.

“Did you just deceive me?”

“Kukuku, wasn’t it obvious? How can you actually go to the Demon King in the first place? He’ll straight up run away from you.”

“You’re really saying that now? You idiot, idiot!”

“In that case, you shouldn’t have tried to deceive me like that in the first place.
I’m afraid that you no longer know me because we’ve been apart for merely a few years.”

Legion, who had received all her cotton fist punches, suddenly bowed his head to meet her gaze.
A pair of blue and deep eyes just like the sky on an autumn day had reflected Julia.

Legion put away his combat gloves and brushed her cheek softly.
There was something new about Julia that he hadn’t noticed before as a low groan flowed from between his teeth.

“You’re too skinny.
Those damn demons.”

“What are you talking about—I am actually doing quite well though? I already ate too much just yesterday as well…”

“With those forearms, can you even lift a tea cup properly? Hah, I can’t help it.
I have no other choice but to feed you myself for the rest of your life.”

Legion then checked Julia’s slender arms with his strong muscles.
In the first place, as a Sword Master, it was obviously absurd for him to compare his own physical condition with an ordinary person.

‘His exaggeration has definitely increased while we were apart.’

While Julia grumbled inwardly, Legion’s fingers, which were still scanning her cheeks carefully for several times, suddenly came to a stop.

His gaze turned to the block of magical power right near Julia’s heart, as if it was stagnant.
Something very impure and peculiar had appeared twisted as it completely obstructed the normal flow of energy.


It was very strange that he just stopped all of a sudden.
However, despite Julia’s questioning gaze, his face became increasingly furrowed as if he was seeing something terrible.
Legion held her close and tugged her long, fluttering hair away.

The red engraving on her left upper chest, which had not been covered with clothes, was clearly visible under the thin negligee that appeared just like a butterfly’s wings.

“What’s this?”


The feeling of his calloused fingers was rough and painful.
Nevertheless, he did not stop as he simply wiped down Julia’s upper breast just like he was pressing against it.

“Who engraved this on you?”


“No way, I hope it isn’t.”

He took his hand off the engraving as he stood around in place before he began to brush his hair and wipe his face down.
He seemed to be lost in his own thoughts as he started swearing as well.
Now, he certainly looked nervous and it was definitely not the Legion whom she always knew.

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