As Aaron eventually reached a certain level as a wizard, his judgment became quite superior to that of the others.
He feared the certainty that they would definitely be helpful in the outskirts of the Demon Realm, but in the long run, they would then be clutching onto Legion’s ankles amidst the monster-infested center instead.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t just Aaron who had thought of it that way.
He then wickedly curled the corners of his mouth and looked back at the rest of his companions.

“These guys, they just feel heartbroken since they couldn’t go with you right until the end, so they’re just ranting for nothing actually.”

“Ugh! Don’t just use that creepy mind-reading skill of yours at times like this…”

The man who had made the loudest noise in the group was scratching the back of his head shyly.
Everyone laughed along, but the amicable atmosphere did not last very long.
It was due to the group of beasts who eventually discovered them had begun to gather once  again.

“Damn, they’re not giving us any break.”

“If we keep going like this, there will be no end.
I will clear the road as far as I can with my magic, so you just focus on running with all your might.”

“Will you be okay though?”

“Since the atmosphere is truly full of magical power, it’s actually my first time ever being able to use this power so easily.
I think I can now understand why people are always so reluctant to be wizards.
To actually be alive again—in hell.”

Aaron, who smiled bitterly, fixed his staff and straight away concentrated his power at the end.
The dense magical energy that dissolved in the atmosphere eventually gathered together as if it was simply obeying his spell.
He then smiled as he shook his head.

“Goodbye, my friend.”


Legion could not answer, but he just looked back at the faces of his companions one by one instead.
Everyone made eye contact with him with such confident looks.

In that brief moment of silence, the sincerity of his companions who had fought alongside together on the fierce battlefield touched him like a fluttering wave.

‘Yes, let’s just believe in them.’

He eventually decided not to think of this as the end.
The next time when he and his companions were to finally meet, they would be standing right under the beautiful sun on earth.
And of course, along with Julia as well.

After making up his mind, Legion looked at the direction where Aaron’s staff was currently pointing at.

As a signal, a magic ball of an enormous diameter was fired straight away.
The beasts that were right in the path disappeared without a trace as if they all had evaporated in an instant.
Aaron’s attack with the tremendous magical power continued for a long time even beyond the dark red horizon.

“Now, Legion!”


He straight away equipped himself with the blue sword aura all over his body and smashed the ground along the path which the magic ball had passed previously.

Legion could then feel the presence of numerous beasts flocking to the place which he had just left.
Nevertheless, all he could do now was to move forward with the last chance that his companions had sincerely given him.

‘Wait for me, Julia.
I’m coming for you!’

* * *

Julia slowly opened her eyes amidst the peaceful silence.
She had slept so deeply that Bael was no longer there and the sun was already rising right in the middle of the sky.

“I’m sleepy……”

While suffering from low blood pressure, Julia, who had almost fallen back asleep, struggled to wake up at the sign of some presence that was just outside her door.
A trail of footsteps were slowly pacing in place.
Apparently, Revenna had already come over before she waited all along.

It was just recently that she discovered the fact that Julia—or her very own self—and Barbatos had been the only two who could freely enter Bael’s bedroom.
After hearing that, she woke up a little early in order to get ready, but she had fallen asleep a little later than usual last night.

Julia, who immediately collapsed as she tried to get up in a hurry, brushed her hair quickly and tied the waistband of her nightgown that had gone loose overnight.
She didn’t have to wear any specific clothes separately since Revenna would eventually choose them according to her mood that day.

After a kick on the door, Julia blinked her eyes when she saw that there had been two demons and a beast standing right in front of her.
Revenna, the young wolf and Barbatos were standing side by side against each other.

“Oh, did you sleep well?”


“You’re quite later than usual.
I wasted some time already.”

Julia took a step back before shutting the path door and went inside.
Her big eyes were still stained with her own doubts.


Even Revenna and the young beast had understood it.
It was originally a wolf cub that had been raised by Lerazier, but she eventually became close friends with it as she even named it ‘Bero’.
It was actually an abbreviation from Cerberus, the famous watchdog of hell.
Regardless of the fact that Bero had only one head intact.

‘But, why Barbatos?’

He was arguably the busiest demon here—in the Demon King’s Castle.
If Agares mainly handled the work outside the nest, Barbatos performed the Demon King’s duties that were both inside and outside of the castle itself.

At first glance, she wondered if he even had time to sleep, but she simply couldn’t figure out why he was there waiting for her.

‘He wasn’t probably waiting for me.
It must have been the fact that he actually had some business with the Demon King.’

Just as Julia shook her head, the door behind had suddenly opened.
Barbatos’s hand stuck inside and gripped the nape of her neck before hauling her out.

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