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I don’t even know what to do if I get seriously injured or killed while giving the key to such a Master.]

This was due to the fact that the thoughts of the characters began to emerge just like fingerprints.
It disappeared because it had obstructed her view when she was walking or moving, but when she remained in one place, it came out quite naturally.
There was a SKIP button at the corner, but Julia couldn’t afford to operate it just yet.

‘What’s even more worrisome is that……’

In the upper right corner of her field of vision, there was a purple icon that looked just like a magic stone.
She wanted to see for herself what it was, but she had to stretch out her arm in order to do so.
Therefore, Julia began to wiggle her fingers vaguely instead.

Meanwhile, the two brothers continued discussing among themselves.

“Then, why don’t we just wait outside until the outburst is finally over?”

“Anyway, that’s the Master’s order.
Take the key, but still, keep it as safe as possible.”

“If you just want to die like that, I will tell you to do your best on your own… but this time, it really is the key, so there’s nothing I can do about it.
Hence, I’ll go with you.”

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He looked at Julia and arched the corners of his slightly droopy eyes fascinatingly—similar to a spider that was enticing a coveted butterfly.


If she was lucky—for the Master to throw her away, I might have a lick myself.]

However, when she looked at the window that floated below, she just couldn’t imagine how beautiful that smile was.
Besides, she didn’t even want to picture what the phrase, ‘have a lick’ meant since she was absolutely terrified.

Fortunately this time, they seemed to be moving only within the castle itself.
Thanks to this, Julia was then able to move directly with her own two legs without the need to hang herself onto Lerazier at all.
Still, the demons were so tall that she almost had to run just to catch up with their speed.

After walking for a while, the three of them soon arrived at the entrance of a magnificent corridor that was lined with such huge columns.
Just as the brothers were about to enter first, a high and sharp cry pierced their eardrums instantly.

“I told you to bring her right away, but why did it have to take so long?!”

Surprised, Julia unknowingly took a step backwards, but Lerazier was even faster in grabbing her by the waist before dragging her forward.

“It took me a while to dress her up in order to catch the Master’s eyes.
How is it?”

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“How useless… it must be another fake again anyway.”

“It’s totally different this time! She endured it well in front of that magic stone.”

“I’ll see for myself.”

The piercing sound echoed sharply through the dome-shaped ceiling.
A beautiful woman who was a lot taller than Julia had already been looking down upon her with such a coercive gaze.

[The Demon King’s agent and the second person in the Demon Realm, Grand Duke Agares]

Julia couldn’t help but just blinked at the tremendous force that Agares was radiating.

The slender and toned body was wrapped tightly in a black military uniform.
Her long hair that reached even down to her waist, was tied high in a ponytail while a sword and a whip were hung around her waist.
With every single step she had taken, the epaulettes on her shoulders  shook with a regular metallic sound.

Suddenly, she approached right in front of Julia before grabbing her chin and lifted it towards herself.
The pupils that were as thin as a crocodile’s eventually gleamed.


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“I see—I got it.”

It was just a fleeting moment.
What did Agares really see in that meantime when there was a clear favor in her eyes as soon as she met with Julia.

Just in time, a new window popped up all of a sudden.


What’s with this human? So cute.
Truly, isn’t she just lovely? I simply want to lay her down on my bed and suck her up to her every toe.]

Although the context of the favor was quite a bit…… no, even if the content was not very pleasant at all.

“Little key, I’m telling you first to not be afraid, so just listen carefully.”

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Agares continued to speak while licking her rose-red lips with the tip of her tongue.

“From where you stand right now to where the hallway ends, my shield has already been set up.
But the moment you cross the last pillar, you’ll encounter a mighty force that you might have never experienced before.”

Julia’s gaze then naturally turned towards the huge door right at the end of the long corridor.
It was a scene which she had already seen in the game.
Beyond that door was the nest of the Demon King Bael.

Every time he failed to swallow the magic crystal, it would cause a serious magic outburst and therefore, destroy everything around him.
In order to prevent the castle from being wrecked every single time, high-ranking demons would come forward and put up a shield.
However, if the second person from the Demon Realm had come out on her own, the scale of this current outburst seemed to be quite large.

Her frightened face flickered towards her and Agares smiled enchantingly once again.

“Since I’m with you, you won’t die.
But it could get a little painful though.”

“Let’s not even talk about it.
The momentum is not really good right now.”

Barbatos, who had been staring at the thunderclouds swirling outside the hallway, soon interrupted those words.
Agares clasped his shoulders tightly as if she had gotten annoyed, but still, she reached out to Julia to say goodbye—despite the immensely urgent situation at hand.


Feeling extremely frightened, Julia did not answer her, but started biting her own mouth tightly instead.
However, at the gaze of those three demons who kept on staring at her as if they were pushing her, she was instantly forced to grab upon Agares’ hand—just like she had been shoved away.

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