“Aren’t you already sleeping alone enough by now?”

“That is so, but…”

Julia pretended to look around the bed while avoiding Bael’s gaze.
He never needed any physical contact when he wasn’t on a rampage, so the left corner of the bed just naturally became her own side of it.

It might have been just a corner.
But for Julia, who was already small in stature, the bed had become the size of a playground where she could simply roll over without any worries.
And Bael merely pointed that out.

“You looked very comfortable nonetheless.”

“Actually, I tend to sleep a little bit… that, that—were you watching me when I was asleep?”

“It would be even stranger if I wasn’t aware of it when it had happened on my own bed.”


Julia tried to keep her face together when it was already burning up for no apparent reason.
Her heart felt as if it had been in Bael’s hand because of the engraving.
Even a small change could not have been not noticed by him, who was sensitive.

“Anyway, I’m quite sure that you’d allow it…”

“When did I, though?”

He seemed to have a disposition of not letting go of whatever that was already in his grasp.
His eyes, which had originally been piercing since earlier, gleamed even more horribly.
Thanks to this, Julia’s shoulders, which were just trying to claim her right to a good quality sleep, began shrinking little by little.

“Aren’t you uncomfortable with me? I, a mere human being, have invaded the Demon King’s nest.”


“You haven’t been to the tower these days, so your magic seems to be rather stable.
Therefore, I’m thinking that I won’t be needed for a while…”

Then, there was a long shadow looming over Julia’s head while she continued to speak her words timidly, but confidently in her own way.
Afterwards, Bael had already gotten up from the window and stood right in front of her all of a sudden.

He did not even pay any attention to her flinching in surprise as he simply grabbed Julia’s chin straight away.
Then, he stared at her with eyes that were trying to grasp her true intentions.

“De, Demon King?”

“What a strange thing to say.
It would be much more convenient if you were just locked up somewhere.”


“…I’m tired.”

He murmured softly before grabbing Julia by the waist and headed for the bed.
She thought that he would straight away lie down as usual.
But instead, Bael glanced at her exposed shoulders and took off his robe before draping it over her head.

Due to the huge difference between the height of the two of them, it immediately dragged down to her feet even though it was being worn right on top of her head first.
Anyway, after completing his own handiwork(?), he snatched Julia once again and laid down on the bed.

At the same time, Julia, who was already lying next to him as the surroundings fell silent, carefully lifted the robe and looked back to the spot that was right next to her.
Bael had his eyes closed as he heaved out a rather long sigh.
His slightly wrinkled forehead seemed to display his state of fatigue as well.

‘I think that Bael also has been strongly influenced by the engraving more than I thought.’

When she brushed against him, she felt an electric current running through her spine.
The sensation quickly split into smaller parts before spreading all over her body like a splash.

Actually, it wasn’t a very good feeling which eventually made her think that it might have just been a side effect of the engraving at first.
However, within this Demon Realm, magic itself is a rather universal thing.
Thus, there was actually no way to tell if it was truly just a side effect.

Even if she were to ask around, everyone would just roll their eyes with responses like they hadn’t any slightest idea in return……

‘Anyway, they didn’t say no either, so it’ll probably be fine.’

If he didn’t like her talking about changing her sleeping place, Bael would have definitely spoken about it earlier with that kind of personality of his.

Julia slowly rolled her body under his heavy arms and lay down while looking at the ceiling.
Then, she looked carefully next to her and stumbled upon Bael’s sleeping face straight away.

His loosely shut eyes, sculpted nose and slightly thick lips were all neatly closed.
It was definitely cool yet beautiful.
Objectively, his face was absolutely up to Julia’s taste.

‘It would be nice if I could just live with a comfortable face such as this.’

A subtle feeling rose as she gazed at the still sleeping Bael.
It was a little sad to only possess such a wonderful face.
She wished to see this face with a smile at least once as well.
But perhaps, that wouldn’t be happening, though.

“Good night, Demon King.”

Julia quietly closed her eyes while searching for a rather comfortable position.
And thus, the night of the Demon King’s castle was finally over.

* * *

The sound of a fierce battle rang through the dry and devastated land.
Whenever the blue flash cut through the air, the blood of beasts would soon be scattered everywhere.
While the wizard was striking upon the shield, the archer who had been supporting the rear quickly fired those poison-coated arrows like rain.

Nevertheless, there was no end to the hordes of beasts that were flocking all around them.
Since a number of humans had suddenly appeared on the outskirts of the Demon Realm, a land where there was no proper thing to eat at all.
In addition, these humans were deemed to be very fresh and tasty—along with the existence of their supernatural powers too.

“Damn—when the hell is it truly going to end?”

“That ghastly devil bastard had done such a terrific thing indeed!”

“If I run into him again, I will never let him go!”

The man who threw a chakram towards the running beast grinded his teeth.
At the end of that gaze, there was the Sword Master, Legion, who had completely opened up his mana as he turned the whole surrounding area into a complete wasteland.

He rose to fame as a Sword Master during a bloody battle with the demons.
Nevertheless, as soon as the war was over, he headed straight to Abeldishim, the capital of Vestra.
And it was actually to recover the name which was so familiar to them, Princess Julia Vestra.

The allies who had each owed their own lives to Legion eventually followed in his footsteps.
They wondered what kind of woman that Legion was so hung up about, but above all else, they simply wanted to see him truly happy.

She was the only condition of happiness to Legion, who had been wallowing in the mud for all of his life.

“Everyone, crouch down your head!”

“Hey, Legion?”

Legion, who firmly put his sword down right on the barren floor, slowly concentrated his blue mana in both hands.
His sword then began to scatter a flash of light like hot iron, along with a crackling, electric splutter.

The moment when everyone—except for him—jumped into the wizard’s defense, the land, which had been infested with those numerous beasts, instantly collapsed in a powerless manner just like crumbs.
The sound of rocks and beasts that had fallen through the fissures of hell with its reddish jaws open wide rang out loudly.

With the exception of the place where Legion was currently standing, the whole area had turned into chaos.
Right beneath the magic circle that flashed transparently in the air, they could all see the devastation even at a single glance.

“As expected, Legion is amazing…”

“That’s why he’s our Captain.”


The four humans who had followed him down to the Demon Realm all nodded at once.
The blue light that had brightly lit the atmosphere of the Demon Realm eventually faded away, but only after a long time.

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