Invader of the Demon Castle (1)

‘No, no! Please……!’

It was midwinter when a sharp blizzard had suddenly raged all across Vestra.
Julia had been pursuing Legion with all her might as he was being dragged away by the soldiers.
A trail of red bloodstains were clearly drawn under his limp feet.

Julia continued to follow him with all her strength right until her very last breath.
But the huge door, which had swallowed Legion, coldly shut itself before her eagerly outstretched hand.

‘Open up, please!’

She plopped down in front of the tightly closed door and cried endlessly.
It was utterly unknown where the power for that endless cry had come from within that small body and perhaps that was the first time in her life.
Nevertheless, the Emperor as well as Estelle’s own expressions while watching the scene unfurled had been as spotless as the finest porcelain.

Right behind Julia’s back, she could hear the Emperor’s command.
She was dragged and thrown before the Emperor with her arms all bound by the soldiers.

Drip, drip.
Droplets of tears trickled onto the clean floor that was all covered with ivory marble.
The Emperor merely looked at her and clicked his tongue in displeasure.
On behalf of her father, the First Princess, Estelle Vestra, eventually stepped forward.

She looked down at Julia who was already on all fours on the floor with such revolted eyes.

‘No matter how ugly you are, as a member of the Imperial Family, you have to always retain your basic dignity.’

‘Please save Legion.
He did nothing wrong at all.’

‘Nothing wrong? Are you really saying that now?’

Her eyes that were colder than the wind blowing outside had pierced directly towards Julia.
As she was unable to merely don a single proper coat, her slender body had shrunken even smaller while she was still shedding her continuous tears.

She hated herself so much for the fact that she couldn’t even save her precious friend and she knew that the thorny road he had to tread upon would be more painful than the pain which she was feeling as of now.
So, she could just cry unceasingly instead.


“Hey, Julia?”


“Is it not to your taste? Although I was the one who went all over the human realm to get it.”

It’s delicious.”

Julia woke up from her nostalgia and immediately loosened her stiff face.
Right in front of her were the delicacies that Revenna had obtained by going to Abeldishim, the capital of Vestra, which spread out plentifully.

“Small key, what is this? It’s not like you can’t eat any human food.”

“Do you think that I brought it only for you to eat? Hands off—right now.”

“You want some, little key?”


Even though it had been a huge table for several people to sit around, Agares and Revenna were still seated close to each other with Julia right in between them.

It all started when Julia recalled her old memories while looking at human food.
When she had been confined in the Abandoned Palace, she would sometimes envy Estelle who could dine or chat away with the noble ladies.

Twinkling lace tablecloths and pretty peers of the same age.
Sets of fully decorated plates and the joyful, high-pitched sounds of laughter.

As she sat crouching in the Abandoned Palace while looking downwards at everything, Julia used to close her eyes and imagine what it would feel like if only she was physically there.

It seemed like a passing story, but Revenna immediately sent a familiar to call upon Agares.
And the final result was eventually this.

“I’ve made the wrong choice! I should have called another one!”

“Who—Kimaris that has already been imprisoned? Lerazier, who has been kicked out to the border for using his mouth uselessly? Or should I just call Barbatos to make it all tasteless somehow?”

“I don’t know!”

Revenna puffed up her cheeks and put some food on Julia’s plate then.
According to Julia’s own standards, it was ultimately too much to eat all day long, but Agares still dragged along another plate towards her as if it wasn’t enough at all.

It was a slightly different dinner party than what Julia had ever seen, but she still felt happy nonetheless.

“Just pass it on to me slowly, please.
I seriously can’t eat it all.”

“Are you really okay? If you truly can’t eat it, do you want to leave it then?”

“Still, you’ve traveled all this far… so, umm, I’ll eat everything!”

Julia picked up the knife and fork that had been set with her eyes firmly lit.

In the demon’s eyes, her light style of eating was not very satisfying indeed, but what could they truly do? In fact, this was the second time that Revenna, who had already kept a pile of preserved food, airlifted a proper dinner from the human world.

At first, Julia ate recklessly according to the demon’s standards as she could not refuse at all.
Then, the same Julia, who had eaten it all, eventually lay ill for an entire week.
It became an added bonus since Barbatos, who was secretly planning for Bael and Julia’s very own next affair, had gotten very angry at the whole thing.

So, they had no other choice but to be content with her way of eating them little by little.

The well-roasted lamb ribs were cut into small pieces and she munched on it like a squirrel.
Agares, who was just about to poke her soft cheek without even realizing it, slowly lowered her finger once again when she saw Revenna’s eyes glaring openly from the other side.
Still, it was hard for her to give up, so she just licked her lips instead.

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