It was a rather different story for the few high-ranking demons who had been aware of everything including Berith’s case of death, but in any case, this incident eventually led Julia’s real name to be found out.

“By the way, did you do anything big this time? How did you really calm the Master’s mad rampage? In fact, I really thought that it was going to be over this time.
It wasn’t actually bad to live a life while running a territory, but I actually like it better now.”


“So, I owe you in my own way.
And I wish I had a chance to pay it back.”

Lerazier’s fingers, which had approached her before, naturally slid down across her blushing cheeks.

The ‘opportunity to pay back’ didn’t seem like a particularly pleasant thing to see since he was grabbing the sheet, so Julia moved her bottom and moved back.

“Is it really okay to tell me everything like this? Sir Barbatos had told you not to say it…”

“Is Brother going to punish me? This Lerazier?”

“You two seem to get along very well.”

“Of course.
My brother and I woke up in the same place at the very same time.
You don’t know how rare this phenomenon is in the Demon Realm.”

It was true that she did not know of it, but it was also true that she had not been particularly curious about it.
Nevertheless, Julia simply nodded her head eagerly and Lerazier seemed satisfied before he proceeded to tell her a few more other stories.
When he finally became bored, he threw in the familiar young wolf and left her there.

Julia, who was left all alone, could only blink her eyes blankly.

“…it’s like a storm has just passed.”


“No, it’s nothing.”

She placed the beast that was tilting its head on the floor before she quickly changed her clothes.

There were two things that she was not aware of: the first being the fact that Lerazier had been greatly scolded by Barbatos immediately after leaving the room before he got kicked out to the outskirts of the Demon Realm and one more thing that belonged in Julia’s item window had popped out, another useless object called ‘Lerazier’s opportunity to pay back’.

* * *

The sound of Bael’s footsteps echoed through the absolutely silent hall.
The robe that was roughly draped over his shoulders dragged along the marble floor.

There was no emotion that could be found amidst his hard expression—as always.
But strangely enough, in Bael’s head, those eyes that were filled with tears had crept in slowly.

‘Please do more……’

Those thighs that were trembling with pleasure which she couldn’t completely handle.
Those cheeks as well as those feverish breaths.
And that opened red lips.

He couldn’t just handle it as he fell straight into it.
Even after the unpleasant magic had subsided and he could regain consciousness, Bael still continued to covet the key’s slender body.
He wanted her to let out her voice more and he wanted to make it even more painful too.
Her panting voice and those high-pitched screams were quite pleasing to his ears.

But, why?

‘What should I do……’

Even though she was crying just the same as last night, his mood went down in an instant.
He didn’t wish to see that, so he was simply going to force her mouth shut.
He certainly would have already done it if no one else had intervened.

However, the moment he met with that woman’s large eyes, he felt alien even to himself until he thought that he should close his eyes at least once.
There were many times when he was swept away by whims, but he never recalled an outcome that ended up in anything other than death itself.


Just because he had been a demon and she was the key? So did that mean the red magic which flowed through that body of his was attracted even to the shards of that hateful Demon God unknowingly?

At that moment, Bael’s eyes became wild like a wild beast before Barbatos, who had been following him, proceeded to shout out hastily.


His hair ruffled uncontrollably as heran along.
It was because of the fact that Bael’s pace had been much faster than usual.
He looked like he was being chased by something.
It would have sounded like nothing if one knew even just a little about their King, but Barbatos had truly felt that way.

Anyway, he eventually decided to ask the most important thing first.

“What the hell had happened to you back in the tower?”


“The other demons didn’t really notice it, but I definitely felt it all.
I could feel a different wave than the usual right from the magic stone.
Was that the reason Master’s rampage had been so out of control?”

Bael’s rampage was truly normal.
The one and only King of the Demon Realm, the Great Conqueror, Bael, wanted more magical power in accordance with the instinct of the demons and at the end of it all was the power of the Demon God.

But this time, something was rather different.
He also felt it himself as he stood all the way in front of his bedroom while stopping a storm of magical powers that had been rushing in only to reduce any damages inflicted to the castle.

“Usually, the amplification of magic would gradually subside just by touching the key, but this time, you had to spend the whole night trying to calm yourself down!”

Then, Bael had stopped walking.
Barbatos could feel the King’s red gaze fixed on him and instantly knelt down on one of his knees before bowing his head in response.

The King’s mighty energy flowed right in front of his nose.
However, it had been so calm and stable that it was absolutely incomparable to the moment before.
So, he could feel that the magical energy which had already overflowed through the vessel was now fully under control.
And it was inimitable to the time when Bael had simply touched the key too.

Even if all the keys that were weak at that time didn’t die, he still wanted to recommend them periodically……

“It was definitely strange.”


“How much longer do we have to wait for the magic stone to move?”

In order to absorb the power of the Demon God, he had to disarm all of the magic circles on the floor within the hall and pull the magic stone out from the altar.
The tower was actually a kind of cage for suppressing the demons.
In other words, it could also be seen as a watchman to keep intact the power of the Demon God itself.

Barbatos, who thought of Bael’s self monologue as a rebuke, prostrated once again.

“Forgive me.
This Barbatos will definitely find out how to use the key by any means in haste.”

“…I’m looking forward to it.”

Bael, who had the corners of his lips twisted ever so slightly, moved his steps once again.
Nevertheless, Barbatos did not follow him any longer this time.

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